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On the Occasion of Joep van Lieshout's "Primitive Modern" exhibition at Almine Rech Gallery Brussels, we invited Jan Boelen to discuss with Joep van Lieshout, on his latest works.

Youtube channel - Almine Rech Gallery



Home & Away has invited curator Ludwig Seyfarth and artist Matthias Bitzer to reflect on the nature of contemporary space from their distinct perspectives.
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 1-4 pm
Arthena Foundation, Kaistrasse 10, Düsseldorf, Germany

LAX - MIA: Light and Space

01 - 12.12.2015

DeWain Valentine, Helen Pashgian, John McCracken, Laddie John Dill, Lary Bell, Mary Corse, Peter Alexander

Largely gathered around the fledgling, yet intense, art scene located in and around Venice, California, during the 1970s, artists of the Light and Space movement were influenced by the distinctive atmospheric qualities of the landscape of Southern California’s Westside beachfront communities. LAX – MIA: Light + Space reimagines and re-contextualizes notions that fostered the artistic practices of these artists, giving their works a parallel and fresh life on Florida’s eastern coastal edge.

LAX - MIA: Light and Space

Presented by The Surf Club / Fort Partners
Curated by Parallel (Terry Riley, Joachim Pissarro, John Keenen)
December 1 - 12, 2015

Opening on Tuesday, December 1st - 5 to 8 pm - RSVP:
Daylight Viewing Reception: December 2nd - 9:30 - 11 am - RSVP:
Opening hours: 11 am - 5 pm

The Surf Club
9011 Collins Ave.
Surfside, FL, USA

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02 - 06.12.2015

On the occasion of ART BASEL MIAMI 2015,
Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to welcom you at Booth C12.

Wednesday, December 2
First Choice   11am to 3pm (by invitation)
Preview        3pm to 8pm (by invitation)

Thursday, December 3
Vernissage    11am to 3pm (by invitation)
Public access 3pm to 8pm

Public days
Friday, December 4 - 12pm to 8pm
Saturday, December 5 - 12pm to 8pm
Sunday, December 6 - 12pm to 6pm

Works by following artists will be presented at our booth:

Justin Adian, John M Armelder, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Brian Calvin, Mary Corse, Mark Hagen, Joep van Lieshout, Erik Lindman, Richard Phillips, Richard Prince, Julian Schnabel, Blair Thurman, DeWain Valentine, ...

Gregor Hildebrandt 'Sterne Streifen die Fluten', Saarlandmuseum, Saarbrücken, Germany

21.11.2015 - 24.04.2016

In his Saarbrücken presentation, Gregor Hildebrandt has transformed one of the exhibition halls of the Modern Gallery into an astonishing cosmos of analogue data carriers in the form of countless vinyl records, sound cassette tapes and video tapes. The exhibition comprises 34 works, including recent ones that are making their first public appearance in Saarbrücken.


Upcoming performances

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to announce that John Giorno will present three performances in the coming days:

- November 18, 2015 at the Palais de Tokyo as part of the Paris Autumn Festival
- November 23, 2015 at the Centre Pompidou-Metz
- November 25, 2015 at Maison Rouge Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris.

More information:
- Palais de Tokyo
- Festival d'Automne
- Centre Pompidou-Metz
- La Maison Rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert

Image: Ugo Rondinone, THANX 4 NOTHING - Video installation (black and white), 14 min, 2015. Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech Gallery. Copyright Ugo Rondinone.


James Turrell was honored alongside Alejandro Iñarritu at the 2015 LACMA Art + Film Gala last week for his visionary body of work that inspires and challenges us to expand our minds, culminating with Roden Crater.

PERFORMA 15 - Francesco Vezzoli and David Hallberg

Sunday, November 1, 2015


By Francesco Vezzoli and David Hallberg

A Performa Commission

Sunday, November 1, 2015
New York

SIGHTINGS: ALEX ISRAEL, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas

24.10.2015 - 31.01.2016

For his Sightings exhibition at the Nasher, Israel presents new sculptures and paintings, some related to his first feature length film, SPF-18, currently in production.  The work explores the genre of the teen surfing movie, using visual and narrative conventions common to the after-school special, a series of made-for-TV movies for adolescents.  Israel's installation combines new sculptural objects derived from Hollywood movies, his own and others', with self-portraits incorporating classic images of Southern California to create a quasi-narrative installation within the gallery.  Israel has also made an intervention in the Nasher Collection Gallery upstairs, placing sky and decorative backdrops among the works.

BRIAN CALVIN 'End of Messages', Mu.ZEE, Ostende, Belgium

24.10.2015 - 17.01.2016

At a moment when social-media fatigue may be finally tempering the ebullient narcissism of practically a decade of “status updates,” Brian Calvin’s new works crystallize the inevitable malaise of an acutely self-aware population. His clever and luminous paintings—rendered in the Day-Glo colours of overexposed photographs—depict hyperexposed pretty young things casually mugging for an unseen observer, their faces flattened (visually and figuratively) with the stylized ennui of Modigliani’s oblong portraits. In some works, he zeroes in even further: the same pair of sensually parted glossed lips reappear. Brain Calvin often tightens the frame to reveal gap teeth and a dormant tongue.

Ange Leccia in Downtown Dallas, U.S.A.

16.10 - 19.12.2015

An outdoor video project by Ange Leccia will take place in multiple locations throughout Downtown Dallas, including a site-specific light installation at Reunion Tower and a newly commissioned video piece for the LED screens of the American Airlines Center.

16 October - December 2015

Image: Ange Leccia, Marissa, 2015.
Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech Gallery ©Ange Leccia

FIAC, Paris

22 – 25.10.2015

Booth 51

Justin Adian, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Matthias Bitzer, Brian Calvin, Genieve Figgis, Günther Förg, John Giorno, Mark Hagen, Gregor Hildebrandt, Tarik Kiswanson, Bertrand Lavier, Erik Lindman, John McAllister, Christian Megert, Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, Richard Prince, Julian Schnabel, Chris Succo, Brent Wadden...

Xu Qu - Frieze London

14 - 17.10.2015

Booth A8

In parallel with the solo show by the artist at Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels, 20 rue de l’Abbaye, 1050 Brussels.

DeWain Valentine - Frieze Masters

14 - 18.10.2015

Booth F13

In parallel with the solo show by the artist at Almine Rech Gallery in London, 11 Savile Row, W1S 3PG. 

GREGOR HILDEBRANDT at 'Save the data', Kunstpalais, Erlangen, Germany

27.09 - 22.11.2015

Un Dimanche à la Galerie


Dans le cadre de sa participation à la manifestation « Un dimanche à la galerie », la galerie Almine Rech de Paris sera exceptionnellement ouverte le dimanche 27 septembre prochain, de 12h à 18h.


A cette occasion, la galerie vous invite à visiter l'exposition de Tarik KiswansonNo Hard FeelingsL'artiste sera présent de 15h à 18h. 

« Un dimanche à la galerie » est une initiative menée par le Comité professionnel des galeries d'art et bénéficie du soutien de la Mairie de Paris.

Pour plus d'informations:

Ziad Antar – Derivable Sculptures

Milibank Riverside Walk Gardens, London 11.07 – 15.11.2015

On Jeddah’s corniche, Ziad Antar, unexpectedly, observed the manifestation of enigmatic sculptural forms. Consisting of tarpaulins and ropes, these formations appear to have been pieced together without any aesthetic concerns during the restoration work on the large-scale sculptures by the likes of Henry Moore, Miró, Lipschitz and César Baldaccini that were initially elevated during the 1980s by the former Governor of Jeddah. A unique yet understated initiative for one of the most impressive collections of gigantic sculptures by modern artists, recently dubbed by art patrons, the Jeddah Sculpture Park.

Antar photographed these configurations by capturing the visual form of these covered up sculptures, much like the unintentional sculptures that Raymond Hains aptly called “sidewalk sculptures” in the late nineteen nineties. In the succession with the history of photosculpture since Man Ray’s L’énigme d’Isidore & Ducasse (1972), it reverses the visual order and initiates a series of assumptions: the procedures and monumentalization in the photographs, these structures’ concealment gives the suggestive status associ- ated with contemporary sculpture.

The actions of workers who sought to salvage works by Rabi Al Akhras and Jean Arp give the whole series a unified aesthetic. It is as if the conformation of abstract art usually applied by Arab and Western artists were denied in these public artworks.

Antar observed that with humor, drawing on the effects of the authority for the redevelopment of these modern sculptures by meeting with the workers who packed these sculptures. He then generated new sculptures from the photographs, a further translation of the sculptures by transforming them from three-dimensional to two-dimensional forms. This cycle of transformation is seamless: newly created sculptures have the unique artistic value to empower themselves, while still retaining the memory of the previous creations they inherited.

In an ironic move, yet absolutely necessary, the artist produced a dissertation on existing art created through the unlikely magic of intercultural dialogue. Between a monumental history of modern and con- temporary art written by the West and its appropriation by devaluing “other” equally rich cultures, the series communicates these misunderstandings, leading to the emergence of a new philosophy about art.

Literally, it is “provincializing Europe”, as Dipesh Chakrabarty observes. This globalization of culture is revers- ing the gaze from an anticolonial filter. Ziad Antar recognizes that in the involuntary sculptures of Jeddah’s corniche, but even more so by offering additional sculptures, ensuing the example of the concrete cast of a water tank on the site alongside the packed modern sculptures, offering an aesthetic equivalence between the different techniques.

The photographic footprint is sculptural; it adds a sequence that affirms the richness and vitality of every- day life on the streets of the world, ephemeral forms resulting from the necessity and possibilities emerg- ing. Giving them a density and paradoxical legitimacy, the artist is part of this cycle, opening the eyes of the community. For a new shared culture ‘under construction’.

Pascal Beausse

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ANGE LECCIA at Irish Museum of Art, Dublin

12.09.2015 - 07.02.2016

What We Call Love: From Surrealism to Now

Featuring modern and contemporary masterworks from the world’s leading collections by ABRAMOVIĆ, BRANCUSI, DALÍ, DUCHAMP, ERNST, GIACOMETTI, OPPENHEIM, PICASSO, WARHOL, YOKO ONO, and many more.

12 September 2015 –  7 February 2016

Image: Ange Leccia, Volvo, arrangement, 1986, Installation view in Le Magasin, Grenoble, France, Almine Rech Gallery, Paris, Bruxelles © Ange Leccia


11 - 13.09.2015

Following the annual art bookfair Pa/Per View, WIELS organizes for the first time in September a new fair at the disposal of some 50 artists, publishers & collectors who want to offer art books, artists’s books photo books, catalogues, periodicals & other artistic printed matter to public.

WIELS Art Book Fair 2015
Opening: 11.09.2015, 18:00-21:00
Saturday 12 & Sunday 13.09.2015, 11:00-18:00

The Shop @ Almine Rech Gallery


11 - 13.09.2015

Friday 11th
Noon - 8pm Opening
Exhibition at the gallery: Matthias Bitzer

Saturday 12th
11am - 1pm Talks @ Beursschouwburg
11am - Noon (French spoken) "The economy of conceptual art and the role of galleries"
Noon - 1pm (English spoken) "When art creates institutions"
Noon - 6pm Public Opening

Sunday 13th
Noon - 6pm Public Opening

Günther Förg 'Wall Paintings' at Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

31.07 - 25.10.2015

Günther Förg’s wall paintings are one of the central aspects of his entire oeuvre. They opened up a new variety of possibilities for him to present his works when combined with photography and painting, and they were always intended to clarify space and lend rhythm to its internal structure. Over the course of his life he created some 140 wall paintings. A selection of 25 of these large-scale works will be presented at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg from 31 July to 25 October 2015 in collaboration with the estate of Günther Förg.

Image: Courtesy of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg and the Estate of Günther Förg © Henning Rogge

BRIAN CALVIN, Le Consortium, Dijon, France

Until 27.09.2015

Au moment où la lassitude des médias sociaux va peut être enfin tempérer l’exubérant narcissisme du status updates qui a duré presque une décennie, le nouveau travail de Brian Calvin cristallise ce malaise d’une population très à l’écoute d’elle même. Ses peintures astucieuses et lumineuses – enduites de couleurs Day-Glo comme des photos surexposées – illustrent une jeunesse hyperexposée, branchée et décontractée en caricaturant pour un observateur invisible, leur visage aplati (visuellement et au sens figuré) évoquant l’ennui stylisé des visages étirés de Modigliani.

Emotionnellement distants et d’un cool insaisissable, les personnages de Calvin communiquent la banalité de la culture selfie : et comme ceux-ci, ils s’échappent de toute trame narrative. Artiste d’origine californienne, Calvin est parfois comparé à David Hockney, dont les couleurs et les œuvres évoquent de façon menaçante la vie facile des zones pavillonnaires blanchies par le soleil. Il est aussi souvent comparé au newyorkais Alex Katz dont les peintures graphiques et plates sont visuellement similaires à celles de Calvin, bien qu’elles évoquent des trames narratives plus complexes.

Calvin a une approche plus existentielle du portrait, traitant du visage et du corps humain comme d’un paysage. Dans ses nouvelles peintures il a à la fois restreint et étendu son sujet. Tandis que ses œuvres antérieures dressaient le portrait de la bizarrerie des relations fortuites entre les gens, ces scènes concises dépeignent une épidémie d’égocentrisme : le recours à l’objectivité des gros plans magnifie probablement les visages – et permet aussi de ne pas dévoiler l’âme des personnages.

Anne Prentnieks, Artforum, Septembre 2014

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20.05 - 30.08.2015

This summer Museum Beelden aan Zee focuses on contemporary Flemish sculpture. The exhibition will be a visual spectacle, with work by both established and young, up-and-coming Flemish artists. The impulse for this theme is the celebration of 20 years of cultural cooperation between the Netherlands and Flanders in 2015. With this, the exhibition is a component of the BesteBuren (‘Dear Neighbours’) manifestation, a project with numerous cultural initiatives between the Netherlands and Flanders. The new summer exhibition of Museum Beelden aan Zee has been compiled by the renowned Flemish curator Stef van Bellingen, artistic director of WARP, the art platform for contemporary art in Flanders, in conjunction with Museum Beelden aan Zee.

JOHAN CRETEN at Red Star Line Museum, Antwerp, Belgium


30.05 - 09.08.2015

Un-Scene III is a group exhibition of 13 emerging artists in or from Belgium. It presents a slice of a scene at a particular moment, and reveals the position of WIELS as an international institution firmly rooted in the Belgian landscape. The works presented include new and existing pieces, and range across all media. The scope of ideas explored is equally broad, while certain common themes emerge. These include: the impact of digital imagery on our way of seeing and making images; an interest in beauty, craftsmanship and the decorative; the appropriation of artworks and the delegation of authorship; the evocation of an absent or dematerialised body.

The title – with its play on words suggesting both unseen and a non-scene – has perhaps a different connotation today than when previously employed at WIELS (in 2008 and 2012). If there remain numerous, overlapping art scenes in Belgium (if not divided along language lines, then still often grouped around linguistic affinities), there is also an international scene that has grown in both scale and renown over the past years. It is perhaps the very heterogeneous nature of the Belgian art world that attracts so many foreign artists, who can find pathways into this amorphous network. This diversity is manifested in the selection of artists for Un-Scene III. Born between 1970 and 1990, they represent an extended generation, include seven different nationalities, and cannot be ascribed to one single scene.

Curated by Devrim Bayar & Zoë Gray
Facebook event

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Untitled (Plate 006), glazed ceramic, diam. 28 cm, 2014

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14 - 17.05.2015

On the occasion of FRIEZE NEW YORK 2015

ALMINE RECH GALLERY is pleased to welcome you to Booth C12

The connection between the selected works shown on the booth is vibrant color to create a kind of flow experience. The combination of lively colorful works creates a psychedelic atmosphere.

The highlight of the booth will be new paintings by Richard Phillips.

"The images are based on a variety of resources including 60's religious cult periodicals and 70's and 80's psychological textbook illustrations. It could be said that the imagery is inspired by the visual coefficients of the collateral mental damage caused by the agencies that contested for space in the minds of those I've portrayed in the past. The abstract images act more as visual interference or a kind of sub standard articulation of reality. They use the model of desecration or the deliberate deprivation of sacred meaning in art, religion or more accurately superstition." - Richard Phillips


Works by following artists will be presented at our Booth:


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John Giorno - Performance at Flux Laboratory, Geneva

April 30th, 2015

You can watch the performance following this link:

Almine Rech Gallery - youtube channel

BERTRAND LAVIER "Slip of the Tongue", curated by Danh Vo in collaboration with Caroline Bourgeois François Pinault Foundation, Punta della Dogana, Venice

12.04 - 31.12.2015

Danh Vo has been invited to collaborate with Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana – Pinault Collection not only as an artist but also as a curator, working with the collection in conjunction with a number of invited artists. Indeed, it is the first time that the foundation invites an artist as a curator at Punta della Dogana in Venice.

