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Almine Rech

The Houston Bowery Wall Tomokazu Matsuyama

From September 1, 2023 | Bowery Wall, Houston, New York, US

Tomokazu Matsuyama showcases his artwork at the Houston Bowery wall program.  

“It features 30 portraits: everyday New Yorkers, cultural icons from magazines, scenes from movies, and people I've photographed over my two decades living in New York. The piece is titled ‘Color of the City’ , New York is a city of dualities—love vs. hate, acceptance vs. disapproval, acknowledgment vs. rejection. Yet, its diversity and challenging spirit offer opportunities for minorities like myself to thrive globally. I wanted to encapsulate that spirit, as a way of giving back to the city. I trust New York sees this as an act of passion and dedication.”

Tomokazu Matsuyama

Press release

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