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Almine Rech

Claire Tabouret Masterworks on Loan

Oct 7, 2020 — Jan 10, 2021 | Jordan Schnitzer Museum at The University Of Oregon, Eugene, USA

On the occasion of its reopening, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at University of Oregon (Oregon, USA) will present Mirrors & Reflections, as part of its Masterworks on Loan series in the museum's newly reinstalled galleries.

Mirrors & Reflections comprises five new self-portraits by Claire Tabouret. Self-portraits have long been an integral part of Tabouret’s practice; in 2012 she began making one self-portrait each day as a morning ritual. After two years she had made over 700 ink on paper works, which documented the daily variations of her own face. Just like water, a subject present in many of Tabouret’s earlier works, the surface of the face is ever-changing. This constant physical movement reflects our own identity, which is just as dynamic. Painting has allowed Tabouret a more subtle and diverse way to represent identity through her portraits. In these new works, the eye of the painter is revealed, provoked by the act of looking at oneself over and over again.

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