Mark Hagen



Selected Catalogs

'Flatland / Abstractions narratives', Mudam Luxembourg, Mrac Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditérranée, Éditions Cantz

Hagen, Mark, ‘2013? Doomsdate: 2013 Calendar’, Los Angeles: Paper Chase Press 
Mark Hagen ‘Made in L.A’, Published by Hammer Museum, Delmonico Books - Prestel

Huffman, Jibade-Khalil, ‘After Stanley Donen’, Los Angeles, Eighth Veil Editions

Selected Press

Bhuiya, Hannah, 'Meet the Hottest New Sculptors in L.A.', Amuse, May 23

'Mark Hagen. Artist's Project', X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly, vol.18, issue 4, Summer

Preston-Zappas, Lindsay, 'Mark Hagen at JOAN', CARLA, July 15
Hagen, Mark, 'A Picture and a Poem', The New York Times T Magazine, Men’s Fashion Issue, Spring

Errera, Alexandre, 'Meet China’s New Power Collectors (Part I),' Forbes Asia, November 11
Bailey, Stephanie, 'A conversation with Mark Hagen,' Ocula, October 21
'Mark Hagen: A Parliament of Some Things', Artlyst, October 14
Morgan, Luke, '14 things you need to see at this year’s Frieze London,' GQ UK, October 14
'London Diary: 13 October,' Apollo Magazine, October 13
Hagen, Mark, and Gerard Manley Hopkins, 'Terrible Sonnets + High School Drawings, 1987-1990,' aREa sNEAKs, Issue 3
Allenova, Ekaterina, et al., 'Structures. Novelty. Stripes', SNS Collection, BALTO Print
Indrisek, Scott, '5 Must See Gallery Shows,' Blouin Artinfo, June 12
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Aude Launay, 'Mark Hagen, Une place dans le temps', ZERODEUX, n°65, Spring
Mohseni, Yasmine, 'SoCal's Past and Future Blow Into Santa Barbara With "A Handful of Dust"',, February 21

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Huffman, Jibade-Khalil, ‘After Stan Donen’, Los Angeles, Eighth Veil Press
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Hagen, Mark, ‘Your Pretty Face Isn’t Going to Hell, and Meditations on Crystals’, Cakewalk, Issue 6

Hagen, Mark, ‘Poster Project’, W/Olga Koumoundouros, The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, Fall

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