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Almine Rech

Aly Helyer

Helyer creates tightly cropped worlds inhabited by androgynous figures which are are at once both strange and familiar.Her paintings begin life as drawings often composed of fragments from magazines, memory and imagination.Relationships exploring tenderness and fragility, love and loss, emerge supported by a frame work of the formal elements and art history.

” Work is built up in an organic way and comes out of the process of making.Telling a story is the last thing on my mind, as I work, a psychological narrative slowly comes into play. The characters in my work don’t exist in the real world, they are not living individuals, they are informed by the world around me, personal experience, art history and magazines, if I knew what I was doing, the mystery or journey wouldn’t exist. “
- Aly Helyer.

Aly Helyer lives and works in London UK and gained an MA from Chelsea College of Art.

Gallery exhibitions