Almine Rech is pleased to present Retrouvailles, an exhibition premiering new works by nine artists, from April 17 to May 22, 2021.

With the arrival of spring and the hope of reopening, Almine Rech Paris is thrilled to present this selection of new works by Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Brian Calvin, Alejandro Cardenas, Eric Croes, Kenny Scharf, Claire Tabouret, Thu Van Tran and Tursic & Mille. 

Sharing an urge for naturalness and reflection on the materiality of objects as well as the sensation they evoke, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet and Eric Croes cover a wide range of art-historical references, from Monet, Vuillard, and Munch to Joe Bradley and Josh Smith. Through his new selection of wall sculptures in glazed lava stone, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet offers a spectacle that activates our sensory perception. Eric Croes has created a series of bronze and ceramic sculptures developing an aesthetic that is inextricably linked to mythology and the world of the bestiary on both an emotional and a formal level.

Thu Van Tran and Alejandro Cardenas will also show artworks that have not yet been seen by the public. With Green to Orange #1, Tran offers a reading of color and chemical reactions. Alejandro Cardenas is guided by influences from science fiction and magic realism. Through his paintings, he invites us to be immersed in a kind of post-human surrealism with ethereal, moving figures.

In the 1990s, Brian Calvin started to develop a figurative and non-narrative artistic style, inspired by the colors of his native California. This can be seen in Emerald, where the close-up on the female subject and the luminous solid colors give this painting the feeling of a specific temporality. 

2021 by Tursic & Mille is focused on the reproduction, circulation, and disappearance of images in contemporary society. Tursic & Mille shake up a preexisting artistic hierarchy, moving our understanding of history and gender forward.

Affiliated with the East Village Art movement in 1980s New York, Kenny Scharf along with his studio-mates Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, was a pioneer of Contemporary Street Art. His 2021 work TBD is an act of pop-surrealism expressed in the interpretation of a shape that we perceive to be almost anthropomorphic. With an ecstatic and swirling composition, and a palette of dazzling colors, Scharf offers an immersive visual experience that is both universal and personal.

In her work on paper, The Last Summer, Claire Tabouret questions ideas of memory and the relationship to the other. With dark, acidic tones, the artwork depicts the moment of a separation or a reunion…