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Almine Rech

James Turrell Light Reignfall

May 29, 2016 — May 29, 2017 | LACMA, Los Angeles

James Turrell’s Light Reignfall is one of the artist’s Perceptual Cells—freestanding enclosed structures that provide an immersive experience for one viewer at a time. An individual wears special headphones and lies down on a narrow bed that slides into the spherical chamber; inside, a program of saturated light envelopes the viewer. The intense experience reveals the multidimensional power of light and the complexities of the human eye.

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James Turrell, Light Reignfall, 2011

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, gift of Hyundai Motor as part of The Hyundai Project: Art + Technology at LACMA in honor of the museum's 50th anniversary, © James Turrell, photo © Florian Holzherr