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Almine Rech

These Mad Hybrids: John Hoyland and Contemporary Sculpture

In 1994, Hoyland – a prominent British abstract painter - made an unruly group of twenty-five ceramic sculptures. Loaded with colour, humour and zoomorphic qualities, he called them ‘these mad little hybrids’, referring to their unexpectedness and the difficulty of fitting them into conventional categories. Remarkably, they have never been publicly displayed since being made. 

Hoyland’s ceramics now appear remarkably contemporary and completely in sync with a broad range of current sculpture. To emphasise this, the exhibition brings eleven of Hoyland’s ceramics together with sculpture by Caroline Achaintre (b.1969), Eric Bainbridge (b.1955), Phyllida Barlow (1944-2023), Olivia Bax (b.1988), Hew Locke (b.1959), Anna Reading (b.1987), Jessi Reaves (b.1986), Andrew Sabin (b.1958), John Summers (b.1974) and Chiffon Thomas (b.1991).

Individually, these artists work with hugely diverse materials, ranging from cement to synthetic fabric, papier maché to glitter. By turn playful, complex and challenging, their work combines human and animal forms, furniture, everyday objects and architecture into new and hard-to-categorise sculptural hybrids. 

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