Anselm Reyle

White Earth


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  • , White Earth, 2009
    Mixed media on canvas, steel frame, effect lacquer
    148 x 127 cm (framed)

Press release

Anselm Reyle, White Earth
by Jens Asthoff

The exhibition is installed in a building scheduled for demolition. For “White Earth,“ Anselm Reyle has an unconventional setting at his disposal and heightened it to suit his purpose. He found the location - an old industrial building with parking garage in Brussels - in a dilapidated state, and has for the most part left it unaltered. The sole renovation was the construction of a sheetrock wall which has been crudely plastered and left unpainted, and which serves as a surface for presenting the artworks. The floor as well, found strewn with industrial refuse, has been left as is by Reyle, and even to some extent supplemented by additional “add-ons“ and integrated into a larger configuration including the lighting installation and the hanging of large-format collage paintings. Everything is part of an all-encompassing scenarization, as Reyle transforms a modern ruin into an accessible stage: neither a sterile white cube, nor simply a real room. Instead, it is a radicalized and in the final analysis highly artificial hybrid form within which Reyle arranges the purposeful collision of his art with refuse and discarded materials. He has generated collisions which go beyond the individual work…