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Almine Rech

On Stories

May 1 — Jul 14, 2024 | Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai, China

Li Qing is part of On Stories, at the Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai, China.

This exhibition showcases over forty works related to movies, plays, novels, folktales and legends.
The images in these works depict some important scenes from those popular works, or they combine and rewrite some scenes of déjà vu, or they are full of “mystery”, hiding their own ideas or warnings through enigmatic symbolic imagery.

Artists need to take into account the content and image of the text on which they are based, while incorporating their own methods of artistic expression and hidden meaning. The viewer revisits moving legends and historical facts worth remembering by all, reproduced in different codes.
In other cases, the original “story” is just a clue, a key, and the viewer must decode the other meanings on his own, to hear what the artists want to say while revisiting the classics.

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