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Almine Rech

Gregor Hildebrandt Seiten im Buch wie Wände im Raum

Apr 1 — May 7, 2011 | Paris
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The image of a woman half immersed in water, and her reflection on the rippled surface. It is the iconic actress Sophie Marceau who is seen here as the tragic heroine Nelly in A ce soir, a fairly obscure film from 2004 directed by Laure Duthilleul....

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Selected artworks

  • Gregor Hildebrandt,                                      Das Mosaik - A ce soir, 2011

    Gregor Hildebrandt Das Mosaik - A ce soir, 2011

    Ink Jet Print, plastic in wooden case
    248,8 x 693 cm

  • Gregor Hildebrandt,                                      Suburbia, 2011

    Gregor Hildebrandt Suburbia, 2011

    Juke box and vinyls
    125 x 85 x 70 cm

  • Gregor Hildebrandt,                                      Tanz der Stunden (Ponchielli), 2011

    Gregor Hildebrandt Tanz der Stunden (Ponchielli), 2011

    Cassette tape on canvas, ballet shoes
    147 x 92 cm

  • Gregor Hildebrandt,                                      Greta Granit, 2011

    Gregor Hildebrandt Greta Granit, 2011

    Granite etched
    161 x 122,5 cm