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Almine Rech


From April 2 to November 26, 2023, Punta della Dogana presents the thematic exhibition “Icônes” curated by Emma Lavigne, CEO of Pinault Collection, and Bruno Racine, CEO and Director of Palazzo Grassi — Punta della Dogana. The exhibition mainly presents emblematic works from the Pinault Collection, and proposes a reflection on the theme of the icon and the status of the image in the contemporary world. The word “icon” has two meanings: its Greek etymology defines it as an “image”, while it is used to designate a certain type of religious painting that characterizes in particular Eastern Christianism. The idea of a model, an emblematic figure is more contemporary. The status of the image—its capacity to embody a presence, between appearance and disappearance, shadow and light, to represent a space, to spark emotion, a transcendance—is at the core of this exhibition, conceived specifically for Punta della Dogana and the Venetian context, marked by its tight links with Byzantium.

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