George Condo at Cycladic

Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens

Press release

The Museum of Cycladic Art hosts the exhibition "George Condo at Cycladic", George Condo’s first large personal museum exhibition in Greece. The exhibition presents a total of 30 works -including paintings, sculptures and drawings - which span the past 20 years of the artist’s career.  Exhibited for the first time at the exhibition George Condo at Cycladic is a series of paintings and drawings created in 2017, including a rare suite of self-portraits titled Self portrait in Paris 1-3 (2017) and Me, Myself and Him (2017).

Rather than a chronological display of the artist’s oeuvre in the form of a retrospective, George Condo’s exhibition at the Museum of Cycladic Art is a selection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures that implore us to explore the human figure, a principal theme of the Museum of Cycladic Art’s contemporary exhibitions program.