Joe Bradley

Duckling Fantasy


Inquire about the exhibition:

  • , Big Indian, 2011
    Mixed media on canvas
    241,3 x 299,7 cm
  • , Mash Potato, 2011
    Mixed media on canvas
    195,6 x 228,6 cm
  • , Head with Pipe, 2011
    Mixed media on canvas
    162,6 x 177,8 cm

Press release

If you ask Joe Bradley how he became interested in art, this is what he will say:
“ I've always enjoyed drawing. When I was a kid, I would draw all the time. Cars, monsters, naked girls... fantasy stuff. When I got to school I didn't know anything about painting. My main area of interest at the time was comics. I was really into Chas Addams. I think I could have made it as a gag cartoonist, but somehow painting took over. I still love alot of the stuff I was loving 15 years ago, but I'm always looking for something new too.

Although it is sometimes difficult to uncover direct references to comics in Bradley’s recent paintings, this is a lot easier in his drawings on paper. It is a technique which the artist …