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Almine Rech

We Are Made of StarDust

Feb 16 — Jun 2, 2024 | La Térmica, Malaga, Spain

In his works, Aaron Johnson blends contrasting techniques, combining the fluidity of color field painting with the energetic spontaneity of action painting. By working directly on a wet canvas with watered-down acrylics, Johnson allows the medium to flow dynamically. This process embodies a call-and response technique, where brushstrokes and pours dictate his reactive movements, fostering a dialogue between artist and canvas.

Each piece begins with color concepts and evolves organically, inviting figures to emerge within abstract color realms. Johnson seeks visions and figures to manifest spontaneously on the canvas, crafting works that epitomize the fusion of artistic expression with cosmic exploration.

We Are Made of StarDust at La Térmica in Malaga presents a captivating collection of 16 paintings created between 2020 and 2023. This exhibition invites viewers on a cosmic journey, delving into the profound interconnectedness that binds all living beings and celebrates our intrinsic harmony with nature and the universe.

Aaron Johnson’s collection presents a duality of expression. On one side, he delves into the enigmatic depths of the cosmos, crafting dark, deep-space compositions. These paintings employ a stark contrast between darkness and light to intensify the figures, drawing viewers into a mesmerizing interplay of shadow and illumination.

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