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Almine Rech

Assembled Audience

Sep 26 — Dec 27, 2020 | Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio

Taryn Simon’s Assembled Audience (2018) draws on the notion of engineered applause, gathering individuals with varying political, corporate, and ideological allegiances into a single crowd.

Working with a team from Columbus—nicknamed “Test City U.S.A.”—Simon recorded the applause of a single attendee at local concerts, sporting events, and political rallies at three of the largest venues in the capital city of the bellwether state of Ohio. Simon’s experiential installation wholly immerses the visitor in a darkened space punctuated only by the sound of randomized individual applause tracks; the same crowd never gathers twice. Presented for the first time in the city of its creation, Assembled Audience proves prescient in the isolation that it forecasted as these same gathering spaces, once crowd-filled, are now quieted by COVID-19, each space since repurposed for eviction trials, police trainings, and a field hospital.

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