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Almine Rech

Taipei Museum of Fine Art

Aug 10 — Nov 17, 2019 | Taipei Museum of Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan

Ryoji Ikeda's Solo Exhibition featured artworks including sound sculpture, audiovisual installations, light boxes, and two-dimensional works. The works of Ryoji Ikeda are grounded in computer software coding and algorithms. He deploys a complex device mixing sound and image. These classic elements embody the argument many people have made that digital technology has become the main subject of art today. Each work in this exhibition reveals how Ikeda makes use of the dependable language of mathematics to express his own ideas, concretely yet concisely providing a bounded yet infinite image of the cosmos, space and time. The placement of the works is coordinated with the architectural design of the museum to create a metaphysical, spiritual space. The intent is to immerse us in a perceptual, physical environment that visually and aurally manifests the world as the body perceives it.

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