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Almine Rech


Jan 21 — Mar 19, 2011 | 40mCube, Rennes, France

Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille paint using elements of their generation. They create a continuity between the grander themes of painting : the nude, the portrait or historical scenes, as they pertain to contemporary imagery, its reproduction and its diffusion. In so doing they eliminate the use of models or allegorical representations, choosing instead to fill their canvases based on images retrieved from different forms of media. The topics they develop generally as a series relate to our contemporary life and images conveyed to us through newspapers and the internet : burning cars, scenes of pornography, 3D paintings, etc. all feature prominently in their works.

Parallel to their figurative series, the artists pursue an abstract series they call smears : while working, the arists use sheets of scrap paper to test and purge their airbrushes. These sheets are then digitally rendered and reproduced through ink printing to create smears.

For their exhibition at 40mcube, Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille have chosen to focus their chance representations, recycling the residuum material used in the manufacture of their paintings. Reproduced in the 200×250 cm format, they are hoisted to the rank of painting and equal the figurative series, shown to us in one unique painting : the portait of a young girl, a blazé expression on her face, her torso naked. Behind her one can see the words ‘The End’ typical of Hollywood movies.

Selected artworks

  • Jane-June_July, 2010

    Jane-June_July, 2010

    Inkjet print on canvas, varnish
    250 x 200 cm

  • Spanked by the King 2007, 2008

    Spanked by the King 2007, 2008

    Inkjet print on canvas, varnish
    250 x 200 cm

  • Ten-Mag, 2010

    Ten-Mag, 2010

    Inkjet print on canvas, varnish
    250 x 200 cm