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Almine Rech

Almine Rech now represents Jameson Green

Almine Rech is pleased to announce the representation of American artist Jameson Green, following his first solo exhibition with the gallery in London.

Born in Connecticut in 1992, he graduated with a BFA from School of Visual Arts in 2014, and later earned an MFA in studio arts from Hunter College in 2019.

Jameson Green’s paintings act as psychological parables steeped in the grandeur of art history, influenced by comics and illustration, and filtered through a highly introspective lens. Composed of crowded and narrative-heavy scenes, his works often feature references to social and political injustice, human struggle, freedom, and the eternal connection of life and death.

'To open with the history of art is to place these paintings in the context of the historical and canonised, which may seem like they are somehow related to the past, but they are the result of Green’s time and experience. The kaleidoscope of references he brings to the paintings fractures through his own world view, marked by the artist’s upbringing in the New Haven projects. The ferocity, the wildness of these paintings looms in the background, it unquiets the experience of looking at them. 

For Green, painting is not something separate from society, something that comfortably sits behind the doors of a museum, peacefully hung on the wall. Painting, from history to this moment, is a project of reflecting and telling stories about society. And that is where Green’s paintings are: a commentary on a violent, still arresting, world.'

— Orit Gat, writer and critic

Recent solo exhibitions include 'Fire Figure Fantasy: Selections from ICA Miami's Collection' at ICA Miami and 'THIS IS AMERICA' at Kunstraum, Potsdam, Germany. 

Green's paintings are included in the permanent collections of Dallas Museum of Art, Pérez Art Museum Miami and ICA Miami, among others.