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Almine Rech

Theatre of the World

Jun 23, 2012 — Apr 8, 2013 | Mona - Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania

Theater of the World Engages, and rejects, the widely held notion that ancient and contemporary works of art are inherently different, and that we must burden the past with the weight of history.

Theater of the World is a kaleidoscope: here the viewer sees the object, and that is enough. This notion harkens back to the Renaissance view that art and knowledge are inextricably intertwined. This art is visual poetry.

Theater of the World has, as its backbone, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery collection of Pacific barkcloths and Mona's collection of everything. Other sources are tapped when required to enhance the perceptual interplay, or on whim.

In the theater of the world art is a conveyor of dreams, a mobilizer of imagination, and a conduit for emotion. When we find beauty sometimes we need look no further.

Curated by Jean-Hubert Martin. A MONA and TMAG (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) collaboration.

Theater Of The World
Curated by Jean-Hubert Martin

artists: Marina Abramovic , Alanbarra, Dieter Appelt , Jean-Michel Basquiat , Thomas Bayrle , Samuel Beckett , Hans Bellmer , Tamy Ben-Tor , Binyinyuwuy, Michel Blazy , Polly Borland , Arthur Boyd , Daniel Boyd , Pat Brassington , Günter Brus , Tom Chamberlain , Jake & Dinos Chapman , John Coplans , Wim Delvoye , John Dempsey, Herbert Thomas Dicksee, Max Ernst , Erró,Jan Fabre , Tessa Farmer , Peter Feiler , Lucio Fontana , Tony Garifalakis, Alberto Giacometti , Robert Gober , Gregory Green , Patrick Guns , Neil Haddon, Fiona Hall , Patrick Hall, Brent Harris, Petr Herel, Ricardo Hernandez, Thomas Hirschhorn , Damien Hirst , Adelaide Ironside, Paa Joe , Emily Kame Kngwarreye , Marin Karmitz , Vernon Ah Kee , John Kelly , Killoffer, Taiyo Kimura, Jannis Kounellis , Juul Kraijer, Oleg Kulik , Dong-Wook Lee, Fernand Léger, Sol Le Witt, Gordon Matta-Clark , Laith McGregor, Alasdair McLuckie, Louisa Anne Meredith, Boris Mikhailov , Manuel Millares , Matthew Monahan , Nell, Hermann Nitsch , Sidney Nolan , David Noonan , John Perceval, Peter Peri , Stieg Persson, Francis Picabia , Pablo Picasso , Samuel Porritt, Adam Putnam , Julie Rrap , Claude Rutault , Markus Schinwald , Andres Serrano , Petroc Dragon Sesti,Jason Shulman , Roman Signer , Jacqui Stockdale , William Strutt, George Tjapaltjarri, Felice Varini , Ruth Waller, Mithili Wanambi, Judy Watson , William Wegman , Brett Whiteley , Pedro Wonaeamirri, Erwin Wurm , Ah Xian , Billy Yirawala ...

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