Image: La Bocca/Bosch, 2005 - Couch on freezer, 85 x 212 x 87 cm - Pinault Collection. Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech Gallery

Jeff Rian in conversation with Bill Powers

In conjunction with the Richard Prince "New Figures" exhibition, held at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris. October 20, 2015.
Subtitled in french.

The video is online on our Youtube channel


24 - 27.04.2015

Booth 1B 26

works by: Kadar Brock, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Johan Creten, Genieve Figgis, Mark Hagen, Gregor Hildebrandt, Joep Van Lieshout, Peter Peri, Matthieu Ronsse, Chris Succo, Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, Turi Simeti, Sarah Parke & Mark Barrow

Joel Shapiro - 2015 International Sculpture Center - Lifetime Achievement Award

The International Sculpture Center’s 2015 Lifetime Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award will be presented to world-renowned sculptor Joel Shapiro at the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Gala.

Born in New York City in 1941, Joel Shapiro has explored the possibilities of sculptural form throughout his fifty-year career in the visual arts. 
His work has been the subject of numerous solo and retrospective exhibitions at institutions including the Whitechapel Gallery, London, 1980; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 1982; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1985; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (jointly with the Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City), 1995-6; Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2001; Museum Ludwig, Cologne, 2011; and Musée d’Art Moderne, Saint-Étienne, France. 
His work can be found in public collections worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, and Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Tate Gallery, London; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; and Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. Prominent commissions include Loss and Regeneration for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., and Now, installed at the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China, and commissioned by the Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies. 
Mr. Shapiro is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and was named Chevalier dans l‘Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2005. He lives and works in New York City.

Image: Installation view of Joel Shapiro's exhibition 'Painted Wood' at Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels (09.10 - 12.11.2014) - Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech Gallery
© Sven Laurent - Let me shoot for you

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ZIAD ANTAR at Mains d'Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, France


Une proposition de Julie Portier et Charles-Osmond Villa
Conception graphique : Villa Böhnké — Charles-Osmond Villa et Benoit Böhnké - Dans le cadre des résidences arts visuels dirigées par Ann Stouvenel

Une sélection d’œuvres vidéo de la Collection départementale d’art contemporain de la Seine-Saint-Denis.

ZIAD ANTAR - Wa (2004)

Vidéaste libanais, Ziad Antar envisage l'image comme la transcription pure d'une idée : en résulte des "vidéos d’une simplicité déroutante, à la parole parfois bien aiguisée" [Libalel]. La musique tient une place importante dans son œuvre comme le montre la vidéo "Wa" où l'artiste laisse son neveu et sa nièce interpréter une chanson de leur composition et jouer du synthétiseur...

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New release: JEFF KOONS

'The Gazing Ball or the Eye of Janus', 2015

The catalogue includes two essays by Joachim Pissarro. 'Jeff Koon's Gazing Balls or the Eye of Janus Today' and 'Jeff Koon's Epic Poem'

Format: 27,8 x 20 cm
Hardcover, 63 pages, French/English
Price: 33 €
Edition of 1000

Order now:


French Radio London

You can listen his interview by following this link:

ANGE LECCIA en dialogue avec Odile Burluraux at 12 Drouot, Paris


L'art vidéo s'appréhende t-il de la même manière que les media plus classiques ?

L’art vidéo s’invite pour une deuxième édition à Drouot grâce à la maison de ventes Vincent Wapler.
#ARTVIDEO 2 rassemblera une soixantaine d’artistes autour de deux figures majeures de l’art vidéo : Nam June Paik et Bill Viola.

La naissance officielle de l’art vidéo a été fixée au mois de mars 1963, lorsque Nam June Paik expose, à la Galerie Parnass (Wuppertal, Allemagne), treize téléviseurs préparés pour la distorsion d’images. L’art vidéo a aussitôt influencé les grands courants de l’époque, de Fluxus à la performance, de l’art conceptuel au minimalisme et à l’art sociologique.

Site web

Talk with Chris Schanck and Françoise-Claire Prodhon

14.03.2015 - 3:30pm

On the occasion of the opening of 'Dans un intérieur' Almine Rech Gallery Brussels is pleased to invite you for a discussion with Chris Schanck and Françoise-Claire Prodhon.

Exhibition facebook event
Talk facebook event



Almine Rech Gallery 
Rue de l'abbaye 20
1050 Brussels, Belgium


Christopher Schanck

Chris Schanck was a part of the exhibition 'Dans un interieur' in Paris and his work will be shown in the exhibition in Brussels. As a Furniture designer he is interested in materials and design processes that are not traditionally associated with luxury, mass-production, and standards of perfection. Among his best-known pieces are those that comprise his “ALUfoil” series, in which industrial or discarded materials are covered in aluminum foil, painted, and then sealed with resin. The final pieces are both durable and light. His methods characteristically involve both marginalized techniques as well as the help of marginalized members of his Detroit community. Chris Schanck was born in 1975 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in Dallas, Texas. He currently lives and works in Detroit.

Françoise-Claire Prodhon

Françoise-Claire Prodhon is an art historian from the Ecole du Louvre specializing in the 19th and 20th centuries. She is also a critic, journalist, curator and advisor for art and design collections.

Prodhon has contributed to numerous magazines such as Flash Art International, Architectural Digest and Connaissance des Arts.
As a curator, Françoise-Claire Prodhon has organized numerous exhibitions in France, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, China, Norway and Taiwan.

Since 1992 she has been a professor at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rennes, Bourges and at Drouot Formation from 1998 till 2014. She has also been a guest lecturer at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart where she developed workshops on art and design. 

Françoise-Claire Prodhon has written numerous texts and introductions for contemporary art catalogues and has co-written important monographs dedicated to architects and interior designers such as Maria Pergay, Jean Prouvé, Jean Nouvel, Jean Royère, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret

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A New Chapter

In the reassembly of a book’s torn-out pages, the artist Mark Hagen finds a symbol of rebirth to echo the poet Michael Dickman’s sonnet about welcoming a child into the world.

‘‘To be titled (Additive sculpture, Literary work #18,Configuration #3)’’ by Mark Hagen, 2014.Credit Courtesy of Mark Hagen, 2014. Spray graphite on pulped copies of "Un Coup de dés Jamais n’Abolira le Hasard" by Stéphane Mallarmé (Nabu Press, 2010). Photo credit: Robert Wedemeyer. Poetry editor: Meghan O’Rourke. Art aditor: Gay Gassmann

TARYN SIMON at Le Point du Jour, Cherbourg, France

01.03 - 31.05.2015

L'œuvre de Taryn Simon est le résultat d'un processus de recherche et d'investigation rigoureux, centré sur la structure et le poids du secret ainsi que sur la précarité des mécanismes de survie. Mélange de photographie, de texte et de graphisme, ses projets conceptuels traitent de la production et de la circulation de la pensée comme des politiques de représentation. D'une enquête sur des lieux cachés ou méconnus aux États-Unis (An American Index of the Hidden and the Unfamiliar, 2007) à la recension d'objets disparus lors de la construction de la Fondation Louis-Vuitton à Paris (A Polite Fiction, 2014), chaque série décrit avec une sobriété extrême des situations surprenantes.  Elles montrent le monde globalisé actuel mais aussi la connaissance partielle que nous avons.
Parallèlement à la présentation de A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I à XVIIIau Point du Jour, le Jeu de Paume consacre une exposition à Taryn Simon du 22 février au 17 mai 2015. À cette occasion, Le Point du Jour coédite son premier livre rétrospectif.

Talk by TARYIN SIMON at Mona Bismarck - American Center in Paris

26.02.2015 - 7pm

Taryn Simon will speak about her conceptual and investigative approach to photography, in between documentary style and artistic creation.

A cocktail reception with the artist will follow the talk.

(admission fee)

TARYN SIMON at Jeu de Paume, Paris

24.02 - 17.05.2015

'Rear Views, A Star-forming Nebula, and the Office of Foreign Propaganda'

The work of Taryn Simon (born 1975) results from rigorous research and investigation into the power and structure of secrecy and the precarious nature of survival. Combining photography, text, and graphic design, her conceptual projects address the production and circulation of knowledge and the politics of representation. On view are excerpts from major projects,

including The Innocents (2002), An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar (2007), Contraband (2010), A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I–XVIII (2011), Cutaways (2012), and The Picture Collection (2013).

Jeu de Paume
1, place de la Concorde
75008 Paris

Image: Taryn Simon, Cutaways, 2012
Courtesy of the artist © 2014 Taryn Simon

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Interview with Aram Moshayedi on interview magazine

JAMES TURRELL: A Retrospective National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

from 13.12.2014

James Turrell: a retrospective explores the artist’s work over almost 50 years, bringing together Projection pieces, built spaces, holograms, drawings, prints and photographs. It celebrates Skyspaces, viewing chambers that affect our perception of the sky, and surveys Turrell’s life work, Roden Crater, a naked eye observatory in an extinct volcano on the edge of the Painted Desert, Arizona. The exhibition follows three highly successful shows throughout 2013—at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the Guggenheim in New York—with works from LACMA’s tour and spectacular installations purpose-built for Canberra.

Official website

James Turrell, Prado, Red, 1968
Light Projection Installation
Photographed by Rebecca Fanuele

MATTHIAS BITZER at Bass Museum, Collins Park, Miami

03 - 07.12.2014

26 works by international artists will transform Collins Park

Nicholas Baume, Director and Chief Curator of Public Art Fund, returns for his second year curating Art Basel’s Public sector. Under the theme Fieldwork, Public will transform Miami Beach’s Collins Park into an outdoor exhibition space with 26 large-scale and site-specific installations by leading and emerging artists from 13

In collaboration with Almine Rech Gallery and Marianne Boesky Gallery


04.12.2014 - 29.03.2015

One Way: Peter Marino explores the renowned American architect’s multifaceted relationship with art. Recognized as a pioneer of cross-disciplinary practice, Peter Marino has been celebrated for the past four decades for his forward-thinking work that exists at the intersection of art, fashion and architectural design.


04 - 07.12.2014

On the occasion of Art Basel Miami 2014, Almine Rech Gallery
is pleased to welcome you at Booth C12

Opening day, Wednesday December 3rd 
First Choice - 11am to 3pm (by invitation only)
Preview - 3pm to 8pm (by invitation only)

Thursday, December 4th 
Vernissage - 11am to 3pm (by invitation only)
Public opening - 3pm to 8pm
Friday, December 5th - 12 noon to 8 pm
Saturday, December 6th - 12 noon to 8pm
Sunday, December 7th - 12 noon to 6pm

TARYN SIMON @ 'Conflict, Time, Photography', Tate Modern, London

26.11.2014 - 15.03.2015

From the seconds after a bomb is detonated to a former scene of battle years after a war has ended, this moving exhibition focuses on the passing of time, tracing a diverse and poignant journey through over 150 years of conflict around the world, since the invention of photography.

Image: Taryn Simon, 'Chapter VII, A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters', 2011 (detail)


Video of the Symposium at Collège de France

The video of the symposium 'Contamination' at Collège de France, Paris on October 31st, 2014 is now online!

You can watch the video by following this link


Interview with Denise Markonish

'As Above So Below', MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA, USA - Until March 2015

Demonstrating the artist's remarkable ability to transform materials and their surrounding architecture into an enveloping perceptual experience, Teresita Fernández: As Above So Below combines graphite and gold to create a series of immersive, interconnected installations whose scale shifts from intimate to vast, from miniature to panoramic. Fernández's largest solo exhibition to date, As Above So Below is made up entirely of new works.
You can watch the interview by following this link


A conversation with Ocula

This year, Mark Hagen presented an exhibition essentially split in two parts: the first part being shown in the London space of Almine Rech Gallery, and the second part making its appearance at the gallery’s booth in the 2014 Frieze London art fair. Both bodies of work are exemplary of Hagen’s love affair with material and form, but are also contrasted in colour. For the gallery show, Hagen presented paintings constituting white acrylic pushed through burlap over titanium frames anodized with Diet Coke, shown alongside sculptures produced from volcanic glass, epoxy on aluminum and honeycomb panels. Meanwhile, at Frieze London, Hagen presented gradient paintings and sculptures, in which black acrylic on burlap paintings framed sculptures employing luminous colour gradiations. In this interview, this LA-born and based California Institute of Arts graduate (who studied with Michael Asher, Charles Gaines, Leslie Dick and Sam Durant) discusses the processes behind making his work, and the influences that shape his practice.


A conversation with Ocula

Swiss-born artist Ugo Rondinone entered Shanghai’s Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) like a human prism, shattering the usual museum wall white into the full spectrum of visible color. His solo exhibition, Breathe, Walk, Die, includes concentric circles of blurred colors, plastic filters placed over the museum’s windows to colorize the light coming in, and floor to ceiling sprayed-on “horizon paintings” that warm from almost ultraviolet to near infrared as visitors ascend the museum’s six floors. Forty clowns dressed in spectacularly outlandish combinations of colors and textures, lie down, sit, and sometimes sleep inside the museum, defying the usual obligation to perform. It’s a wonderful, wonderfully simple show, but one that Rondinone nevertheless casts some light on.


A picture and a Poem, New York Times Magazine

Finding Solace in Artistry

The Los Angeles artist Alex Israel sees a vivid exuberance in Terrance Hayes’s reflection on the comforts and perils of taking refuge in art.

Image: ‘‘Study for Self-Portrait (Psychic Neon)’’ by Alex Israel, 2014.Credit © Alex Israel. Digital rendering courtesy of the artist. Poetry editor: Meghan O’Rourke. Art editor: Gay Gassmann


You can watch Stéphanie Moisdon's interview by following this link

'La Fabrique de la peinture - The Making of Painting', COLLEGE DE FRANCE, PARIS

30 - 31.10.2014

International Symposium

Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 9:10am
JEFF KOONS 'Connecting to the Universal'

Friday, October 31, 2014 - 2pm

Amphithéâtre Marguerite de Navarre
11, Place Marcelin-Berthelot
75005 Paris


Opening on 27.10.2014

JOHN GIORNO 'Dial a poem'
BERTRAND LAVIER 'Empress of India II'
TARYN SIMON 'A Polite Fiction'

FIAC - booth 0.B37

23 - 26.10.2014

Preview Day
Wednesday, October 22 (10am - 10pm by invitation only)

Public Opening Hours
from Thursday, October 23rd to Sunday, October 26th (Noon - 8pm)
Friday, October 24th (until 9pm)

JANNIS KOUNELLIS at Musée d'Art Moderne de Saint Etienne, France

11.10.2014 - 04.01.2015

Opening today from 6:30pm

Image: installation view of Jannis Kounellis' exhibition at Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels (13.03 - 17.04.2014)


Visual Art Price 2015

Congratulations to SYLVIE FLEURY who won the 2015 Visual Art Price from the Geneva Art Society! On this occasion, she will have a solo exhibition at the Palais de l'Athénée in Geneva (Autumn 2015)

Image: Installation view of Sylvie Fleury exhibition at Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels (June 5 – July 17, 2010)

MARK HAGEN - Frieze London

14 - 18.10.2014

We are pleased to announce Mark Hagen's solo exhibition at our Booth F8

Preview Day
Tuesday, October 14 (10am - 8.30pm by invitation only)

Professional Day
Wednesday, October 15 (12pm - 7pm premium tickets only)

Public Opening Hours
Thursday, October 16 to Saturday, October 18 (12pm - 7pm)

Closed on Sunday, Last entry one hour before closing

Image: Mark Hagen, To Be Titled (Gradient Painting), 2014 (detail) - courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech Gallery

MARY CORSE - Frieze Masters - Spotlight Section

14 - 19.10.2014

We are pleased to announce Mary Corse's solo exhibition at our Booth S10

Tuesday, October 14 (3pm - 8.30pm by invitation only)

Professional Day
Wednesday, October 15 (11am - 7pm)

Public Opening Hours
Thursday, October 16 to Saturday, October 18 (11am - 7pm)
Sunday, October 19 (11am - 6pm)

Image: Mary Corse, Untitled (White Light Beveled-Edge Series), 1970 - courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech Gallery

FRANCESCO VEZZOLI ' Teatro Romano ' MoMA PS1, New York

26.10.2014 - 08.03.2015

Drawing on extensive research about the use of color in antiquity, Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli (b. 1971) has collaborated with a team of archaeologists, conservators and polychrome specialists to paint five ancient Roman busts in the manner in which they would originally have been decorated. While white marble remains the quintessential material of ancient Greek and Roman statuary, extensive research has confirmed that ancient sculpture was painted in a vivid palette of yellows, blues, reds and greens. Dating from the first and second centuries A.D., Vezzoli’s Roman Imperial busts restore to contemporary imagination the decorated surfaces that have faded away over nearly two thousand years.

