Eric Croes

Always On My Mind


Eric Croes has inside himself a unique power of inventing mythologies that belong only to his dreams, creating sculptures that plunge us into his obsessions and his visions.
For this exhibition at Almine Rech London, Eric Croes has gathered a whole tribe of Giants.

This clan, made up of powerful women and wise men, stares at us as soon as we enter. Their gaze penetrates under our skin, inside our thoughts, and into our most private nooks and crannies. In turn, we want to enter into the minds of these icons. To see what secrets they hold. To know what they feel inside.
There we find all of Eric Croes’ passions, his private definitions, his sense of the sacred, and his past — a taste for boundary markers, which have defined and sanctified places since ancient times, the fauna and flora of an underwater world, animals that are cleverer than men, primary foods, primordial elements, poetry made of colours and legends invented by him, names and fears, medallions and strength.

To enjoy Eric Croes’ giants, we must observe them close up, walk around them, smell them. Give synesthesia a try. Confront their presence.
We enter their heads and a whole new world opens its arms to us.
We enter their heads and we don’t want to leave.

- Boris Bergmann, writer