Fenêtre sur cour

Merry Alpern, Rebecca Bournigault, Anke Doberauer, Sophie Calle, Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Fabrice Hybert, Johannes Kahrs, Linda Post, Ugo Rondinone, Sam Samore, Bojan Sarcevic, Imogen Stidworthy


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Fenêtre sur cour / Rear window

As time passes, the mere title of certain works acquires a powerful impact. It exists per se. When we take another look at these works, when we re-interpret them, sometimes familiar, even though we have never seen them, they are regenerated, they never conform, they are never quite the same and they are never clear-cut. As changes and all sorts of (r)evolutionary events occur, the works become part of, or may be experienced in different ways, in each subsequent period, depending on the place and society in question... They nevetheless strike a chord, and they also have links with other works.