SYLVIE FLEURY & MATTHIEU RONSSE, 'Passions Secrètes - Private Flemish Collections', Lille 3000, Lille, France

10.10.2014 - 04.01.2015

Mounting an exhibition from 4,000 works distributed among 18 collectors is the latest challenge taken on by lille3000. It has been possible to undertake this complex exercise thanks to the support, genuine enthusiasm and unfailing cooperation of these collectors. How can we reflect the passions of the collectors and procure real discoveries for an increasingly knowledgeable and demanding public?

With its 6000 square meters of exhibition space, the Tripostal has become a dream machine, a place where the real and the imaginary intertwine, at the heart of a network of invisible connections, woven together like the web of a Louise Bourgeois spider, the discrete epicentre of the exhibition.

Which threads should be followed to design a coherent and exciting itinerary?

After visiting fabulous collections, studying inventories, identifying sets, possible convergences and interesting dialogues between works, the form of the exhibition was sketched out. The next step was to link the pieces through a system of correspondences, both visually and conceptually.

More informations:

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ANGE LECCIA Nuit Blanche 2014, Drouot, Paris


Pour cet événement, les commissaires-priseurs de Drouot ont choisi Ange Leccia et lui ont donné carte blanche pour la création d’une œuvre qui sera présentée pour la première fois le samedi 4 octobre à partir de 19h00.
Répondant à la proposition de Drouot, Ange Leccia imagine une installation vidéo, sonore et lumineuse immersive, invitant le public à découvrir le temps d’une nuit, une œuvre inédite conçue in situ.

75009 PARIS 

Le samedi 4 octobre 2014
de 19h00 à 04h00

Site officiel Nuit Blanche 2014

'The Los Angeles Project', Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

13.09 - 09.11.2014

Solo exhibitions by Aaron Curry and Alex Israel

The first comprehensive presentation in China of the art of Los Angeles brings together seven artists whose work reflects the diversity and dynamism of the city’s cultural output.

From 13 September to 9 November, 2014, UCCA will dedicate its entire exhibition space to an anthology of seven shows of contemporary artists living and working in Los Angeles in a critical examination of one of the most important art centers in the Western world. These seven artists represent a generation of creative practitioners drawn to a global nexus, one whose rich cultural legacy and robust network of art schools, galleries, and institutions act as a magnet for top talents in the field of contemporary art.Participating artists in “The Los Angeles Project” include Aaron Curry and Alex Israel among others. The UCCA exhibition is the first showing in China for most of the artists as well as the first time the art of Los Angeles has been comprehensively presented in the region.


13 - 14.09.2014

General reopening of Brussels contemporary art galleries, gathering together great shows, all around the city. Brussels Art Days 2014 will take place from September 13 to 14.

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by the american collective The Bruce High Quality Foundation.

Ugo Rondinone ' breathe walk die ', Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China

13.09.2014 - 04.01.2015

The Rockbund Art Museum is thrilled to introduce the very first exhibition in China of the internationally acclaimed artist Ugo Rondinone, born in 1964 in Brunnen, Switzerland, and living in New York since 1997.

Ugo Rondinone’s oeuvre takes up a unique position in the contemporary art scene and his contribution in revisiting the codes and the histories of the visual arts has been exceptional.

Opening on Friday, September 12th, 2014 from 6:30pm

Matthieu Ronsse 'marginalia' Kunstwerk Köln, Germany

28.08 - 13.09.2014

Opening on August 28, 2014 - 7pm

Rock concert by RATZINGER

JEFF KOONS at the Musée du Louvre

The Musée du Louvre has confirmed that it plans to show works by Jeff Koons early next year to coincide with the US artist's retrospective at the Centre Pompidou.

James Turrell will receive the National Medal of Art

ANGE LECCIA 'Jamais la mer ne se retire', PALAIS DE TOKYO, PARIS

11.07 - 07.09.2014

“The Mediterranean Sea: a natural, simple and purified motif. And yet it isn’t a landscape. Owing to a camera movement of ninety degrees during filming, the coastline is no longer observed in its privileged relationship with the horizon. Tirelessly it rises, insisting on the verticality of the shot. This overturn draws attention to the flatness of the image as a means of liberating the viewer from the centered point of view characterized by Albertian perspective. Here, the viewer is confronted with a quasi abstract representation, a physical movement, a material. He is no longer assigned a single position; if the viewer loses his bearings, it is to better reduce distances and regain control of the video space. The sea is de-territorialized and looks like it could have been filmed in a location other than Corsica. No matter. For above all, the sea opens onto an imaginary realm outside of any geographical anchorage or from gravity."

Fabien Danesi


27.06 - 19.10.2014

This exhibition will be the artist’s first major museum presentation in New York, and the first to fill nearly the entirety of the Whitney’s Marcel Breuer building with a single artist’s work. It will also be the final exhibition to take place there before the Museum opens its new building in the Meatpacking District in 2015. 

Jeff Koons: A Retrospective is organized by Scott Rothkopf, Nancy and Steve Crown Family Curator and Associate Director of Programs.

The exhibition travels to the Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne, Paris (November 26, 2014–April 27, 2015) and to the Guggenheim Bilbao (June 5–September 27, 2015).

Image: Jeff Koons, Metallic Venus, 2010-2012 © Jeff Koons


26.06 - 21.09.2014

Drawing from the art-historical lineage of cubism, graffiti, cartoons, figurative painting and gestural abstraction, and appropriating subjects from mythology, advertising, print culture and consumerism, Aaron Curry's Bad Brain first survey exhibition at CAPC is an event. On this occasion, the american artist (born 1972 in San Antonio, lives and works in LA) has put together 80 artworks made between 2003 and 2014. They transform the nave of the CAPC into a spectacular "cage" and create a sense of vertigo synchronous to our digitalized world while questioning the Western artistic tradition. Bad Brain is as much about the breakdown of the human condition as it is the absurdities that define the perils of human evolution. 

7 Rue Ferrère
33000, Bordeaux, France

MARK HAGEN, Sèvres Outdoors, Cité de la Céramique, Sèvres, France

30.06 - 21.09.2014

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to show Mark Hagen at Sèvres Outdoors 2014, 2 place de la Manufacture, 92310 Sèvres

JOE BRADLEY, Le Consortium, Dijon, France

21.06 - 28.09.2014

The exhibition assembles around sixty paintings and drawings realized between 2006 and 2014, constituting the first retrospective presentation of the different stages of the work.

Curated by Eric Troncy


14.06 - 11.09.2014


17.05.2014 - 4pm

On the occasion of DeWain Valentine's exhibition,

we invite you to the screening of the film produced by the Getty Conservation Institute: "FROM START TO FINISH: THE STORY OF GRAY COLUMN"

A discussion with Rachel Rivenc in charge of Contemporary Art Research at the Getty Conservation Institute will follow the projection

Almine Rech Gallery, 64 rue de Turenne 75003 Paris
17.05.2014 - 4pm

JOHAN CRETEN 'The Storm', Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, Belgium

24.05 - 14.09.2014

The Storm

Middelheim Museum has invited the Flemish artist Johan Creten (°1963) who lives in Paris to exhibit his work in the Middelheim Museum. Creten has combined new and existing monumental works for the exhibition ‘The Storm’ in Hortiflora.

‘The Storm’ explores the relational and emotional storms that are associated with any form of personal development and the bigger storms that rage within society.

Museum website

Teaser of the exhibition

Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, Choices / Collectors Weekend, Paris

23 - 25.05.2014

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to show Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille for Choices / Collectors Weekend, Palais des Beaux-Arts, 13 quai Malaquais, Paris


15 - 18.05.2014

Private view

Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 12 noon to 5pm (by invitation only)


Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 5pm to 9pm

Public days

Thursday, May 15, 2014, 12 noon to 7pm
Friday, May 16, 2014, 12 noon to 9pm
Saturday, May 17, 2014, 12 noon to 7pm
Sunday, May 18, 2014, 12 noon to 5pm


09 - 25.05.2014

Angel Vergara is the Ambassador of the National Pop Up Store in Brussels.

44, Prince Albert Street
1050 Brussels


09 - 12.05.2014

On the occasion of Frieze New York 2014, ALMINE RECH GALLERY is pleased to announce a curated booth by Ugo Rondinone with the artist Aaron Curry.

Opening Days

Friday, May 9  11am-7pm
Saturday, May  10 11am-7pm
Sunday, May  11 11am-7pm
Monday, May  12 11am-7pm

For his very colorful project, Ugo Rondinone invited Aaron Curry to produce 3 new sculptures

Works by the two artists will be presented at our booth B28.


11 Savile Row, Mayfair

Opening on Tuesday June 3rd, 2014
03.06 - 26.07.2014

Inaugural exhibition: PITTURA OGGETTO
Curated by Natacha Carron

with works by Agostino Bonalumi, Enrico Castellani, Dadamaino, Turi Simeti...

Almine Rech Gallery at Art Brussels (Section Prime)

25 - 27.04.2014

Thursday 24 April
Preview (11am-5pm) by invitation only 
Vernissage (5pm-10pm) by invitation only

From Friday 25 until Sunday 27 April 2014 (12 noon - 8pm)
Friday 25 April - Gallery Night (7pm-10pm)

PETER PERI @ CASS Sculpture Foundation, Chichester, UK

Until November 2014

PETER PERI' sculpture 'Blind Boy Listening' is currently shown at CASS Sculpture Foundation, Chichester, UK
Until November 2014

Almine Rech Gallery @ PA/PER VIEW Art Book Fair, WIELS, Brussels

21 - 23.03.2014

PA/PER VIEW art book fair
21st—23rd of March 2014
WIELS Brussels 

Av. Van Volxemlaan 354
1190 Forest

Preview: 21.03.2014, 6-9pm

ALMINE RECH GALLERY @ The Armory Show, New York - Pier 94 Booth 508

06 - 09.03.2014

On the occasion of The Armory Show, Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to welcome you to Booth 508 - Pier 94

Wednesday, March 5:
Preview 2pm - 8pm
Vernissage 5pm - 8pm

Opening hours
Thursday, March 6 until Sunday, March 9: 12pm - 7pm

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TOM BURR @ 'Take it or Leave it: Institution, Image, Ideology', Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

09.02 - 18.05.2014

Take It or Leave It: Institution, Image, Ideology is the first large-scale exhibition to focus on the intersection of two vitally important genres of contemporary art: appropriation (taking and recasting existing images, forms, and styles from mass-media and fine art sources) and institutional critique (scrutinizing and confronting the structures and practices of our social, cultural, and political institutions). The exhibition brings together works by thirty-six American artists who came to prominence between the late 1970s and the early 1990s.


GREGOR HILDEBRANDT @ 'BOOSTER - Kunst Sound Machine', Marta Herford, Herford, Germany

15.02 - 01.06.2014

The exhibition “BOOSTER” inquires into the cultural significance of these constructions and their use in the creative arts. Since the start of the 20th century, artists have been producing breathtaking sound machines, again and again stretching the boundaries between different disciplines.

The special combination of sculpture, movement and sound takes the visitor into a world that addresses many different senses at once: whether as fragile mechanisms or monumental objects, the mobile sound sculptures generate a pulsating world of (sub)cultural spheres in a choreography of gentle tones and high-volume sounds.


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LASZLO MOHOLY-NAGY 'Art by Telephone… Recalled', La Panacée, Montpellier, France

07.02 - 14.09.2014

(Edition of 'Construction in Enamel 1, 2 and 3' (2012) by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, realized in 2012 in collaboration between Almine Rech Gallery and the Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Foundation, on the occasion of the exhibition 'Telephone Paintings' curated by Nicolas Trembley at Art Basel 2012)

ANGEL VERGARA @ 'RE:Painted', SMAK, Gent, Belgium

25.01 - 27.04.2014

The ground floor at the S.M.A.K. is devoted to paintings from the museum's collection, highlighting not only the special characteristics and background to the collection but also the painting medium in relation to its current status in the arts.

A series of painterly motifs – including figuration, composition, gestures, abstraction, reproduction and post-medium developments – are explored throughout the seven exhibition rooms and assessed on the basis of their present-day relevance. Nowadays, painting has become a multidisciplinary practice in which such elements as paint, support and canvas are employed purely conceptually. Nevertheless, as a ‘mentality’, contemporary painting remains close to the medium’s traditional approach, by continuing to react against the notions by which we become addicted to meaning, as manifested in many other forms of contemporary art.

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UGO RONDINONE and FRANZ WEST 'La science des rêves', Collection Odermatt, Arsenal, Montréal

Until 15.03.2014

Article on

WILLIAM O'BRIEN, MCA Chicago, Chicago

25.01 - 18.05.2014

William J. O’Brien, the artist’s first major survey exhibition, demonstrates his prolific output in a broad range of media, from sculpture and ceramics to drawing, textiles, and painting. Although O’Brien is perhaps best known for his work in ceramics, his working process often begins with the act of drawing. His works on paper usually feature exuberant colors and geometric patterning that mimic the automatic drawings of the Surrealists while faintly evoking psychedelia and dream paintings. His ceramics are playfully formed, often drizzled with vividly colored glazes, and exhibit a range of cultural references, from ethnographic objects of the ancient past to “face jugs” of the antebellum American South.

UGO RONDINONE 'You Imagine What You Desire', 19th Biennale of Sydney, MCA section, Sydney

21.03 - 09.06.2014

UGO RONDINONE ''we run through a desert on burning feet, all of us are glowing our faces look twisted', Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

31.10.2013 - 14.04.2014

The Art Institute of Chicago presents a selection of five towering sculptures by Swiss-born, New York–based artist Ugo Rondinone. These works, completed in 2013, are part of a series that the artist began in 2007 known as Scholar Rocks, a reference to stones found in China’s Tai Lake region that were traditionally collected by scholars and used as ornaments for reflection.

ZIAD ANTAR 'Au hasard de la pellicule', Musée Nicéphore Niépce, Chalon-sur-Saône, France

15.02 - 18.05.2014

La photographie est affaire d’intention. On pense que le photographe doit contrôler de bout en bout la chaine qui conduit de la prise de vue au tirage. Mais qu’advient-il quand la pellicule d’origine est obsolète? Avec la série Expired, le Libanais Ziad Antar s’abandonne au hasard.

 L’utilisation de films périmés insérés dans des appareils argentiques parfois eux-mêmes endommagés rend l’aléa maître du jeu. A l’artiste de se jouer ensuite des coulures informelles, des taches, des restes d’une représentation. La photographie du réel décomposée, sans contrôle, s’assimile à la traditionnelle vanité ; elle fait disparaitre les corps et les architectures d’un monde qui a oublié qu’il était éphémère.

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UGO RONDINONE 'naturaleza humana', Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli, Coyoacán, Ciudad de México

06.02 - 18.05.2014

GAVIN TURK 'Seven Billion Two Hundred and One Million Nine Hundred and Sixty-Four Thousand and Two Hundred and Thirty-Eight', The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, County Durham, UK

25.01 - 21.04.2014

This exhibition brings together for the first time all of Turk’s neon works – signature pieces made between 1995 and 2014 that examine the evolution of Turk’s practice, quite literally, up in lights; their effervescent glow the epiphany aura of consumer fetish, celebrity and glamour.

 Quintessentially a modernist medium – now rendered obsolete by digital LED – neon is the vaporous stuff of retro-futuristic glory, of Hollywood optimism and capitalist spectacle, and of history’s malleability and forgetfulness: neon light’s inventor, French chemist Georges Claude, envisioned their use for fascist propaganda.

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JANNIS KOUNELLIS 'praecipitare [Tenerife]'

30.01 – 08.02.2014

A visiting program that will make possible the first island encounter of Italo-Greek artist Jannis Kounellis with local authors Beatriz Lecuona and Óscar Hernández, along with a sequence of collateral and public events around the island.

More information here

a conversation with Jannis Kounellis

" I'm an old humanist, and for me man is an irreplaceable centrality and an open border "

SYLVIE FLEURY, UGO RONDINONE, NOT VITAL 'Elevation 1049 - Between Heaven and Hell', Gstaad, Switzerland

27.01 - 08.03.2014

Elevation 1049 is the first in a series of site-specific exhibitions created out of the specifics of time and place, curated by Neville Wakefield and Olympia Scarry and produced by the LUMA& Foundation.

