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Almine Rech

Ouattara Watts Art Basel Unlimited

13 — Jun 19, 2022 | Art Basel Unlimited

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For the upcoming edition of Art Basel Unlimited, Almine Rech is delighted to propose a large-scale painting by Ivorian-American artist Ouattara Watts.

Watts’ work features aspects that are quintessential to his art. The color palette is both colorful and muted, which is highlighted through his use of sourced materials. The focus is brought back to the physical world through the earthy elements, while the added vibrancy of the work teases the metaphysical realm. While elements of his upbringing are present, the dichotomy of this work reflects the multicultural facets of Watts himself, between his youth in the Ivory Coast and his life in both Paris and New York, he has always felt that he was straddling two worlds simultaneously.

Press release

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