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Almine Rech

Matter, Grey Curated by Joseph Kosuth

Feb 25 — Apr 22, 2006 | Paris
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The exhibition ‘Matter, Grey’, consists of works chosen by Joseph Kosuth, that, as he has said, "represent a kind of ‘neuron’ within artistic practice." He is proposing as a chamber of discourse the brain cell as a kind of example - in contrast to the white matter which connect the brain cells. The exhibition title suggests a collection of levels,  with the desired intention itself of putting the interface of meaning into play.  ‘Matter, Grey’ offers as part of its projection the fact that it consists of works which are primarily achromatic, and as well, works which directly reflect the brain (and all, of course, engage the mind). Kosuth also sees the grey of the shadow cast by René Magritte's particular Modernity as an aspect which now colors what recent art practice has to say.

The more theoretical point, for Kosuth,  of ‘Matter, Grey’ is " intended as a kind of reminder about what the track of priorities post-Modernist work demonstrates through its choices of what it borrows and re-plays from Modernity." 

For many years Joseph Kosuth has included  ‘curated installations’ as part of his practice as an artist. The first one was ‘15 People Present Their Favorite Book’, organized in New York for his own Museum of Normal Art, in 1967. Since that time he has made several…

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