Taking place in and above Gstaad, it will be comprised exclusively of Swiss artists. As the title suggests, most of the works will be outside, positioned in and defined by the landscape they inhabit. Held in the midst of winter, Elevation 1049 will exchange the confines of the white cube for the expansive snow-covered backdrop of the Alpine landscape. Using elevation is the measure of difference each project will, in different ways, mark the separation of earth and sky, of heaven and hell. Tracing the contours of what lies underfoot and our aspirations above, Elevation 1049 will be the map of this territory.

Elevation 1049 will be on view January 27 through March 8, 2014 and will be free and open to the public.

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Complex Art + Design


04 - 08.12.2013

On the occasion of ART BASEL MIAMI, Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to welcome you to Booth C12.

Wednesday, Dec 4:
Preview 3pm - 6pm
Opening 6pm - 9pm

Opening Hours:
Thursday, Dec 5: 12pm - 8pm
Friday, Dec 6: 12pm - 8pm
Saturday, Dec 7: 12pm - 8pm
Sunday, Dec 8: 12pm - 6pm

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"How artist Taryn Simon and curator Philip Tinari are tackling censorship in China"

Article published in The Financial Times 15.11.2013

Click on this link to read the article

ZIAD ANTAR 'SAFE SOUNDS', LA CRIEE, Centre d'Art Contemporain de Rennes, France

13.12.2013 - 16.02.2014

Scheduled for La Criée from 13 December 2013 to 16 February 2014, the exhibition Safe Sounds is a selection of films and videos by Lebanese artist Ziad Antar, covering the period 2006–2013. Often brief, these sequences illustrate an approach governed by economy of means and «the image as idea».


07 - 10.11.2013

On the occasion of ARTISSIMA, Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to welcome you to Booth 26 - section Back to the Future.

Thursday (by invitation only) 12pm - 9:30pm

Opening Hours:
Friday to Sunday 12pm - 8pm


24 - 27.10.2013

On the occasion of FIAC 2013, Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to welcome you to Booth B37 at Le Grand Palais.

Wednesday 5pm - 10pm

Opening Hours:
Thursday 12pm - 8pm
Friday 12pm - 9pm
Saturday 12pm - 8pm
Sunday 12pm - 8pm


Almine Rech is also proud to present Johan Creten's participation to FIAC Hors les Murs at the Jardin des Plantes from October 22 to November 19.

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17 - 27.10.2013

“ Cérémonie ” Une proposition de Timothée Chaillou

Le contexte fait l’exposition. Dans cette ancienne banque devenue lieu d’achat de vêtements et d’objets pour homme–signés du nom d’une muse–vous rencontrerez des œuvres faisant références aux mythes, à l’argent, aux vêtements et à la femme comme personnage fantasmé.

Davide Balliano / Don Brown / John Giorno / Lothar Hempel / Claude Lévêque / Justin Morin / Loïc Raguénès / Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille / Marnie Weber. 

Mélinda Gloss, 9 rue Madame, 75006 Paris

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16 - 20.10.2013

On the occasion of FRIEZE LONDON 2013, Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to invite you to Booth F12

Private view:
Wednesday 6:30 pm - 9 pm
Opening hours:
Thursday to Saturday 12 pm - 7 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm


Almine Rech is also proud to present Peter Peri's participation to FRIEZE SCULPTURE PARK 2013

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ADAM HELMS & HAIM STEINBACH @ 'THE SYSTEM OF OBJECTS – The Dakis Joannou Collection Reloaded by Andreas Angelidakis, DESTER Foundation for Contemporary Art, Athens

15.05 - 30.11.2013

Inspired by Jean Baudrillard’s seminal 1968 book The System of Objects, architect and writer Andreas Angelidakis takes a look at the various collections Dakis Joannou has put together over the years, and enters the headquarters of the DESTE Foundation in Athens with the purpose of “reloading” them.

The DESTE building takes precedence in the show while being seen from a new perspective: The System of Objects looks at Joannou’s collections and the vessel within which they are held as a chaotic and misleading path challenging the audience’s perception of art at the same time that information is offered to them. Over the last decades white walls and white cubes have become the standard typology for art spaces: this exhibition is an investigation of alternative spatial experiences to be had within those white walls, behind them, or in spite of them; an attempt to reconfigure the Foundation as an exhibition device informed by the spirit of the collections it holds; a spatial experience attuned to the works in the Collection itself.

Dark, provocative, sexual, and uplifting, the spirit of the works guides the visitor through a complex journey across the spaces of DESTE.  Unsure, and perhaps even weary about what the next space will hold, the audience moves through dark and narrow corridors before arriving at sunlit empty spaces, moving through parts of the building that have not been seen before, with each transition initiating a shift in emotions.

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video of his exhibition "Logical Song" at MAC/VAL


Conceived as a performance-based artwork, Rob Pruitt’s Art Awards are modeled after the Oscars and the Grammys as high-profile, industry-specific prizes that celebrate the achievements of their respective constituents. Nominations are now closed.

JAMES TURRELL is nominated in the following categories, you can support him by voting for him!

- Artist of the Year
- Solo Show of the Year, Museum (Guggenheim, NY)
- Museum Catalog of the Year (Guggenheim, NY)

Taryn Simon, 'Birds of the West Indies', CARNEGIE MUSEUM OF ART, Pennsylvania

05.10.2013 - 13.03.2014

In 1936, an American ornithologist named James Bond published the definitive taxonomy, Birds of the West Indies. Ian Fleming, an active bird-watcher living in Jamaica, appropriated the name for his novel’s lead character. This co-opting of names was the first in a series of substitutions and replacements that would become central to the construction of the Bond narrative.

Simon's Birds of the West Indies takes the name and format of the taxonomy to present a photographic inventory of women, weapons, and vehicles, recurring elements in the James Bond films between 1962 and 2012. This visual database of interchangeable variables used in the production of fantasy examines the economic and emotional value generated by their repetition. It also underlines how they function as essential accessories to the myth of the seductive, powerful, and invincible Western male.

A book of the same title, published by Hatje Cantz, will be launching at the museum's gala opening.
This book is also available at Almine Rech Gallery:
The Shop / Taryn Simon

Opening reception: Friday, October 4, 7–9 PM

Carnegie Museum of Art
4400 Forber Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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YEESOOKYUNG @ 'La Route Bleue', Fondation Boghossian, Villa Empain, Brussels

27.09.2013 - 09.02.2014

Le propos de cette exposition est de suivre les traces de l'ancienne Route de la Soie à travers la couleur bleue qui, depuis de nombreux siècles, inspire artistes, artisans et poètes d'Orient et d'Occident. De la Méditerranée à la Chine, ce voyage imaginaire évoque l'indigo des textiles, les céramiques bleues de l'Empire ottoman et de l'Asie centrale, les bijoux en lapis-lazuli et en turquoise, pour atteindre le fameux bleu de Chine
L'exposition invite donc à un itinéraire à travers le temps et l'espace, les cultures et les arts déclinés sous toutes leurs formes d'expression.

UGO RONDINONE @ 'Touched by Nature: Landscape Drawings of the Romantic Movement and the Present', Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany

07.09.2013 - 05.01.2014

A quotation from Ludwig Tieck’s famous artist novel “Franz Sternbalds Wanderings” (1798) is the source of the title of the exhibition. It paraphrases Romantic landscape art’s true concern: to meet nature subjectively.

The exhibition presents a representative selection of about 100 master drawings and 40 oil sketches from the first half of the 19th century, taken from the rich holdings of the Kunsthalle’s prints and drawings department. Amongst them are works by Caspar David Friedrich, Franz Catel, Johann Christoph Erhard, Friedrich Nerly and many others. These are shown in an exciting dialogue with the landscape drawings by contemporary artists, including Bettina Blohm, Manfred Holtfrerich, Nanne Meyer, Ugo Rondinone and Malte Spohr.

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UGO RONDINONE @ Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth, St Martin-in-the-Fields, UK

25.09- 17.11.2013

Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth has become a public art landmark in recent decades, playing host to works by some of the most highly acclaimed artists in the world. The previously empty plinth was given a new life in 1999 with the inauguration of the Fourth Plinth Project, and its successor the Fourth Plinth Commission, which has now unveiled the latest batch of shortlisted works.

 Marcus Coates, Hans Haacke, Mark Leckey, Liliane Lijn, David Shrigley and Ugo Rondinone are the artists who are competing to have their work on the plinth, and maquettes of their proposed works will go on display at St Martin-in-the-Fields from 25 September – 17 November 2013, before the two selected artists will be chosen in 2014, and unveiled the following year.

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Aaron Curry: Melt to Earth Lincoln Center, Josie Robertson Plaza, New York

07.10.2013 - 06.01.2014

Melt to Earth—fourteen monumental, site-specific sculptures by Los Angeles-based artist Aaron Curry—will be on view at Lincoln Center this fall and winter. Positioned in orbit around the iconic Revson Fountain on Josie Robertson Plaza, Curry’s boldly colored painted aluminum structures will transform the space into a sculptural theater-in-the-round.

MATTHIAS BITZER, AARON CURRY, GREGOR HILDEBRANDT, ALEX ISRAEL @ 'Young Collectors', Maison Particulière, Brussels

19.09 - 15.12.2013

Young Collectors is a Manifesto and a will to put a new twist on generally accepted ideas. Young Collectors has literally done us good, and Maison Particulière is proud to have the chance to welcome this seasoned youth.

There are seven of them. They are all under 40 years of age. They hail from Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. Their names are Chiara and Steve, Pascaline, Bieke and Tanguy, Ronald, and Joris. Art is their passion. And we are being given the chance to discover the works that surround their daily lives. They have selected an artist from their generation, Fabrice Samyn, as their guest artist.

Attaching the adjective “Young” to the noun “Collector” may seem like a misnomer, yet the two words are compatible, for the characteristics of youth — vigor, freshness, spontaneity, curiosity, adaptability — are the intrinsic qualities of the collector. Being a collector is a state of mind.

What is it that motivates our guests? The answer can be found in their spontaneous choices, their fresh outlook, their curiosity about their era, and the force of their convictions.

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Francesco Vezzoli "Museum of Crying Women", Qatar Museum Authority, Doha, Qatar

07.10 - 30.11.2013

The Qatar Museum Authority is pleased to present a project by Francesco Vezzoli in dialogue with Rem Koolhas and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Ugo Rondinone @ Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, TX

19.10.2013 - 16.02.2014

The Nasher Sculpture Center is pleased to reveal the plans for a newly commissioned public artwork by artist Ugo Rondinone that will be placed on the shores of West Dallas’ Fish Trap Lake, a site owned by the Dallas Housing Authority.  The work is one of ten commissions created for the Nasher’s 10th anniversary, city-wide exhibition Nasher XChange. It will be on view during Nasher XChange from October 19, 2013 through February 16, 2014, and will remain a transformative fixture on the lake into the future.

SYLVIE FLEURY @ 'Der Schein | Glanz, Glamour, Illusion', kestnergesellschaft, Hannover, Germany

23.08 - 03.11.2013

The kestnergesellschaft presents the group exhibition »Der Schein | Glanz, Glamour, Illusion«, which is devoted to the significance of brilliance, light, and precious materials in contemporary art. Top-class works by internationally renowned arts such as Joseph Beuys, Damien Hirst, Sylvie Fleury, Andreas Gursky, Yayoi Kusama, Sherrie Levine, and Thomas Demand illuminate the ambivalence of the term Schein, which in German means light source and reflection, as well as appearance and illusion. Cooperating partner of the exhibition is enercity.


Paroles d'artistes, by Le Centre Pompidou

You can watch IDA TURSIC & WILFRIED MILLE's interview by following this link

ALEX ISRAEL, Le Consortium, Dijon, France

Until 29.09.2013

You can watch ALEX ISRAEL's interview by following this link


Video by Judith Benhamou-Huet for Blouin Art Info

PARIS – It’s been a summer of light for fans of 70-year-old James Turrell in the United States.  From New York to Houston to his native Los Angeles, Turrell earlier this summer opened three blockbuster shows inside a month. He also unveiled a pair of massive new installations in Las Vegas. 

In Paris, Almine Rech Gallery is showing a Turrell solo exhibition, its seventh since 1999.  The show presents "Prado Red,” an historical 1968 projection which is part of his first iconic series shown at the Pasadena Art Museum, his Light Reflection pieces created in 2012 in Arizona, and his models of the Roden Crater made in bronze, plaster and resin.

Judith Benhamou-Huet, curator and author of “The Worth of Art,” takes us on a tour of the exhibition, which is open through July 27.

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Video Screening and Conversation between ZIAD ANTAR and Lamia Joreige, Beirut Art Center, Lebanon

Tuesday July 16, 2013 at 8:30 pm  
Language: English
Free entry

About the event:  

In the context of the solo exhibition Jean-Luc Moulène - Works, a conversation between Ziad Antar and Lamia Joreige is taking place in the auditorium. The starting point of the discussion is Soleil noir, a videowork produced by Jean-Luc Moulène and edited by Ziad Antar. The conversation then evolves to screening some of his videos and exploring his practice in broader terms .    

Screening Program:  

The Turkish March (2006) / 2'40" / B&W video It is three-minute experimental video, composed of one sequence video shot where we see the hands of a pianist playing The Turkish March of Mozart. We don’t hear the music as the strings of the piano are pulled out, we hear only the sound of the fingers touching the piano, making a percussion that plays the Turkish March.  

Mdardara  (2006) / 3' / 8mm film As an extension to his work on the daily and the domestic space, and on the border between an artist’s video and a (how-to) video, the artist produces what looks like a Mdardara recipe (middle eastern lentils and rice dish). Shot on super 8 with available light, this short video presents us almost with an illustrated diagram of great simplicity.  

Safe sound (2006) / 9’ / video / col. / sound This video consists of several sequences shot during the first days of the July 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon. Several events are filmed at home showing boredom, the air strike and simple daily life actions under war situation. As the siege took hold and the assault unrelented, the routine of everyday life was suspended and time stood still. When one is not immediately exposed to danger, survival became about coping with the sense captivity, passing time.  

La Souris (2009) / 2' / video / col. / sound In Ziad Antar's La Souris (2009) a toy mouse is wound up by the artist and directed at a real mouse trap over and over again. The scene is a simple empty stage where the mouse is the only performer.

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New monograph!

Assembled under the artist’s direction, this first major book on the work of Gavin Turk showcases more than two decades of extraordinary sculptures, paintings, prints, and installation pieces.
Part of the YBA (Young British Artist) movement of the mid-1990s, Gavin Turk has created pioneering works of contemporary art using materials such as painted bronze, wax, and garbage. His installations, sculptures, and images refer to issues of authorship, authenticity, and identity and toy with the art-historical establishment. Featuring numerous color illustrations, the volume includes Turk’s major projects since the early 1990s as well as two texts. One of these, an original essay by Iain Sinclair, contextualizes the artist’s work under the umbrella of psychogeography, including the impact of London on Turk’s persona.

Hardcover with jacket, 400 pages, 24.5x29, 9.6 x 11.4 Inches
ISBN: 978-3-7913-4834-6
Publishing House: Prestel
Autor: Judith Collins

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ALEX ISRAEL, Le Consortium, Dijon, France

04.07 - 29.09.2013

Le Consortium is pleased to present a solo show by LA artist Alex Israel.


15.06 - 22.09.2013

Cet été, le MAC/VAL présente la nouvelle création d’Ange Leccia, un arrangement vidéo répondant au si musical « Logical Song ». Plus qu’une autobiographie, ce « film-exposition » rassemble les œuvres qui constituent l’artiste, qui le révèlent. À la manière d’un journal intime, il fait dialoguer les films de sa vie, des plus anciens aux plus récents. À travers un regard intime et distancié, il propose une relecture mélancolique et confiante des thèmes qui traversent son œuvre.

Exposition monographique
Du 15 juin au 22 septembre 2013
Vernissage vendredi 14 juin, à partir de 18h30

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13 - 16.06.2013

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to welcome you to booth H11, during Art Basel

Monday, June 10 
Preview Unlimited and Statements Hall 1: 4 - 7pm
Tuesday, June 11
First Choice Opening Halls 1 & 2: 11am - 3pm
Preview Opening Hall 1 & 2: 3 - 8pm
Wednesday, June 12
First Choice & Preview Halls 1 & 2: 11am - 3pm
Opening Hall 1 & 2: 3 - 8pm

Tuesday to Sunday, June 13 - 16
Public opening hours: 11am - 7pm

Almine Rech Gallery is also proud to present Aaron Curry's installation for Art Unlimited

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Taryn Simon: Works from the George Economou Collection, George Economou Collection Space, Athens

04.06 - 27.09.2013

The George Economou Collection is 
delighted to announce the exhibition
 Taryn Simon, Works from the George
 Economou Collection. With contributing
 text by Nicholas Cullinan, curator in the
 department of Modern and Contem
porary art at the Metropolitan Museum
of Art, New York, and in collaboration 
with Skarlet Smatana, director of the
 George Economou Collection, the
exhibition features a selection of works 
from Taryn Simon’s major projects 
such as The Picture CollectionA Living
 Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters
 I-XVIIIContraband, and An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar.

