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Almine Rech

Gabriel Vormstein Catch as catch can

Apr 1 — May 7, 2011 | Paris
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Gabriel Vormstein’s material gestures – his effortless watercolour sketches on re-used newsprint or the totemic objects made out of branches and found objects – appear quite laconic and ephemeral. A rectangle made out of a few wooden branches...

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Selected artworks

  • Gabriel Vormstein,                                      Birds n clouds, 2011

    Gabriel Vormstein Birds n clouds, 2011

    Gouache on newspaper
    150 x 109 cm

  • Gabriel Vormstein,                                      Cappucino in the abyss, 2011

    Gabriel Vormstein Cappucino in the abyss, 2011

    Gouache on newspaper
    150 x 111 cm

  • Gabriel Vormstein,                                      Father, 2011

    Gabriel Vormstein Father, 2011

    Gouache on newspaper
    155 x 112 cm