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Almine Rech

Johan Creten Fire-Works

Oct 21, 2012 — Jan 13, 2013 | Dhondt-Dhaenens Museum, Deurle, Belgium

The oeuvre of Johan Creten (b. 1963 Belgium) is laden with double entendres, suggestions, symbolic links, ... His very personal work resolutely resists the typical twentieth-century modernist idea of progress in art, including through the use of historically charged motifs, tactile materials, and sensual shapes. The sculptures of Johan Creten invariably invite different narratives to be created between them; in this way, every exhibition appeals to the imagination of the spectator in new and changing ways.

Recently, Johan Creten has been the recipient of much international recognition and the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens is therefore very happy to be the first Belgian museum to present a solo exhibition of his work. Johan Creten presents an exhibition in which very recent and older sculptures are placed in dialogue, using both the garden and the interior spaces of the museum.

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