Taryn Simon has quickly established
 herself as one of the foremost
photographers of our era.
 Her arrestingly beautiful images, 
incisive eye and rigorously intelligent
 projects continue the work of great
American photographers ranging 
from the objective, documentary style of Walker Evans to the appetite for the strange and uncanny
displayed by Diane Arbus.

The works on view at the George 
Economou Collection span the last six 
years of Simon’s career. These range from 
earlier projects such as An American
 Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar
 of 2007, where Simon documented, 
in dispassionate style, an array of sites
and cultural artifacts, such as the foundry
 of Smith & Wesson in Massachusetts
 (still the leading manufacturer of handguns 
in the U.S.), or the Alhurra TV Broadcast
Studio in Virginia - a U.S. Government
 sponsored, Arabic language television 
network dedicated to disseminating news 
and information from America to the 
Arab-speaking world. Simon’s deepening 
interest and engagement with differing
 modes of taxonomies manifests itself not
 just through the array of illicit objects in
 Contraband of 2010, ranging from cigarettes 
to counterfeit designer handbags - all of
which are photographed in a cool, clinical
 manner - to the human subjects of A Living
 Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters
 I –XVIII, produced over a four-year period 
(2008-11) and which trace the genealogy 
of an array of bloodlines scattered around the globe.

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‘Yodeling Machine’, Chalet Society, San Servolo, Venice (group) curated by Marc-Olivier Wahler, Anissa Touati and Natalie Kovacs

‘The Sonnabend Collection’, Ca Pesaro - International Gallery of Modern Art, Santa Croce, Venice (group)
01.06 – 29.09.2013

‘Fragile?’, Le Stanze del Vetro, Fondazione Cini, Venice (group) curated by Mario Codognato
08.04 – 28.07.2013

‘Ars Aevi Collection in Progress 1993-2013’, Sarajevo, Arsenale, Tesa 105, Venice (group) directed by Enver Hadžiomerspahić
28.05 – 13.05.2013

‘When Attitudes Become Form Bern 1969/Venice 2013’, Prada Foundation, Ca’ Corner della Regina, Venice (group) curated by Germano Celant
30.05 – 13.11.2013

‘White Light/White Heat’, Palazzo Franchetti, Venice (group) curated by James Putnam and Adriano Berengo
30.05 – 13.11.2013

‘When Attitudes Become Form Bern 1969/Venice 2013’, Prada Foundation, Ca’ Corner della Regina, Venice (group) curated by Germano Celant
30.05 – 13.11.2013 

‘Fragile?’, Le Stanze del Vetro, Fondazione Cini, Venice (group) curated by Mario Codognato
08.04 – 28.07.2013 

‘Pavilion 0’, Signum Foundation, San Polo, campo San Polo, Venice (group)
01.06 – 30.09.2013 

'Yellowing of the Lunar Consciousness', Bonvicini Palace, Venice (group)
23.05 – 29.09.2013

‘White Light/White Heat’, Palazzo Franchetti, Venice (group) curated by James Putnam and Adriano Berengo
30.05 – 13.11.2013

‘Not Vital: 700 Snowballs’, Abbazia di San Giorgio, Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice (solo)
01.06 – 29.09.2013

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23 - 26.05.2013

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to welcome you to booth 3D31, during Art Basel Hong Kong

Preview: May 22, by invitation only

Opening hours:
May 23: 12 - 7pm
May 24: 12 - 7pm
May 25: VIP 11am - 12 // Public 12 - 7 pm
May 26: VIP 11am - 12 // Public 12 - 5pm

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IDA TURSIC & WILFRIED MILLE @ 'Futur Simple: Saison 1', FRAC Bourgogne, Dijon

18.05.2013 - 05.01.2014

MARK HAGEN @ 'PAINTING IN PLACE', Organised by Los Angeles Nomadic Division, Farmers & Merchants Bank, Los Angeles

22.05 - 31.07.2013

Painting in Place is a group exhibition of contemporary painting which will be presented in the historic Farmers and Merchants Bank in Downtown Los Angeles (401 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90013).

The exhibition will present a wide array of work from contemporary artists that tackle painting from various perspectives, using both traditional and unconventional techniques and media in their approach to the discipline. Exploring various ways that the definition of painting is continuously evolving, the project seeks to expand the traditional parameters of painting, sculpture, and installation: blurred, deconstructed, and refigured.

Three overlapping themes permeate the exhibition: the representation or metaphor of the body/self, memory and the passing of time, and the depiction and negotiation of spatial environments and architectural structures. Subjects will be explored, investigated, and highlighted through the juxtaposition and placement of these paintings within the site-specific context of the historic bank, built in 1905, which is still a cornerstone of Downtown Los Angeles.

Artists include Rita Ackermann, Kevin Appel, Jennifer Boysen, Sarah Cain, N. Dash, Matias Faldbakken, Kim Fisher, Barnaby Furnas, Alexandra Grant, Matt Greene, Mark Hagen, David Hendren, Julian Hoeber, Rashid Johnson, Jacob Kassay, Olga Koumoundouros, Jim Lee, Nate Lowman, Allison Miller, Sam Moyer, Amanda Ross-Ho, Analia Saban, Kate Shepherd, Gary Simmons, Vincent Szarek, Britton Tolliver, Kon Trubkovich, Monique van Genderen, and Bobbi Woods.

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10 - 13.05.2013

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to welcome you to booth B8, during Frieze New York

Preview on May 9, by invitation only.

Opening Hours
Friday, May 10: 11am–7pm
Saturday, May 11: 11am–7pm
Sunday, May 12 : 11am–7pm
Monday, May 13: 11am–6pm

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18.04 - 15.05.2013

Now firmly established in the art world calendar Drawing Biennial 2013 presents the latest developments in contemporary drawing and demonstrates the crucial role that drawing plays in contemporary art practices. Curated by Drawing Room directors, over 200 artists are invited to make an original drawing in any medium on an A4 sheet of paper. The Biennial presents an insight into contemporary artists approach and relationship to drawing, often exposing the first intimations of a new body of work, providing insights into previously hidden working processes or revealing atypical modes of work.


18 - 21.04.2013

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to welcome you to booth D18, Hall 1, during Art Brussels 2013

Wednesday April 17th (by invitation only)
Preview: 12 - 4 pm
Opening: 4 - 10 pm

Public Opening hours
Thursday April 18th: 12 - 10 pm
Friday April 19th: 12 - 7 pm
Saturday April 20th: 12 - 7 pm
Sunday April 21th: 12 - 7 pm

Works by following artists will be presented at our booth:

Matthias Bitzer
Sergey Bratkov
Johan Creten
Vincent Geyskens
Mark Hagen
Gregor Hildebrandt
Patrick Hill
Erik Lindman
Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille
Peter Peri
Ugo Rondinone
Matthieu Ronsse
Taryn Simon 
Katja Strunz
Angel Vergara
Franz West

for more information:

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26.04 - 02.09.2013

The Berlin-based artist Katja Strunz (* 1970 Ottweiler) is the winner of "Vattenfall Contemporary 2013". Her minimalist sculptures and installations play in different ways with the combination of space, time and history. The formal language of her works comes from the appropriation and reformulation of constructivist image worlds which she confronts with everyday objects and traces of the emergence of the works.

Under the title DREHMOMENT (VIEL ZEIT, WENIG RAUM) Katja Strunz has created a spatial composition which consists of two differently folded monumental metal objects. Hereby she continues the theme of collapse and folding of time and space and transfers it to the hall of Berlinische Gallery.

The prize is a reconceived edition of the “Vattenfall Kunstpreis Energie”, instituted in 1992 and since awarded annually. In 2010 it was redesigned together with the Berlinische Galerie. It has since been bestowed on artists of international renown living and working in Berlin. The award entails a personal exhibition at the Berlinische Galerie, the production of an exhibition catalogue and a purchase for the Vattenfall collection. Previous winners were Julian Rosefeldt (2010)Angela Bulloch (2011) and Michael Sailstorfer (2012).

The members of the Jury were: Petra Roettig (Gallery of Contemporary Art, Hamburger Kunsthalle), Michael Sailstorfer (winner of Vattenfall Contemporary 2012), Thomas Köhler (Director of the Berlinische Galerie), Heinz Stahlhut (Head of the Fine Arts Collection, Berlinische Galerie),  Torsten Meyer (management of Vattenfall), Anne-Katrin Reinecke (manager of Local Partnerships Benelux, Central Europe, Nordic, Vattenfall)

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ALEX ISRAEL's billboard, Sunset Boulevard / Olive Drive in West Hollywood

Alex Israel’s billboard located at Sunset Boulevard and Olive Drive in West Hollywood features a self-portrait of the artist concurrently with his exhibition Lens on view at LA><ART from March 2 – April 20, 2013. Israel’s public billboard is produced by LA><ART Public Art Initiatives and ForYourArt - Los Angeles Public Domain (LAPD), in conjunction with Art Production Fund.

Lens is Los Angeles born and based artist Alex Israel’s first sculpture that has been made, not rented. The sculpture’s industrially machined form, high-polished plastic materiality and relationship to the Southern California sunshine link it to the history of LA art and design: the Finish Fetish or Cool School, Light and Space, Aerospace and Oliver Peoples. Works by Larry Bell, Robert Irwin and DeWain Valentine in particular come to mind, yet Israel’s work is not abstract.

In 2012, Israel’s Freeway sunglasses became part of his signature look for As It Lays, a televisual talk-show made for the internet in which the artists asks twenty questions each to a series of LA residents he terms “groundbreakers, iconoclasts, eccentrics.” In As It Lays, Israel’s sunglasses are key to the construction of the artist’s inscrutable image.
Lens, as a presence, is imposing and immovable, a monument to LA cool. It is simultaneously reflective and transparent, a self-evident work that meditates on life under a constant, perfect sun.

(Image: Alex Israel, billboard mockup; Courtesy of the artist)

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23.04 - 07.06.2013

For seven weeks this spring, nine 16-to 20-foot-tall, human-shaped stone figures by Swiss-born, New York-based artist Ugo Rondinone, will transform Rockefeller Center, inhabiting the plaza between 49th and 50th Streets as if transported from another time. The work, Human Nature, will be free to the public and, is on view April 23 through June 7, 2013. Presented by Nespresso, the exhibition is organized by Public Art Fund and Tishman Speyer.

Human Nature is a stark contrast to its highly developed architectural surroundings in Midtown Manhattan. The irregular natural surfaces of the stone are left bare, while the human figure—perhaps the original artistic subject—is represented as a simple yet imposing composition, defined by its towering legs, massive torso, and boulder-like head. Archaic and enduring forms, these colossal figures will invite visitors to wander amongst their legs and touch their rough-hewn surfaces.

Read more:

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UGO RONDINONE in The New York Times


Part of 'Human Nature', by Ugo Rondinone, which will be shown at Rockfeller Center.


22 - 24.03.2013

Opening on Friday 22, 6 - 9 pm


in Le Figaro

Né en 1972 à Pékin, Liu Wei sort de l'Académie des beaux Arts de Hangzhou, comme beaucoup d'artistes chinois contemporains. Les Parisiens l'ont déjà vu dans l'exposition «Dreamlands» très remarquée au Centre Pompidou en 2010.

Il est de toutes les Biennales. De celle de Busan en Corée du Sud (2008) à celle de Lyon (2007), sans oublier celle de Venise (2005), toujours la référence du monde de l'art. Ses assemblages de charpentes, d'huisserie, de boiseries récréent un concentré d'architecture islamique et de son répertoire décoratif qui unissent des territoires fort différents. Étoiles, répétitions mathématiques d'un motif géométrique, camaïeux délicats... Al-Andalus l'a conjugué à la perfection dans ses azulejos de Grenade qui répètent le jeu infini du cosmos. 

Crédits photo : Merely a Mistake II, 2009-2013, installation de Liu Wei, photo courtesy of Sharjah Art Foundation

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13.03 - 13.05.2013

In Re:emerge, Towards a New Cultural Cartography, curator Yuko Hasegawa proposes a Biennial that reassess the Westerncentrism of knowledge in modern times and reconsiders the relationship between the Arab world, Asia, the Far East, through North Africa and Latin America.

Hasegawa was inspired by the courtyard in Islamic architecture, in particular the historical courtyards of Sharjah, where elements of both public and private life intertwine, and where the objective political world and the introspective subjective space intersect and cross over.

The courtyard is also seen as a plane of experience and experimentation—an arena for learning and critical thinking of a discursive and embodied kind. It marks a generative space for the production of new awareness and knowledge. Within the network of intensifying international and globalising links, the courtyard as an experiential and experimental space comes to mirror something of Sharjah as a vital zone of creativity, transmission, and transformation.

For Sharjah Biennial 11, Hasegawa has selected more than 100 artists, architects, filmmakers, musicians and performers whose artworks and practices resonate with strands of the curatorial theme: the complexity and diversity of cultures and societies; spatial and political relations; notions of new forms of contact, dialogue, and exchange; and production through art and architectural practices of new ways of knowing, thinking, and feeling. With more than 35 new commissions, SB11 will unfold in sites across the city and will mark the inauguration of SAF’s five new art spaces.

The SB11 Opening Week Programme will begin with the opening on March 13, 2013, followed by the evening Biennial Awards ceremony. A full schedule of events March 13 – 17 will include performances, films, lectures, and the annual March Meeting, a symposium featuring thematic sessions and moderated panel discussions that will reflect on and contexualise the concept of SB11.

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CURTIS MANN @ 'THE CAMERA'S BLIND SPOT', MAN - Museo d'Arte di Nuoro, Italy

23.03 - 26.05.2013

The Camera's Blind Spot is an exhibition focussing on the relationship between sculpture and photography as seen from the standpoint of a dozen international artists, mostly born afrer 1970. As such, the show is meant to be a possible supplement to the remarkable, yet largely incomplete, exhibition of the MoMA The Original Copy. Photography of Sculpture, 1893 to Today (2010).

The approach to the topic matter, though, is notably different from the American exhibition's. The latter, as the title stated, restrained itself, and underwent an extraordinary creative turn when sculptors like Medardo Rosso and Costantin Brancusi began photographing their own works in changing light and spatial conditions between the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century. The Camera's Blind Spot aims not only at documenting the latest developments in this trend but also at giving an account of other possibilities, no less important today: for instance, pushing the materiality of the photographic image so far as to turn it into a sculpture in its own right, be it still made of photographic paper or "weighted down" by materials such as wood, metal, concrete. A challenge to what constitutes since the beginning the "blind spot" of photographic tehcnique, its limit: the impossibility to render a three-dimensional object on a plane surface. 
Not only an exhibition of framed prints, therefore, but a wholly different project, that will include wallpaper, installations, videos, objects ambiguously posed between two and three dimensions and, last but not least, sculptures.

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20 - 23.03.2013

Booth J13

Preview - Tuesday, March 19 - 7 - 9:30 pm
Opening - Wednesday, March 20 - 4 - 9:30 pm

Public Opening hours:
Thursday, March 21 - 4 - 9:30 pm
Friday, March 22 - 12 - 7:30 pm
Saturday, March 23 - 12 - 5:30 pm

Works by following artists will be presented on our booth:


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JAMES TURRELL @ 'Light Show', Southbank Centre, London

30.01 - 28.04.2013

Light Show explores the experiential and phenomenal aspects of light by bringing together sculptures and installations that use light to sculpt and shape space in different ways. The exhibition showcases artworks created from the 1960s to the present day, including immersive environments, free-standing light sculptures and projections.

From atmospheric installations to intangible sculptures that you can move around - and even through - visitors can experience light in all of its spatial and sensory forms. Individual artworks explore different aspects of light such as colour, duration, intensity and projection, as well as perceptual phenomena. They also use light to address architecture, science and film, and do so using a variety of lighting technologies.

Light has the power to affect our state of mind as well as alter how we perceive the world around us, and Light Show includes some of the most visually stimulating artworks created in recent years. It also includes rare works not seen for decades and re-created specially for the Hayward Gallery.

Light Show features works by 22 artists including David Batchelor, Jim Campbell, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Bill Culbert, Olafur Eliasson, Fischli and Weiss, Dan Flavin, Ceal Floyer, Nancy Holt, Jenny Holzer, Ann Veronica Janssens, Brigitte Kowanz, Anthony McCall, François Morellet, Iván Navarro, Philippe Parreno, Katie Paterson, Conrad Shawcross, James Turrell, Leo Villareal, Doug Wheeler and Cerith Wyn Evans. The exhibition is curated by Dr Cliff Lauson, Hayward Gallery Curator.

