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Almine Rech

Cosmos Cinema The 14th Shanghai Biennale

Nov 9, 2023 — Mar 31, 2024 | Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China

We have always looked to the night sky to make sense of ourselves, as we might look to a screen onto which the past and the future is projected. Cosmos Cinema offers visitors a spacetime in which to reflect on the operations of the cosmos and our place within it. The Greek word kosmos (κόσμος) connotes not only the universe but also beauty and harmony; the Chinese term yuzhou connotes infinite time and space, resonating strongly with the cinematic.

The cosmos shapes every aspect of our lives, whether wittingly—the interpretation of stars and planets, after all, gave rise to our origin stories, religions, systems of time, economies, means of navigation, agricultures, sciences, and social orders—or unwittingly, in the movement of the tides or the effects of solar flares. Cosmos Cinema considers how the terms of our relationship with the cosmos condition all life on earth.

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