Jennifer Guidi

San Fernando

New York

Opening on Thursday, March 2nd
From 6 to 8 pm

  • , Sunset (Painted Light Pink Grey Sand SF #1F, Orange Blue Pink Lavender and Yellow), 2017
    Sand, acrylic and oil on linen
    233,68 x 187,96 cm
    92 x 74 inches
  • Beyond the Mountain (Painted Natural Sand SF #1F, Grey White Pink and Orange, Pink CS), 2017
    Sand, acrylic and oil on linen
    92 x 74 inches
  • In the Morning I Watch You Rise (Painted Light Pink Grey Sand SF #2F, Yellow Orange Pink and Lavender), 2017
    Sand and acrylic on linen
    92 x 74 inches
  • , The Moment of Saturation (Lavender #1MT, Pink Sand SF #1H, Pink and Lavender CS), 2016
    Sand and acrylic on linen
    60 x 48 inches

Jennifer GUIDI San Fernando
March 2 - April 15, 2017 .  New York
© Jennifer Guidi - Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech Gallery 

Press release

Almine Rech Gallery New York is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition of new work by Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer Guidi. Featuring a group of large - and medium-format paintings notable for their sculptural presence and luminosity, the show highlights the procedural rigor of the artist's practice, as well as her ability to register – and generate – gradual shifts in perceptual awareness. Guidi's characteristic use of sand as a medium, her swirling mandala-like compositions, and the richness of her palette increasingly link her mode of abstraction to sensory experience of the natural world.

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