Centre Pompidou, Paris

Tarik Kiswanson Dust

May 24 - June 9, 2019,  Centre Pompidou, Paris

Crédits photo:  Centre Pompidou 

Press release

Tarik Kiswanson’s installations combines – in line with his poetry work - sculpture, sound creation and performance. Drawing from research on pre-adolescence - an age marked by fragility and a form of lucid perception of the world - the artist has composed an anthology of poetry in several chapters, which will be enacted by young boys. These texts take us right into the heart of a reflexion on the human condition, evoking both contemporary corporeality and the frontiers between countries and beings, or more generally, the porosity between two states which initially appear to be opposed. 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all galeries are temporarily closed to the public, but remain accessible by appointment.