Berlin Paris / Un échange de galeries

Ziad Antar, Mark Hagen, Peter Peri

Berlin - Galerie Zink

  • Now You Know What Red Does, 2011
    Mixed media on canvas
    130 x 100 cm
  • It passes, but it does not pass away, 2011
    Mixed media on canvas
    175 x 200 cm
  • , Chalet Extension, Coral Beach, Jnah sector, 2007
    C-print, wooden frame
    123,5 x 123,5 cm

Press release

Almine Rech Gallery, in collaboration with Galerie Zink, is pleased to announce its participation in the Berlin-Paris gallery exchange with a selection of works by Ziad Antar, Mark Hagen, and Peter Peri.Despite their use of such disparate media...

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all galeries are temporarily closed to the public, but remain accessible by appointment.