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Almine Rech

Eliot Greenwald

Eliot Greenwald (b. 1983) is a contemporary American artist who was born and raised in Portland, Maine. He is a self taught artist who has had many solo exhibitions and group shows throughout the world.

Greenwald is prominently known for his Night Car series. Through deceptively simple compositions and radical organizations of color, Greenwald depicts the odd nuances found in the regenerative relationship between a vessel and an environment. Crafted by hand, the amorphous shape of his artworks adds to the surreal nature of his subject matter, giving them the appearance of an object eroded and smoothed by time, like stone or sea glass.

Transporting us to a lush habitat decidedly lacking a strong human presence, Greenwald’s colourful tableaus offer a respite from the realities of our present world.

Greenwald has been published in Art Maze Magazine, Let’s Panic, and featured on Juxtapoz, It’s Nice That, and Art News. Eliot lives and works in Ashfield, MA.

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