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Sylvia Ong

Born in Kuala Lumpur in 1980, Sylvia Ong is a contemporary artist currently living and working in Dubai, UAE. She received a Diploma in cinematography and succeeded as a performing artist before seizing the visual art scene. She not only directed multiple TV programs, TV and radio, but also produced commercial photography and various fashion shoots for numerous high profile clients and brands.
Additionally, several short films by her were nominated for film award, for example at the 16th Malaysia Film Festival (2004). Ong even picked up the Best Jury Award at the Freedom Film Festival (2004). Her work has been selected for the longest running piece at the 27th Asian American International Film Festival in New York, (2004) and had screenings at the Film Festivals in Rotterdam, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, In addition to a feature at the International Screening of the Golden Screen Cinemas, Malaysia.
Her aspirations go far beyond film and theatre. To Sylvia, every place, that she called home, has been a source of deep inspirations to her. This is evident in her latest pursuits as a visual artist. Swiftly, painting turned out to be an ideal new form of expression to her. Combined with her rich experience of traveling and living abroad, her art is fueled by the idea of painting as a fascinating way of communication.
“Moving to Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai allowed me to explore tropical countries, modern cities, mountains, islands, and even the desert. It’s about the feeling, the general atmosphere, and sometimes the memories associated with a place. Meeting a diverse group of people everywhere has also changes me as a person, which also had a deep impact on my identity as an artist.”
Same as with much of her work, Sylvia strives to inspire meaningful conversations between viewer and canvas. She renounces to create too much structure, but instead prefers a more fluid form of storytelling. This is truly becoming part of Sylvia’s identity as an artist and is especially evident in her latest collection. Over the time, she has continuously invited the viewers to clear their minds and to allow her pieces to take them on a journey – not so much to arrive at a certain destination, but simply to let themselves take off.

“When I listen to music, I feel the colors and the mood as if it was a film. From this point of view, I felt the desire to create art that gives one the sense of life being a journey. The space we pass through, the time we experience: Isn’t it as if we traveled along a piece of music, while following the slightest, brilliant nuance? In fact, with my paintings I would like to transport emotions, which fill the space and bring a new perspective to the world.”

- Sylvia Ong

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