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Almine Rech

Xu Qu: Advent

Aug 26 — Oct 22, 2023 | Long Museum (West bund), Shanghai, China

From August 26th to October 22nd, 2023, Long Museum (West Bund) will present artist Xu Qu's (b. 1978, China) first solo exhibition in museum Advent, curated by Sun Dongdong. The exhibition shares the same title as Xu Qu's new large-scale installation, Advent. Created in 2023, Advent will be showcased alongside multiple series of his recent large-scale paintings and installations in the exhibition

Advent, the large-scale installation, will create a scene reminiscent of an unknown extra-terrestrial descending onto a massive spacecraft. The mediums of this work are recycled components from eight discarded ATMs. After disassembling and flattening the machines, they will be arranged on a platform, with random shutdown screens displayed on their screens. Walking on the platform, visitors can envision the atmosphere in a vertical view. Amidst the digital transformation of currency transactions and the financial industry, the physical operating processes in bank transactions have been gradually changed, and application scenarios of money exchanges are simplified and upgraded. The ending of these discarded ATMs evokes emotions of abandonment or separation: these once perfect industrial design products foreshadow the advent of the last phase of human creation. 

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