The Wall: Edgar Plans



Edgar Plans’ work echoes the Contemporary Faux Naïf movement. Seeking direct access to pure artistic expression in childlike art or art brut, Edgar Plans frees himself from the artificial veneer of culture. With a naïve mix of Street Art and children’s book illustration (a nod to the bold tags of teenagers), Edgar Plans presents us with an aesthetic that is both raw and childlike.

For the project The Wall: Edgar Plans at Almine Rech Brussels, the Spanish artist will present a large painting and seven small works.

The Wall thrusts us into a neon playground. In this bustling skate park with suspended ramps, the Animal Heroes (characters created by Edgar Plans) play various games that reference video games, comics, and, of course, Street Art.

Upon a second look, this painting brings to mind the perspectives in De Chirico that create a subtle imbalance between the ancient and the contemporary. These moving walkways create a sensation of weightlessness and swaying, lulling the viewer into a soothing and euphoric feeling.

This large-scale painting is accompanied by a series of small portraits. Personifying and individualizing details in small portraits allows the artist to give a soul to these video game characters, who are usually standardized and stereotyped. The asexual figures of Edgar Plans express a critique of sexism and racism.

– Milena Oldfield, researcher at Almine Rech