Tarik Kiswanson



Press release

Almine Rech Paris is pleased to announce Vessels, Tarik Kiswanson's second solo exhibition with the gallery.

Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget (1896-1980) advanced a theory for child cognitive development marked by four stages. Around age 12, in the final stage, children gain the capability for abstract thinking. This moment of development is a central preoccupation of artist Tarik Kiswanson, whose most recent work extends his reflection on his own coming of age as a first-generation immigrant in Sweden through an engagement with adolescents who share similar experiences of social alienation and adaptation. Through conversation, performance, and process, Kiswanson has developed new bodies of work about what it means to come of age and to comprehend the abstract layers of one’s own self: hybrid identities, multiple languages, and memories of a place or places never visited.