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Almine Rech

Katja Strunz Guten Morgen Erwachen

Oct 18 — Nov 22, 2007 | Paris
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Each part of this exhibition is a constructive fragment. The fragments are representations of relics which, as dream-time, fall into our present. "Historical time is the dimension of constant destruction; space, however, is a dimension of the...

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Selected artworks

  • Katja Strunz,                                      Trauma, 2007

    Katja Strunz Trauma, 2007

    Steel, wax
    186 x 210 x 163 cm

  • Katja Strunz,                                      Zeittraum, 2007

    Katja Strunz Zeittraum, 2007

    Mixed media, in 17 parts