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Almine Rech

Aurélie Gravas

Aurélie Gravas (b. 1977, Paris, France ) is an artist living and working in Brussels.
In Aurélie Gravas' work, figuration is in fact an invitation to enter the sublime world of painting: the sureness of the line, which asserts itself in full, or is suggested by the caress of the pigment, colors that seem to sing to each other, curves that punctuate or languish the forms, reliefs powerfully suggested by a subtle work of transparency where the grain of the canvas flushes out, and where evanescent forms are superimposed.

The contemplation of Aurélie Gravas’s works continually oscillates between the pleasure of seeing the purity of a profile, which satisfies our insatiable quest for meaning, and that of abandoning our eyes to the play of curves and colors

Aurélie Gravas had a solo exhibition "FACES", at Kristof De Clercq Gallery in Ghent, in 2023-2024, in which she presented a recent body of work in oil and pigment on raw canvas.
A solo show "A Fan as a Rising Sun" was held in Brussels in April 2024 with Galerie Alice.
Several of her paintings are shown at Plus One gallery in Antwerp in a group show: "Disabstraction Sunrise" curated by Xavier Noiret Thomé. Several paintings were shown in the group show "Infinite modernism, a tribute to Pablo Picasso", Almine Rech, London, and in the exhibition "Rose Tinted Glasses" curated by Sasha Bogojev at Ojiri Gallery, London.

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