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Taryn Simon 'An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar / Contraband', The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

06.02 - 06.05.2013

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai is proud to present a solo exhibition by American artist Taryn Simon featuring a selection of her two bodies of work, An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar (2007) and Contraband (2010). Examining the hidden elements that contribute to modern American culture, Simon investigates and questions sites, spaces and perceived hazardous commodities that have contributed to shaping national identity, fear and the economy in the United States.

An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar was first exhibited in 2007 at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York. This body of work delves deep into modern American culture through a photographic investigation, which exposes hidden truths about present-day America. Over a period of four years, Simon scouted remote and restricted objects, sites and spaces across the USA that are integral to America’s foundation, mythology, or day to day functioning but remain inaccessible or unknown to the public. The artist compiled an inventory of these unseen subjects that looks beyond the surface of American culture and confronts the divide between those with and without the privilege of access. The images range from radioactive capsules at a nuclear waste storage facility, a black bear in hibernation to the art collection of the CIA, all of which are presented alongside text, which highlights the artist’s dual role as voyeur and informant.

Simon’s curiosity about the layers that create a national identity is extended to the more recent photographic series, Contraband, first exhibited in 2010. Simon dedicated five days in November 2009 to fully immerse herself into the unique space of John F. Kennedy International Airport in order to heavily document the border between America and the rest of the world. The outcome was a vast collection of 1075 images of over 1000 items detained or seized from passengers and mail entering the United States. Simon used a labor-intensive, forensic photographic procedure to document a broad array of forbidden items, which include among others the active ingredient found in Botox, counterfeit clothes and designer accessories, pharmaceuticals, jewelry, Cuban cigars, animal parts, pirated DVDs and gold dust. Each item was photographed against a neutral grey background, producing an objective scientific record, devoid of context and transformed into an artifact of the larger global network. Simon witnessed patterns of international commerce, exposing both the demands that drive the international economy as well as the local economies that produce them.

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Haim Steinbach @ Experience Pommery #10, Domaine Pommery, Reims, France

04.10.2012 - 01.10.2013

C’est le temps d’un anniversaire, celui de...10 ans d’expériences dans les caves de champagne Pommery que Paul- Françoiset Nathalie Vranken dédient chaque année à des artistes de tous horizons.EXPERIENCE POMMERY est aujourd’hui un enjeu essentiel pour les créateurs attachés à penser leurs projets en écho au lieu qui les abrite.

C’est sans doute là que l’engagement des commanditaires et de leurs invités trouve sa pleine et entière réciprocité. La force des espaces et leur emprise sur les œuvres conduisent bien ici à une « expérience » différente et par maints aspects, incomparable. À l’occasion de ces dix ans, Nathalie Vranken, initiatrice du projet, a souhaité inviter Bernard Blistène, Directeur du département du développement culturel du Centre Pompidou, lequel s’est attaché à développer son projet avec la complicité amicale de Jean-Marie Gallais. 

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IDA TURSIC & WILFRIED MILLE @ 'Terrible two', Villa du Parc - Centre d'Art Contemporain, Annemasse, France

01.03 - 04.05.2013

Opening on March 1st, 6:30pm

Part of the Villa du Parc’s “Two for Tea” program, the show “Terrible Two” explores artistic collaboration through the lens of the artist duo. At the start, there is a connection, fraternal, friendly, amorous, or intellectual, which takes shape in the creation of a two-headed work whose unity paradoxically sits well with the duality of the signature.

Paul and Elizabeth, the tragic heroes of Jean Cocteau’s Les Enfants terribles (translated in English as The Holy Terrors), hover about in the background as the mythical duo that has inspired the show. They live in the reclusion of sundry rooms which they fill with treasures, fantasies and imagination, a setting that pitches to and fro and reflects the psychological turmoil of these two teenagers who are adrift in the world.

Bringing together a selection of works by artist duos, «Terrible Two» is an attempt at a fictional free adaptation in the form of an art exhibition and in the architectural setting of the Villa du Parc.

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Ugo Rondinone @ 'Fenêtres: de la Renaissance à nos jours', Fondation de l'Hermitage, Lausanne, Switzerland

25.01 - 20.05.2013

The theme of the window has forever fascinated artists. With the exhibition Windows, from the Renaissance to the Present. Dürer, Monet, Magritte..., the Fondation de l’Hermitage offers a look at the motif of the window, retracing its significant role in Western iconography from the 15th century to the current day. Organised in partnership with the Museo Cantonale d’Arte and the Museo d’Arte de Lugano, the display will bring together more than 150 works from Swiss and European galleries, as well as from numerous prestigious private collections.

Although inherently linked to research on perspective, carried out during the Renaissance, the window has constantly been reinterpreted throughout different historical periods and artistic movements. Until the end of the 19thcentury artists used its frame to guide our eyes towards ideal landscapes, realist panoramas, or, on the contrary, to allow light to filter indoors. Many artists have subsequently integrated the window and its reflections in order to blur the limits between interior and exterior. With its origins as a simple decorative element, the window has gradually become a subject in itself. The window’s opening, frame, light, and sometimes the windowpanes, allow multidisciplinary artists to explore new territories, some of which have led to the discovery of an abstract and minimalist art.

This thematic path spanning 500 years of art history includes major artists such as Dürer, Dou, Constable, Monet, Hammershøi, Munch, Delaunay, de Chirico, Mondrian, Jawlensky, Matisse, Duchamp, Vallotton, Ernst, Bonnard, Vuillard, Klee, Delvaux, Picasso, Balthus, Rothko, Scully among many others. Paintings, engravings, photography and video installations create a full panorama of this compelling theme which transcends various styles and historical periods.

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Franz West @ 'About Waves II - Re-figuratie', Cultuurcentrum, Strombeek-Bever, Belgium

22.02 - 23.03.2013

Opening February 22, 2013 - 8:30pm

Franz West, Franz West, 'Where is my Eight?', MUMOK, Vienna

23.02 – 26.05.2013

Opening: February 22, 2013– 7.00 p.m.

Franz West, born in 1947 in Vienna, is regarded as one of Austria’s most important representatives in the international art world. In 2011 he was honored with the award of a Golden Lion for his Lifetime Achievements at the Biennale di Venezia. Back in 1996 the mumok organized Franz West’s first comprehensive retrospective. Once again it will host an exhibition dedicated to the work of the artist who died in 2012 after initiating and co-developing it with great enthusiasm.

The focus of the thematically structured presentation is the Kombi- Werke [combi-works]. These are mainly installative works in which West repeatedly combined a number of individual pieces into new groups. The combination and recombination of various categories of works such as furniture, sculpture, Passstücke [adaptives], videos, or works on paper, from different creative periods, gives an overview of the whole spectrum of his œuvre.

Thus at the beginning of the exhibition the viewer encounters theGenealogie des Ungreifbaren [The Genealogy of the Intangible] from 1997 in which West shows three of his early Passstücke combined with one of his first chairs in a vitrine. Combi-walls will also be exhibited. For these West collected together diverse works on paper but also sculptural pieces and, with the addition of pieces of furniture, these expand to become room-filling installations as in the case of Kasseler Rippchen. West also repeatedly included works by other artists in this process.

One of the central exhibits is the papier-mâché sculptureRedundanz. It consists of three parts and can be regarded as a significant example of West’s early practice of combination and recombination. First shown in 1986, the artist considered it necessary to supplement the work with another sculpture since one part of the work had been sold against his will. The new version bears the title Reduktion. Since 2011 the mumok collection includes both versions of this work.

Visitors encounter one of West’s Lemuren [Lemurs] outside the mumok. These are head-like forms made of aluminium with over-sized openings for mouth and nose. On the top floor there are two large aluminium sculptures – one of which is almost six metres high – which West designed but which were not executed until after he died.

Franz West’s work is fundamentally participative in its approach, it seeks dialog with its recipients. The artist considered all his creations as invitations to interact and the varied reactions as a necessary and integral part of each work, the meaning of which was thereby continuously subject to change. The principle of combination and/or recombination is commensurate with his conviction that the meaning of a statement – or a pictorial element – can never be fixed or clearly defined but is repeatedly (re)constituted depending on its context and the recipient.

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Sylvie Fleury @ 'Chill Out', Electron 2013, FMAC, Genève

29.02- 31.03.2013

Electrons 2013 - Festival des cultures électroniques de Genève, Le Commun, Fonds d'Art Contemporain de la ville de Genève

Since the 60’s, an emancipatory dynamic operated, liberating music from the classic models of production and diffusion. Some artists thus reappropriated sound and music production as an artistic medium. Sound experimentation opened new spaces of freedom, interdisciplinary research and productive wandering.

This exhibition, conceived as a daydream trip between sound and visual dimensions of the selected art works, proposes to consider different aspects of musical experimentation through a specific set-up, proper to parties and raves in the 90’s, and which can be considered nowadays as “archeological” : the Chill out. In the 90’s, the Chill out was organised as space for listening, full of mattresses and cushions, inside the party, a room where ambient music with no beats was endlessly played. Nowadays, the chill out is a bridge to explore possible links between art practices and dancefloor culture.

One floor of the exhibition will be activated during as a space of musical experimentation and for sharing space-time during the festival. The installation conceived by par Frédéric Post will open at 5am to become Electron’s Chill out.

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Sylvie Fleury, Joseph Kosuth, Haim Steinbach, Katja Strunz @ 'Novecento Mai Visto' - Hilights from the Daimler Art Collection, Museo di Santa Giulia, Brescia, Italy

08.03 - 30.06.2013

The unusual exhibition, entitled Novecento mai visto (The 20th century as never seen) before, includes some 230 works by around 110 international artists, which range from 1909 up to now. Alongside classic examples of Constructivism and Concrete Art through Minimalism and Conceptual Tendencies the exhibition will also present installations, photographs and videos by renowned contemporary artists.

 The exhibition is further enhanced by two new commissioned works by Nic Hess and Luca Trevisani, which will appear in specific areas of the museum. Alongside the Daimler exhibition there will be another exhibition dedicated entirely to Italian art, which is titled From De Chirico to Cattelan, featuring works of the last century, which have been acquired by public and private collections in Brescia. In the history of Museo di Santa Giulia, Novecento mai visto will be the first comprehensive presentation of contemporary art.

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Alex Israel: Lens, LAXART, Los Angeles

02.03 - 20.04.2013

Opening on March 2, 2013 - 6-8 pm
2640 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034

TSURUKO YAMAZAKI @ 'Gutai: Splendid Playground', Guggenheim, New York

15.02 - 08.05.2013

In February 2013, the Guggenheim Museum will open the first U.S. museum retrospective exhibition ever devoted to Gutai, the most influential artists collective and artistic movement in postwar Japan and among the most important international avant-garde movements of the 1950s and ’60s.

The exhibition aims to demonstrate Gutai’s extraordinary range of bold and innovative creativity; to examine its aesthetic strategies in the cultural, social and political context of postwar Japan and the West; and to further establish Gutai in an expanded, transnational history and critical discourse of modern art.

Organized thematically and chronologically to explore Gutai’s unique approach to materials, process and performativity, Gutai: Splendid Playground explores the group’s radical experimentation across a range of media and styles, and demonstrates how individual artists pushed the limits of what art could be or mean in a post-atomic age. The range includes painting (gestural abstraction and post-constructivist abstraction), conceptual art, experimental performance and film, indoor and outdoor installation art, sound art, mail art, interactive or “playful” art, light art and kinetic art. The Guggenheim show comprises some 120 objects by 25 artists on loan from major museum and private collections in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, and features both iconic Gutai and lesser-known works to present a rich survey reflecting new scholarship, especially on so-called “late Gutai” works dating from 1965–1972. Gutai: Splendid Playground is organized by Ming Tiampo, Associate Professor of Art History, Carleton University, and Alexandra Munroe, Samsung Senior Curator of Asian Art, Guggenheim Museum.

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Katja Strunz @ Migros Museum, Zurich

09.02 - 21.04.2013

Collection on Display: Heidi Bucher, Thea Djordjadze, Berta Fischer, Loredana Sperini, Katja Strunz

February 9–April 21, 2013
Opening: Friday, February 8, 2013 

«Collection on Display» presents selected works from the collection of the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst. The first two presentations from the collection to be held in 2013 continue the exhibition cycle on contemporary sculptural praxis launched last year. The works by Heidi Bucher, Thea Djordjadze, Berta Fischer, Loredana Sperini, and Katja Strunz on display in the second chapter of the exhibition examine the status of sculpture and the ways it is perceived, and reflect the history and transformations of sculptural praxis. In recent years, issues of sculpture have been a major focus of the exhibition programming at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst and the museum’s efforts to enlarge its collection. The threepart presentation of works from the collection brings together works that raise questions concerning the possibilities of sculptural production. As a genre, sculpture—whether figural or abstract— occupied a central position in the history of art from the classical age to the modernist era. As the art historian Rosalind Krauss has argued, since the onset of postmodernism, the conception of sculpture has been expanded as its boundaries have become blurry—sculpture has quite literally been knocked off its pedestal. Sculptural work has expanded into a variety of media and materials, exploring the possibilities of space.
The second chapter unites works distinguished by their critical engagement with different materials and their specific connotations and potentials. The five artists whose works will be on display in this chapter use fragile materials evincing traces of use, but also everyday staples and organic matter, exploring their sculptural qualities.

The presentations from the collection are curated by Judith Welter (collection conservator, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst).

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23.01 - 03.02.2013

Angel Vergara presents "and yes I said yes I will Yes" at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013.

Vergara assembles and edits images from the media, mostly cinema. He follows their movement with his paint brush, both concealing and revitalizing them.

Borrowed from the closing line of James Joyce’s novel Ulysses, the title also serves as a pretext to proclaim, over and over again, a feeling of jubilation with regard to painting. A video compilation like a celebrity casting is used as a canvas for an emancipated approach to painting.

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February 2013

This month, Artforum shines a light on the art of postwar Japan—and its contemporary repercussions. 

A special portfolio reveals previously unpublished works by Tsuruko Yamazaki—one of the longest-standing members of the Gutai group.

On the occasion of the major New York exhibitions “Gutai: Splendid Playground,” opening this month at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and “Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde,” at the Museum of Modern Art, six distinguished contributors reflect on this vital field marked by violence, guilt, and repression as much as by technological and capitalist utopias, examining some of its little-known but no less seminal participants.

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Franz West - Ivo Dimchev, 'X-On', Centre Pompidou, Paris

30.01, 31.01 and 01.02.2013 (8:30pm)

Bulgarian choreographer Ivo Dimchev accepted the challenge of presenting Austrian artist Franz West's famous papier mâché sculptures, the Passstücke (Adaptives), in dance. Dimchev and his dancers incorporate the Adaptives into the performance, declaring themselves works of art and posing questions about our intellectual, physical and sensory relationship to the work.

To appreciate art, one must first develop a physical relationship to it. While West encourages visitors to his exhibits to explore the works, here Dimchev invites spectators to handle the sculpture, inspired by the rhythm of the object and the music. Dimchev is a fascinating performer with a unique imagination. He produces extreme works, marked by strange fantasies, a gestural vocabulary and an impressive use of voice.

Spectacles et concerts

30 - 31 January 2013, at 20h30 
1 February 2013, at 20h30 

Grande Salle - Centre Pompidou

Tickets: billetterie.centrepompidou

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Taryn Simon, 'An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar', Hasselblad Foundation, Gothenburg, Sweden

19.01 - 17.03.2013

The Hasselblad Foundation presents An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar (2007), the first exhibition in Sweden by the American artist Taryn Simon. 

In An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar, Taryn Simon compiles an inventory of what lies hidden and out-of-view within the borders of the United States. The series reveals objects, sites, and spaces that are integral to America’s foundation, mythology, or day to day functioning but remain inaccessible or unknown to a public audience. These unseen subjects include radioactive capsules at a nuclear waste storage facility and the art collection of the CIA. Simon examines a culture through documentation of subjects from domains including: science, government, medicine, entertainment, nature, security, and religion. She confronts the divide between those with and without the privilege of access.

Taryn Simon’s artistic medium consists of three equal elements: photography, text, and graphic design. Simon’s works investigate the impossibility of absolute understanding and open up the space between text and image, where disorientation occurs and ambiguity reigns. Some of her other works include A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII, which was produced over a four-year period (2008-11), during which the artist travelled around the world researching and recording bloodlines and their related stories. Contraband (2010), is an archive of global desires and perceived threats, presenting 1,075 images of items that were detained or seized from passengers and mail entering the United States from abroad. The Innocents (2003) documents cases of wrongful conviction in the U.S., calling into question photography’s function as a credible witness and arbiter of justice. 

