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Almine Rech

Ange Leccia Ruins of Love

Apr 29 — May 27, 2006 | Paris

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“Since the very beginning and until today, Leccia’s work has taken up residence at the margins of reality - not far enough out to be absurd, but just beyond the ordinary. In other words, right where a view can become an image. Images, what’s more, were always what Leccia was about, who got his first Super 8 camera at the time he was “trying out” a secondary school diploma in art in Corsica at the end of the 60’s. In 1971, at the age of 19, he made the first of the films that today constitute a phenomenal image bank that he is still building up and into which he dips, totally unchronologically.(...)”

“Paradoxically, Leccia’s “images” (which he considers similar to “imagineers”, as Walt Disney called the technicians recruited at the end of the 50’s to create perfect illusions for his first Disneyland) are rooted in a profound desire to produce a show. Whether we’re talking about his “arrangements” or his video installations, films and exhibitions, this outlook coordinates the whole so that the moment of experiencing the artwork is something far greater than an image.”…

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