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Almine Rech

Come in Number 51

Sep 11 — Oct 23, 2010 | Paris

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“In mathematics, an equation is an equality containing one or more variables. Solving the equation consists in determining the values that the variable can have for the equality to be true. The variable is also called an unknown and the values for which the equality is verified are called solutions. Unlike an identity, an equation is an equality that is not necessarily true for all the possible values that the variable can have.”

Gilles Lachaud, “Mathématiques Mathématique - Équations”, Encyclopaedia Universalis Let’s try out something new, let’s focus on something other than their dates and places of birth, their studies, the moment of their encounter, where they live and what they eat, the distribution of tasks, the question of “how things work” between them. If necessary, we might even leave aside the issue of the images’ origins, the decisions underlying their choices. Let’s forget everything that normally reassures us, all the elements proving their good faith or intelligence, the lists of their doings that bring us closer to history but distance us from the subject – everything, in fact, that gives us the feeling of knowing, if not perceivin.

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