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Almine Rech

John Mccracken

Sep 16 — Nov 4, 2000 | Paris
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This was the third time that Almine Rech exhibited John McCracken. McCracken had already been part of two exhibitions (February 29 - April 24, 1996 and May 16-July12, 1991) curated by Almine Rech at Galerie Froment-Putman, of which she was co-owner.

"Hence the incredible vitality of his sculpture. Several fine examples are on view at the Almine Rech gallery: Cool, Where, Burst, Whoosh and Feel. They have no referent but themselves, giving space an absolute presence and endowing it with a strange density, a vibratory quality rarely found in basic geometrical shapes. Traversing the mathematical and the organic, balanced on the crest of an immaterial wave, McCracken's structures are uncategorizable. They have the flatness of the horizon and the vitality of a wave all at the same time." - Frank Perrin

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