Joe Bradley

Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo

Press release

The exhibition begins with examples of two “modular” paintings—multiple canvases assembled into oddly humorous humanoid figures—like those shown in Bradley’s first New York solo exhibition in 2006. Subsequent galleries focus on different bodies of work from the past decade, including Bradley’s quickly sketched and immediately engaging drawings and his Schmagoo paintings: a series of grease-pencil drawings on canvas that debuted in 2008. Several galleries are dedicated to Bradley’s densely layered expressionistic abstract canvases, dating from 2010 to the present, that record the detritus and spontaneity of the studio environment. The exhibition also includes examples of Bradley’s recent figurative bronzes based on found amateur sculpture and his silkscreen paintings based on the wide-ranging images—from comics to outdated periodicals—that so often inspire his work.