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Almine Rech

Johan Creten De Storm

May 24 — Sep 24, 2014 | Middelheim Museum, Antwerpen, Belgium

‘The Storm’ explores the relational and emotional storms that are associated with any form of personal development and the bigger storms that rage within society in a four-part exhibition.

Johan Creten’s work is featured in collections all over the work and continues to elicit vehement responses. He is relatively unknown in his native Belgium but is considered a prominent international artist. He was the first living Belgian artist who was invited to exhibit his work in the Louvre. Like Schütte and Fontana, Creten has always championed the use of traditional materials such as bronze and ceramics in contemporary art.

Is Johan Creten a freak, an outsider, a weirdo who breathes, eats and sleeps clay? Does he occupy an anachronistic position in the world of …

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