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Almine Rech

Gordon Cheung Les Portes du Possible / A gateway to possible worlds

Nov 5, 2022 — Apr 17, 2023 | Centre Pompidou-Metz, Metz, France

"Science fiction is the art of the possible," said Ray Bradbury. Operating under the guise of anticipation, it speaks to us about the present, serving as a laboratory of hypotheses that manipulate and extrapolate the repressive norms and dogmas of the current world, encompassing its ambitions, social struggles, opportunities, and dangers.

Over the past few decades, a "liquid" form of the present has emerged, disintegrating our certainties and habits, accelerating the pace of discoveries and rendering them obsolete. In this volatile context, numerous artists find inspiration in the realm of science fiction to undertake critical reflections. Unlike other genres, it has the ability to more subtly and profoundly question the potential of humanity by transcending the boundaries between science, ethics, and politics, allowing for an "external" perspective on humanity and its inventions.

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