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Almine Rech

Paperwork and the Will of Capital

The MAC presents Taryn Simon: Paperwork and the Will of Capital as part of the 2017 edition of MOMENTA | Biennale de l’image.

In signings of political accords, contracts, treaties, and decrees, powerful men flank floral centerpieces curated to convey the importance of the signatories and the institutions they represent. In Paperwork and the Will of Capital, Taryn Simon recreates these centerpieces, photographing them against background and foreground colors keyed by the original decor of the historic ceremonies.

Paperwork and the Will of Capital addresses the instability of executive decision-making and the precarious nature of survival, as well as the reliability and endurance of records. Photographs of the recreated centerpieces from these signings, together with their stories, underscore how the stagecraft of political and economic power is created, performed, marketed, and maintained.

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