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Almine Rech

'Tarik Kiswanson'

Feb 19 — May 1, 2022 | Hallands Konstmuseum, Halmstad, Sweden

Philosopher Édouard Glissant describes pensée du tremblement, or trembling thinking, as a means to understand the contingent nature of the world. Resisting fixity, this form of thought tremors from the force of the world’s multitudinous voices colliding and “plunges us into an intimate understanding of depths.” Trembling therefore denotes a kind of refusal, an inability to be contained. This disruptive form of thinking and being in the world rejects notions of a stable identity, as well as categories of fixed and imperial thought. Indeed, Pensée du tremblement flows through the various strands of Swedish-Palestinian artist Tarik Kiswanson’s practice like an invisible current. 

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