Berlin Paris / Un échange de galeries

Ziad Antar, Mark Hagen, Peter Peri

Berlin - Galerie Zink

  • Now You Know What Red Does, 2011
    Mixed media on canvas
    130 x 100 cm
  • It passes, but it does not pass away, 2011
    Mixed media on canvas
    175 x 200 cm
  • , Chalet Extension, Coral Beach, Jnah sector, 2007
    C-print, wooden frame
    123,5 x 123,5 cm

Press release

Almine Rech Gallery, in collaboration with Galerie Zink, is pleased to announce its participation in the Berlin-Paris gallery exchange with a selection of works by Ziad Antar, Mark Hagen, and Peter Peri.Despite their use of such disparate media...