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Almine Rech

James Turrell Cherry

Dec 10, 2020 — Jun 30, 2021 | Museo Picasso Málaga

For over fifty years, U.S. artist James Turrell (Los Angeles, 1943) has worked directly with light and space to create artworks that attract viewers, questioning how vision works. Trained in perceptive psychology, mathematics, art history and fine arts, Turrell is also an expert pilot who has been fascinated by light since his Quaker childhood. He started to experiment with it as a medium and an artistic object in the mid-1960s, in Southern California. Turrell states that he uses light “as a material with which to influence or affect the medium, which is perception” and that, “instead of making something about light I wanted it to be light.” He has an outstanding ability to create environments in which space, movement and light – either natural or artificial – are the creative materials that produce the artistic experience.

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