Taryn Simon was born in New York in 1975. Her works have been the subject of monographic exhibitions at institutions including Museum of Modern Art, New York (2012); Tate Modern, London (2011); Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin (2011); Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2007); Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt (2008); Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2004); and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York (2003). Permanent collections include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tate Modern, Whitney Museum, Centre Pompidou, and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2011 her work was included in the 54th Venice Biennale.

Curator: Dragana Vujanovic, Hasselblad Foundation

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17.02 - 05.05.2013

The repetitive use of certain motives and materials is a characteristic feature of Anselm Reyle’s work. He handles a wide range of artistic mediums from painting to sculpture and works from found objects, which have been distanced from their original function, alienated visually and put into a new context. His artistic world is bright and colored. He plays with materials and textures, colors and metallic effects. He assembles modeling pastes, mirrors, glitter and acrylic varnishs to fluorescent colors to revisits the codes of kitsch and ornamental.

His exhibition at MAGASIN will point up the monumentality of the central space under roof, called la Rue which will be the place of a specific work realized for this occasion. The galleries space will gather existing works and will be an overview of Anselm Reyle’s oeuvre.

On the occasion of these two exhibitions, a catalog will be published by Distanz Verlag and boasts countless illustrations, including many images of the installations at MAGASIN, and essays by David Ebony and Dirk Luckow as well as an interview Friedrich von Borries conducted with Anselm Reyle. The book will be published in trilingual version (in English, French and German).

Born in 1970 in Tübingen, Germany, Anselm Reyle studied Fine Arts in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. Since 1997, he lives and works in Berlin and teaches since 2009 at the Fine Art School of Hamburg.

Curator of the exhibition: Yves Aupetitallot

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Tom Burr, Tatiana Trouvé @ 'Migors Meets Museion', Museion, Bolzano, Italy

06.10.2012 - 09.06.2013

A dialogue between two collections, the exhibition “Migros Meets Museion” brings together an important nucleus of works from the collection of the Migros Museum in Zurich with a number of important pieces from the Museion collection.

The Bolzano museum is the only venue in Italy to present the works from Migros, which during its recent remodel has sent its collection on tour, exhibiting it in various European venues, from the Kunsthalle in Krems to the Kunstmuseum in Lichtenstein and the  Fridericianum in Kassel.

Museion presents the work of fourteen artists, including installations, sculptures, video and photography: Tom Burr, John Baldessari, Elmgreen & Dragset, Urs Fischer, Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom, Rachel Harrison, David Lamelas, Cady Noland, Bojan Šarčević, Tatiana Trouvé, Franz Erhard Walther and Cathy Wilkes.

Migros and Museion: both museums have works in their collections that engage with some of the key movements and themes of the art of the last century. The “sacrality” of these movements is however undermined by the “remix” effect, appropriating and recombining the art languages of the past. Minimalism and Functionalism, Pop Art and Conceptual Art are all part of the vocabulary of many of the featured artists, whose works lend these movements new meanings and remix them with the utmost freedom.

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia in collaboration with Heike Munder and Judith Welter (Migros Museum für Gegenwartkunst, Zurich)

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Gregor Hildebrandt, Barbara Kasten @ 'Decenter: An exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory show', Abron Arts Center, Henry Street Settlement, New York

17.02 - 07.04.2013

In the 1913 Armory Show, the Association of American Painters and Sculptors endeavored to showcase the "New Spirit" of modern art. On its 100th anniversary, we will celebrate the Cubist paintings and sculptures in its galleries with an exhibition featuring 27 contemporary artists. Their artworks explore changes in perception precipitated by our digital age, and closely parallel the cubist vernacular of fragmentation, non-linearity, simultaneity, and decenteredness.

Our exhibition poses the question "What is the legacy of Cubism in the hundred years since the Armory Show's radical display of modern European and American art, and especially, how has this become relevant again in our digital age?" The show will exhibit a core group of artworks in the gallery, and also feature a corresponding iInternet component of digital works in an online gallery.

Artists: Cory Arcangel, Tony Cokes, Douglas Coupland, David Kennedy Cutler, N. Dash, Michael Delucia, Jessica Eaton, Franklin Evans, Amy Feldman, Andrea Geyer, David Gilbert, Ethan Greenbaum, Gregor Hildebrandt, Butt Johnson, John Houck, Barbara Kasten, Andrew Kuo, Liz Magic Laser, Douglas Melini, Ulrike Mohr, Brenna Murphy, John Newman, Gabriel Orozco, Rafaël Rozendaal, Seher Shah, Travess Smalley, Sara VanDerBeek

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Ange Leccia @ FRAC Basse Normandie

12.01 - 13.02.2013

Exhibition "Véronique Joumard - Ange Leccia" at FRAC Basse-Normandie, Caen, France

Opening on Friday 11th of January - 6 pm
Exhibition from January 12 to February 13.
Everyday from 2 to 6 pm

Mark Hagen: One of the 25 artists to watch in 2013

2012 was a pivotal year for the career of Mark Hagen, with the solo exhibition TBA de nouveau at Almine Rech in Paris, inclusion in Art Basel Miami Beach 2012's Art Public section at the Bass Art Museum in Miami (as well as eye-catching work at both Almine Rech's booth at Art Basel and International Art Objects' booth at NADA) and group exhibitions at LACMA (where he will participate in an artist conversation on January 13),

International Art Objects, Night Gallery and Mount Wilson Observatory in Los Angeles, Anthony Meier Fine Arts in San Francisco, Peres Projects in Berlin, Marlborough Chelsea in New York and the Torrance Art Museum. Hagen, whose work was one of the highlights of Made in LA 2012 at The Hammer Museum, will have a solo at Almine Rech's Brussels gallery in 2013.

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MARK HANDFORTH, UGO RONDINONE, FRANZ WEST @ 'L'art à l'endroit: Un parcours d'art contemporain à Aix-en-Provence', Aix-en-Provence, France

12.01 - 17.02.2013

Le week-end des 12 et 13 janvier marque le coup d’envoi de Marseille-Provence 2013. Cet événement avec quatre temps forts festifs et de multiples propositions d’expositions donne le ton d’une année entière de culture, de fêtes et de découvertes artistes, lieux culturels, habitants et visiteurs s’associent pour commencer l’année Capitale en beauté.À Aix-en-Provence, la journée s’ouvre avec l’inauguration d’un parcours d’art contemporain dans l’espace public.

 Xavier Douroux, commissaire de l’exposition, a choisi des grands noms de l’art contemporain — Yayoi Kusama, Thomas Houseago ou Ugo Rondinone, entre autres — pour bousculer une dizaine d’espaces dans la ville. La Cour de l’Hôtel de Ville, la fontaine de la Rotonde, le Cours Mirabeau, le Grand Théâtre de Provence, le Pavillon Vendôme ou encore le Palais de Justice vivent une métamorphose surprenante qui amène visiteurs et habitants à reconsidérer les espaces du vivre-ensemble. La Capitale est lancée avec un parcours qui met « L’art à l’endroit » !

Artistes : Marc-Camille Chaimowicz, Mark Handforth, Thomas Houseago, Rachel Feinstein, Kimsooja, Yayoi Kusama, Jorge Pardo, Huang Yong Ping, Ugo Rondinone, Sofia Taboas, Xavier Veilhan, Franz West.
Commissariat : Xavier Douroux.

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12.01 - 31.03.2013

Pour l’inauguration du nouvel espace, une ambitieuse exposition invite des artistes contemporains des deux rives. Si toute oeuvre s’inscrit dans un contexte originel et une histoire singulière, le voyage et le nomadisme qui caractérisent l’artiste contemporain constituent une expérience existentielle, qui devient le lieu même de la création. À l’ère de la globalisation, au contact de la diversité du monde et des cultures, l’identité de chacun se trouve sans cesse remaniée.

 Une quarantaine d’artistes issus des pays du pourtour de la Méditerranée ont été choisis sur leur aptitude à nous repenser en êtres aux identités plurielles, en perpétuel devenir, et sur leur capacité à investir le réel en une réflexion critique. Ils appartiennent pour la majorité d’entre eux à la génération née dans les années 1960-1970 et jouissent d’une reconnaissance sur la scène internationale. Parmi les oeuvres exposées dont un grand nombre de propositions inédites, conçues pour l’exposition, quelques-unes traitent du paysage méditerranéen. Elles sont nombreuses à interroger les notions d’identité, de citoyenneté, du même et de l’autre. Plusieurs s’attachent à transmettre l’expérience de l’émigration, de l’exil et du déracinement. Elles offrent aussi une vision de l’histoire au présent, par le biais de l’articulation de récits personnels à l’histoire. En prise avec les réalités sociales, politiques et géopolitiques, elles nous informent de l’état du monde, en explorent ses mutations à venir.

39 artistes de renommée internationale
38 projets dont 28 produits spécialement (6 Ateliers de l’EuroMéditerranée) 
2400 m2 d’exposition. Peinture, photographie, sculpture, installations vidéo 
Inauguration de la Tour-Panorama, un nouveau lieu de diffusion dédié à l’art contemporain

Artistes :
 Etel Adnan, Ziad Antar, Fikret Atay, Kader Attia, Fayçal Baghriche, Lara Baladi, Gilles Barbier, Yto Barrada, Taysir Batniji, Mohamed Bourouissa, Danica Dakic, Inci Eviner, Ymane Fakhir, Mounir Fatmi, Lara Favaretto, Gloria Friedmann, Joana Hadjithomas et Khalil Joreige, Mona Hatoum, Mouna Karray, Bouchra Khalili, Djamel Kokene, Jannis Kounellis, Sigalit Landau, Ange Leccia, Annette Messager, Jean-Luc Moulène, Youssef Nabil, Orlan, Yazid Oulab, Adrian Paci, Javier Pérez, Sarkis, Hrair Sarkissian, Zineb Sedira, Wael Shawky, Djamel Tatah, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Akram Zaatari

Commissariat : Juliette Laffon. 
Production :
 Marseille-Provence 2013

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Katja Strunz wins the Vattenfall Contemporary 2013

Katja Strunz has won the “Vattenfall Contemporary 2013”.
Her sculptures and site-related installations of shaped metal, steel and wood are minimalist constructions which unfold in space. Her rigorous, objectless formal canon derives from the appropriation and reformulation of various abstract movements from Constructivism to Minimal Art. By adding random objects and rendering visible traces or origin and wear, she reflects the ephemeral fragility of works of art and the materials of which they are made.

The Jury was impressed by Katja Strunz’s masterful treatment of space, which she has already demonstrated at a number of exhibitions. This experience will enable her, in the Jury’s opinion, to conquer the challenge presented by the exhibition hall at the Berlinische Galerie, which is 10 metres high and 40 metres long. Her reflected references to constructive avant-garde forms, combined with an awareness of the transitory nature of art, convinced the Jury that this is an independent position within contemporary art. 

An exhibition will be organized at Belinische Galerie, Berlin, from April 26th to September 2nd, 2013

More informations

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Taryn Simon: A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

10.11.2012 - 24.02.2013

Taryn Simon produced A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII over a four-year period (2008–11), during which she traveled around the world researching and recording bloodlines and their related stories. “In each of the 18 chapters,” the artist has explained, “you see the external forces of territory, governance, power, and religion, colliding with the internal forces of psychological and physical inheritance.”

She chose a wide variety of subjects, including feuding families in Brazil, victims of genocide in Bosnia, the body double of Saddam Hussein's son Uday, and the "living dead" in India. This collection is at once cohesive and arbitrary, mapping the relationships among order, chaos, genetics, and other components of fate. In addition to the Corcoran, 
A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters has traveled to Tate Modern, London; Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin; and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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Mark Hagen @ Art Basel Miami Beach - Art Public

Mark Hagen's sculpture is one of the greatest hits from Art Basel Miami Beach, source: Art Info

Teresita Fernandez: 2013 Aspen Award for Art

The Aspen Art Museum is proud to announce the selection of renowned contemporary artist Teresita Fernández as the recipient of the museum’s 2013 Aspen Award for Art. The award will be presented on Friday, August 2, 2013, during the museum’s 9th annual ArtCrush summer benefit gala. The Aspen Award for Art is given each year to an artist who has made a significant contribution to the field of contemporary art.

Mark Hagen @ 'Lost Line: Contemporary Art from the Collection', LACMA, Los Angeles

25.11.2012 - 24.02.2013

Culling from LACMA’s permanent collection, the exhibition takes as its starting point Gabriel Orozco’s sculpture Lost Line (1993-1996). Orozco describes the piece as “the opposite of a static monument,” in effect a “sculpture as a body in motion.”

Lost Line uses Orozco’s fragile and mutable form as premise to bring together works from the collection, including large-scale sculpture and painting installations, film, photography, and works on paper. The works in gathered in the exhibition share a desire to complicate typical representations of landscape, the built environment, and the monumental. 

Artists include Uta Barth Ingrid Calame, Lecia Dole-Recio, Shannon Ebner, Harold Edgerton, Llyn Foulkes, Mark Flores, Buckminster Fuller, Mark Hagen, Alfred Jensen, Barbara Kasten, Jim Lambie, David Lamelas, Steve McQueen, Yunhee Min, Ruben Ochoa, Claes Oldenburg, Dennis Oppenheim, Gabriel Orozco, Sheila Pinkel, Ed Ruscha, Analia Saban, Erin Shirreff, Robert Smithson, Frances Stark, Koen van den Broek, and James Welling.

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Johan Creten @ Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

Please, follow this link to see the video

Philip-Lorca diCorcia about Edward Hopper exhibition at Grand Palais, Paris

Please, follow this link to see the video

Interview of Alex Israel for The Contraster

LIU WEI, in discussion with Liang Shuhan

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Creativity

Erik Lindman: Talk at Glasgow School of Art

On Friday 19th of October, Erik Lindman has participated in a talk at the Glasgow School of Art.

You can listen the lecture by following this link: 
Vimeo/Erik Lindman

All the informations about the event on:

Mark Hagen: Acquisition by the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

In 2012, the Hammer Museum has acquired a sculpture by Mark Hagen.

Mark Hagen
To Be Titled (Additive Sculpture, Los Angeles Screen), 2012
Cement and steel
10,5 ft x dimension variable

Hammer museum website:http://hammer.ucla

Erik Lindman @ Pour une grammaire du hasard, Fri Art, Fribourg, Switzerland

10.11.2012 - 13.01.2013

Opening: Friday 9th November, 6pm

JAMES TURRELL @ Guggenheim, New York


In June the Guggenheim Museum will present James Turrell’s first solo museum exhibition in New York since 1980, an ambitious project that will close the museum’s ramps and use its architecture to create a mass of shifting color similar to his Skyscapes. The show will also feature studies and drawings for his magnum opus,Roden Crater (1976–). The show is part of a tripartite retrospective that will occur simultaneously at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

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TARYN SIMON, Paris Photo,

Vendredi 16 novembre 2012 / 18h30 - 19h30

A l'occasion de PARIS PHOTO, au Grand Palais du 15 au 18 novembre 2012, Taryn Simon participera à une lecture interactive animée par Marta Gili.

L'expression artistique de Taryn Simon passe, à parts égales, par trois médiums : la photographie, le texte et le graphisme. Elle étudie à travers ses œuvres la chimère de la compréhension absolue, ouvrant un espace entre le texte et l'image, là où survient la désorientation et où règne l'ambigüité.


14h30-16h: La fluidité et l'« impureté » du médium photographique David Campany (auteur et Maître de conférence en photographie à l'Université de Westminster, Londres)
Jean-François Chevrier (Professeur en histoire de l'art contemporain à l'École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris)
David Joselit (Professeur en histoire de l'art à l'Université de Yale).
Michelle Kuo (Rédactrice en chef au magazine Artforum International, New York) Discussion animée par Roxana Marcoci.

16h30-18h Usage du document photographique, processus d'appropriation de l'image, travail d'archivage et de reconstruction historique
Adam Broomberg (artiste)
Oliver Chanarin (artiste)
Urs Stahel (Directeur du Fotomuseum Winterthur)
Akram Zaatari (artiste)
Discussion animée par Roxana Marcoci et Paul Holdengräber.

18h30- 19h30 Lecture interactive
Taryn Simon (artiste)
Lecture animée par Marta Gili (directrice du Jeu de Paume, Paris)

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JOHAN CRETEN 'Fire works', Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

21.10.2012 - 13.01.2013

The oeuvre of Johan Creten (b. 1963 Belgium) is laden with double entendres, suggestions, symbolic links, ... His very personal work resolutely resists the typical twentieth-century modernist idea of progress in art, including through the use of historically charged motifs, tactile materials, and sensual shapes. The sculptures of Johan Creten invariably invite different narratives to be created between them; in this way, every exhibition appeals to the imagination of the spectator in new and changing ways.

