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Almine Rech

Nobuyoshi Araki

Oct 3 — Nov 4, 2000 | Paris
Inquire about the exhibition:

In Espace II, at 11 rue Louise Weiss, throughout the month of October, the Almine Rech Gallery will be showing three important new works by japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki.

Three sequences each forming a scene resembling a film scene, but made up several photographs.These narrative sequences each have a different theme: 'the artist and his model', 'waiting' and 'nude in the bath'. Each photo per se is a finished work by Nobuyoshi Araki. But they have been produced, as from the shot, to form a single work. Once put together, they cannot be dissociated. In a way, this is a series of fictitious freeze frames, with the artist acting as freewheeling referee for each image shown.What emerges from these sequences is an atmosphere akin to that of great Japanese cinema, partly from the fact of the importance given to lights, facial expressions, and words becoming futile; and also through the rhythm given by the artist to each one of the three works as a result of the sequence concept.