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Almine Rech

Ronald Muchatuta - KaLife aka ….

Mar 17 — Apr 29, 2023 | Shanghai

Almine Rech Shanghai is pleased to announce Ronald Muchatuta’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, on view from March 17 to April 29, 2023. 

Almine Rech is pleased to present new collage works by South Africa-based Zimbabwean artist Ronald Muchatuta. The latest works comprise large collages with many figures suspended in motion. Using the primary medium of illustration, his signature, Muchatuta creates beings suspended in action as an existential crisis and, simultaneously, a constitutive practice.

Muchatuta’s context and inspiration, always the contemporary issues facing the people of Southern Africa (migration, identity, marginalisation and the post-colony) are not apparent this time in this reflection on exile, faith, and the precarity of life. There seems to be a disconnect in the narratives this body of work presents, but it is a true reflection of what art critic Valeria Geselev called ‘multiple Ronalds’[1] - created when he had just finished a big project (59th Venice Biennale, Zimbabwean Pavilion 2022) , this presentation is a tribute to his roots and marks a new path depicting his ever-expanding exploration of the ungraspable narratives that make up the world; and the different worlds many migrants have to live in and negotiate. [...]

[1] From Barnabas Muvhuti’s Ronald Muchatuta: Tackling African Migration – A Contentious Social Issue in Ronald Muchatuta at the Stellenbosch Triennale.

— Fadzai Muchemwa, Curator for Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Press release

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Selected artworks

  • Ronald Muchatuta,                                      Intimate Moments, 2022

    Ronald Muchatuta Intimate Moments, 2022

    Mixed medium on canvas
    181 x 130 x 5.5 cm
    71 1/2 x 51 x 2 in

  • Ronald Muchatuta,                                      Fatherhood, 2022

    Ronald Muchatuta Fatherhood, 2022

    Mixed medium on canvas
    161 x 150 x 5.5 cm
    63 1/2 x 59 x 2 in

  • Ronald Muchatuta,                                      Eye spy, 2022

    Ronald Muchatuta Eye spy, 2022

    Mixed medium on canvas
    61 x 45.5 cm
    24 x 18 in

  • Ronald Muchatuta,                                      The Split of self, 2022

    Ronald Muchatuta The Split of self, 2022

    Mixed medium on canvas
    45.5 x 61 cm
    18 x 24 in