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Almine Rech

Amelie Von Wulffen Die Vertschung

Sep 13 — Oct 16, 2008 | Paris
Inquire about the exhibition:

Almine Rech gallery is pleased to announce the new exhibition of Amelie von Wulffen, three years after her personal exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou1. The artist will present group of new works, paintings, collages and wall paintings.

« How can we recollect a period we did not live through? How can we relate events that happened well before our time? How can we analyse a situation that existed in the past? These may very well be some of the questions that led the German artist Amelie von Wulffen to devise a very particular pictorial technique that replies visually to a patchy history, that of a fragmented memory. The technique is a form of collage, but one that pertains more to a strategy of construction than to the deconstruction that characterized the collage work of Kurt Schwitters, Hannah Höch, Johannes Baader and Raoul Hausmann in the heyday of Dadaism in the nineteen twenties.» […]

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