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Almine Rech

Pose of Beauty

Dec 30, 2023 — Mar 3, 2024 | Song Art Museum, Beijing, China

As compared to Li Qing's other exhibitions, this project stands out. The purpose is not merely to showcase the visual significance of Li Qing's works but to thoroughly analyze the reality, concepts, and methods that underlie these creations.

The motivation for this project stems from Li Qing's previous works: the early "Find the Differences" series, where two similar images transform "seeing" into "recognition"; the "Mutual Destruction" series, where two figures overlap, yielding an ambiguous result that points to the mystery of painting reconstructing reality and contemplates the philosophical aspects of reality and virtuality; the "Window" series explores internal and external perspectives leading us into the narrative dimension, exploring time and space in relation to observation. This narrative continues until the emergence of the "Architecture" series, where Li Qing's thematic focus revisits the ongoing reality, prompting a reconsideration of constructed life and radical aesthetics.

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