Recently, Johan Creten has been the recipient of much international recognition and the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens is therefore very happy to be the first Belgian museum to present a solo exhibition of his work. Johan Creten presents an exhibition in which very recent and older sculptures are placed in dialogue, using both the garden and the interior spaces of the museum.

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18 - 21.10.2012

Grand Palais / Booth B32

Opening Wednesday, October 17 / 5 -10pm (by invitation only)

Public Opening Hours: From Thursday, October 18 to Sunday, October 21 / 12 - 8 pm
Late closing on Friday, October 19 / 12 -10 pm

Hors Les Murs / Jardin des Tuileries
Matthias Bitzer
Tom Burr
Aaron Curry

Opening on Tuesday, October 16 from 12pm (by invitation only)
Public Opening Hours: From Wednesday October 17 to Sunday October 21 / 7:30am - 7:30pm

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Taryn Simon for Wallpaper


Created by artist Taryn Simon and programmer Aaron Swartz, Image Atlas investigates cultural differences and similarities by indexing top image results for given search terms across local engines throughout the world. Visitors can refine or expand their comparisons from the 57 countries currently available, and sort by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or alphabetical order.

Image Atlas interrogates the possibility of a universal visual language and questions the supposed innocence and neutrality of the algorithms upon which search engines rely.

The New Yorker, Culture Desk, " Taryn Simon's Visual Babel":

"Image Atlas highlights cultural differences and similarities, and questions the possibility of a universal visual language. In some searches it presents a flattening and in others it highlights the inevitability of contrast. And then there are the scrambled moments-like, I typed in the word "jew." The results yielded a crude caricature that seems to have circulated in many countries. In Syria, it presented Obama in a yarmulke, and then in Germany it was all photos of Jude Law, because Jew in translation is "jude," and clearly "jude law" is getting more hits than "jew" within those borders right now. As people move farther away from verbal communication (Instagram, etc.), it's worth questioning if visual communication is subject to the same issues of translation and misinterpretation found in verbal communication." 

Read more: The New Yorker | Taryn Simon's Visual Babel 

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11 - 14.10.2012

On the occasion of Frieze London 2012,

ALMINE RECH GALLERY is pleased to invite you to Booth D18

Opening Wednesday, October 10 / 2-9 PM

Public Opening Hours
Thursday, October 11 / 12-7 PM
Friday, October 12 / 12-7 PM
Saturday, October 13 / 12-7 PM
Sunday, October 14 / 12-6 PM

Works by following artists will be presented on our booth:

Matthias Bitzer
Don Brown
Tom Burr
Beatrice Caracciolo
Aaron Curry
Joel Morrisson
Peter Peri
Ugo Rondinone
Taryn Simon
Gavin Turk

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Jeff Koons Press Release Has Best Sentence in Any Press Release Ever

by GalleristNY

Jeff Koons is having his first exhibition in Brussels in 20 years; it opens Oct. 6 at Almine Rech gallery. And that is news! But far more impressive than that news is the following sentence in the exhibition’s press release which may, as indicated in our headline, be the best sentence in any press release ever released in the history of press releases released to the press.

“Neither Koons nor his art can ever stay static: his oeuvre is like a quivering organism, ceaselessly buzzing with life, producing ever new and more surprising, vivid forms."

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TARYN SIMON, 'A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I -XVIII', The Geffen Contemporary, MOCA, Los Angeles

21.10.2012 - 07.01.2013

'A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I -XVIII' was produced over a four-year period (2008–11), during which the artist travelled around the world researching and documenting bloodlines and their related stories. In each of the 18 “chapters” that make up the work, external forces of territory, power, circumstance, or religion collide with the internal forces of psychological and physical inheritance. The subjects Simon documents include victims of genocide in Bosnia, test rabbits infected with a lethal disease in Australia, the first woman to hijack an aircraft, and the living dead in India. Her collection is at once cohesive and arbitrary, mapping the relationships among chance, blood, and other components of fate.

Simon's project is divided into 18 chapters, nine of which will be presented at MoMA. Each chapter is comprised of three segments: one of a large portrait series depicting bloodline members (portrait panel); a second featuring text (annotation panel); and a third containing photographic evidence (footnote panel).

A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I–XVIII exploits photography's capacity to at once probe complex narratives in contemporary politics and organize this material according to classification processes characteristic of the archive, a system that connects identity, lineage, history, and memory.

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ALEX ISRAEL, Easter Island Venice Beach, 2012

Easter Island Venice Beach, 2012, was erected in the parks and recreation area of Venice Beach, CA from July 13-15, 2012, on the occasion of the Hammer Museum's Venice Beach Biennial, curated by Ali Subotnick.

Image Gallery:

PHILIP LORCA DICORCIA @ 'Les temps satellites', Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse, Mulhouse, France

15.09 - 10.11.2012

Du 15 septembre au 10 novembre 2012, le Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse présente l’exposition Les temps satellites. Proposée par l’associationL’agrandisseur et imaginée par Anne Immelé, cette exposition invite à une réflexion sur la notion de temps inhérente au travail photographique.

Depuis son invention, des perceptions et des interprétations liées au temps gravitent autour de la photographie, tant ce medium instaure une relation particulière à l’éphémère et à l’immuable. Ce sont ces temps satellites que l’exposition met en évidence. Le rapport au temps se noue lors de la prise de vue mais aussi dans la mise en relation de photographies. Par la mise en regard de photographies du 19e siècle et de photographies contemporaines, l’exposition confronte des esthétiques photographiques qui peuvent se rejoindre et se répondre, indépendamment d’un regard historique, à partir de quatre thématiques liées aux temporalités de la photographie.

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JAMES TURRELL 'Nightlife', Caisse des Dépôts, NUIT BLANCHE 2012, Paris



Utilisant la lumière comme matériau privilégié de son travail, l’américain James Turrell produit un « environnement perceptuel » aux structures géométriques radicales: « ce qui m’intéresse dans la lumière, dit-il, c’est la qualité de pensée qui s’en dégage ». Création in situ à l’échelle du bâtiment dans son ensemble, l’œuvre immatérielle de Turrell se décline sous la forme de dix-sept « tableaux lumineux », soit un enchaînement de couleurs sur plus de 140 m de façade.

Caisse des dépôts, 53-55 quai d’austerlitz | Paris 13e | M° Gare d’austerlitz | de 20 h à 6 h |

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Au cœur de la Maison de la RATP, le public est invité à vivre un voyage en mer hautement poétique ! La rue intérieure de ce  bâtiment posé en bord de Seine accueille en effet un écran géant sur lequel est projeté en boucle un film d’une durée de 30 minutes représentant le sac et ressac d’une mer méditerranéenne filmée par Ange Leccia.

 Peu à peu, le spectateur se libère du point de vue centré qui caractérise la perspective albertienne. Cette mer, dont le balancement agit comme un palimpseste, devient une immense toile abstraite et hypnotique s’ouvrant à un imaginaire. Au fil des projections en boucle qui dureront toute la nuit, sans début ni fin, le dispositif épuise l’image qui se régénère dans son roulis incessant.

Production nuit blanche 2012

Commissariat : C-Art Partners/Consultants in Contemporary Creation. En partenariat avec la RATP.

54 quai de la rapée ou 189 rue de bercy | Paris 12e
M°Garedelyon/rer A et D | de 19h à 7h |

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Joseph Kosuth, Commande publique, BNF, Paris

Avant-première le 6 Octobre 2012

A l'occasion de la Nuit Blanche, le 6 octobre 2012, le public peut découvrir en avant-première la préfiguration de la commande de Joseph Kosuth.

Les premiers mots de l’oeuvre, que l’artiste américain crée pour la BNF, sont ainsi dévoilés sur l’une des tours de la bibliothèque en attendant l’installation finale au sommet des quatre tours.

La proposition artistique de Kosuth, chef de file de l’art conceptuel, déroule en lettres lumineuses une citation du philosophe Michel Foucault, qui évoque le passage de la parole à l’écrit : « Au moment où le langage, comme parole répandue, devient objet de connaissance, voilà qu’il réapparaît sous une modalité strictement opposée, silencieuse, précautionneuse déposition du mot sur la blancheur du papier, où il ne peut avoir ni sonorité ni interlocuteur, où il n’a rien d’autre à dire que soi, rien d’autre à faire que scintiller dans l’éclat de son être ».

6 octobre 2012, de 19h à 7h
Quai François Mauriac, Paris 13ème
BNF, Tour 3

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JEFF KOONS @ 'Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years', The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York

18.09 - 31.12.2012

The exhibition is structured in five thematic sections: "Daily News: From Banality to Disaster," "Portraiture: Celebrity and Power," "Queer Studies: Shifting Identities," "Consuming Images: Appropriation, Abstraction, and Seriality," and "No Boundaries: Business, Collaboration, and Spectacle."

"Daily News: From Banality to Disaster" explores Warhol's engagement with the imagery of everyday life, his interest in items of consumerist American culture in the 1960s, and its his keen attention to advertising, tabloids, and magazines. This section also examines the connection to later artists who also appropriate objects from the supermarket or the department store or share Warhol's fascination with disaster or death, including Jeff Koons,Damien Hirst, and Ai Wei Wei.

"Portraiture: Celebrity and Power" looks at Warhol's engagement with portraiture to illuminate contemporary artists' continuing interest in the issues of fame or infamy in the age of the tabloid. Here the best of Warhol's notable portraits of celebrities are paired with contemporary examples by Elizabeth Peyton, Karen Kilimnik, and Cindy Sherman. Warhol's practice of society portraiture of the 1970s, as well as his artistic engagement with political figures, is explored here through links with the work of artists who take this practice in new directions.

"Queer Studies: Shifting Identities" outlines Warhol's importance as an artist who broke new ground in representing issues of sexuality and gender in the post-war period. This section also strives to represent a new openness toward different varieties of queer identity that Warhol's oeuvre ushered in, largely through work by photographers such as Richard Avedon, Peter Hujar, Christopher Makos, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Catherine Opie.

"Consuming Images: Appropriation, Abstraction, and Seriality"explores Warhol's formal strategies and groundbreaking use of pre-existing photographic sources, often endlessly repeated in grid patterns; his appropriation of art history; and his interest in abstraction. These works are grouped with Pictures Generation artists such as Richard Prince and Cindy Sherman for their uses of appropriation, or with contemporary painters such asChristopher Wool, whose patterned painting Untitled plays with all-over abstraction and seriality in Warholian ways.

"No Boundaries: Business, Collaboration, and Spectacle"—the final section of the exhibition—examines Warhol's interest in artistic partnership through filmmaking, magazine publishing, music, and design. Also foregrounded is his fascination with creating environments that envelop the viewer entirely. Warhol's frequent use of decorative motifs, such as flowers, are part of this practice, and are contrasted with similar work by artists such asJeff Koons and Takashi Murakami.

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GAVIN TURK @ 'The Art of Chess', Saatchi Gallery, London

08.09 - 03.10.2012

"From my close contact with artists and chess players I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists." Marcel Duchamp, 1952. 

This exhibition brings together 16 chess sets designed by some of the world's leading contemporary artists in celebration of the 'game of kings' and its continued relevance to the creative arts.

These specially commissioned chess sets have been created by: 

Maurizio CattelanJake and Dinos ChapmanOliver CleggTracey EminTom FriedmanPaul FryerDamien HirstBarbara KrugerYayoi KusamaPaul McCarthy,Alastair MackieTim Noble and Sue WebsterMatthew RonayTungaGavin Turk and Rachel Whiteread.

Each set is individually crafted in a wide variety of different materials including wood, porcelain, glass, amber and silver.

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Mark Hagen – Made in L.A.

Bass Elegy/Devil’s Night (for M.K.)

A Performance by Made in L.A. Artists Scott Benzel and Mark Hagen. Saturday, September 1st, 2012 at 8 PM

Scott Benzel and Mark Hagen have fit a 1970's Ford Pinto with an oversized, custom pyramidal bass cabinet and will play a mix of Ghettotech, Booty bass, and early Detroit Techno as well as live original compositions through it. Incorporating both a dense mix of sound to create extreme vibrations and slow compositions using live musicians, Bass Elegy/Devil’s Night (for M.K.) is an elegy to one of our city’s most influential and pioneering artists, Mike Kelley.

UGO RONDINONE, 'Primitive', The Common Guild, Glasgow

08.09 - 17.11.2012

'primitive' is the first exhibition in Scotland of the work of the remarkable Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone.

Featuring a group of recent works in a new and precisely conceived installation, the exhibition includes a large group of bronze bird sculptures, filling the building with an almost threatening persistence. Imposing in number if not in scale, these modest little birds, so clearly and simply hand-made, are named after vast natural phenomena: from ‘the sun’ and ‘the moon’ to ‘the universe’ and ‘the atmosphere’ – referencing the natural world beyond the gallery.


Rondinone first came to international attention in the early 1990s with installations that involved a striking diversity of forms. His exhibitions might include India ink landscapes in the Romantic tradition, or mesmerising target paintings that recall the trance-inducing images of 1960s psychædelia. He combines works with an up-beat, pop sensibility with others that reflect a mood of longing and disconnection, from photographs of a man and a woman who never meet to melancholy images of clowns slumped on floors. His works often have a strong sense of time being suspended, and reflect on the conflict between reality and a world of mirrors, dreams and artifice.

Exhibition open Tuesday – Saturday 12noon–5pm, until 7pm on Thursdays and Fridays, and by appointment.

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KATJA STRUNZ @ 'The Imminence of Poetics', 30th BIENAL DE SAO PAULO, Brasil

07.09 - 09.12.2012

The 30th Bienal de São Paulo, The Imminence of Poetics, has no theme. The articulation of the ideas of imminence and poetics is, for us, the curators of the 30th, a “motif.” The difference between “theme” and “motif” is important: “theme” means content and thesis, while “motif” is a pretext, the point of departure for a series of questions and for the establishment of a discursive strategy. It is not our intention for the artists invited to “illustrate” or “represent” our motif. We merely want their works to resonate with the constellation of questions that may be deduced from such motif: how does contemporary art, and what is left of the legacy of modernity, “function” in a world of imminences, of happenings yet to occur, increasingly characterized by unpredictability? How does artistic practice respond with poetic, expressive, discursive, enunciative and vocal decisions?


02.08 - 09.09.2012

Beautiful painting is behind us exhibited by the Maribor Art Gallery, is one of the exhibitions in the frame of the Art always wins project / Terminal 12 and has been supported by the Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture and the French Institute Charles Nodier. Thirty-six artists from France and Slovenia exhibit their most recent works, which are exceptional contemporary artistic confessions, a commentary and analysis of Man being trapped in the shackles of this complex world. The exhibition is about the power of contemporary painting which leaves no one cold and unaffected; it speaks about the generation of artists who have grown and formed themselves under the influence of television, computers, comics, film and the great classic treasure chest of art, and for whom the painting has remained a relevant medium.

A Each with their own expressive language the artists bear witness to the violence of the modern world. Their return to figurative art reflects a brilliant and at the same time distressing picture of our time in which numerous references to history, painting and the world in general blend into an interpretation of reality and reveal an often visionary interpretation of our contemporary myths and society. In spite of the variety of stylistic languages used by individual artists, several features are common to their works, such as subliminally accentuated interpretations in the works by Axel Pahlavi, Youcef Korichi and Audrey Nervi, and the violently marked flow in the works by Jérôme Zonder, Damien Deroubaix, Ronan Barrot, Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille.

»When today a young painter /paintress stands in front of a canvas or any other medium used, this surface is never white, never entirely empty; a white canvas is only an appearance, yet never an emptiness. Through this surface the history of art pulsates, the images seen by young artists, reproductions and originals stored in their memory (even though they never think of them); through this surface an enormous arsenal of contemporary media imagery is moving, thousands of images that surround artists in their every-day life. It seems painters these days very rarely think in advance about the »form«, about its abstract idealism, purity, spirituality, metaphysics. Media image-making is realistic, semantically functional, focused on the message, while the appearance serves the content; in media there is on principle nothing abstract in the Kantian sense, nothing by itself, because of itself. As a result, contemporary painting is »realistic«, combining cartoon, film, photography and television fragments, and is just as performative as any external action; it contains elements of posters and media, music and video spots, it is full of sophisticated colours and polished surfaces. It is equally full of all that belongs to an urban visual dumpsite, the disintegration of used images and commercial messages: these messages have been present in another medium, and have now found their place in the painting as a fragment, an association, a metaphor, also as an error or enigma – to summarize, as a much more »open work« than allowed by the media communicative functionality. In a special way the paintings are dysfunctional, useless, private, but because of this they address the viewer with even more passion.« (Tomaž Brejc and Arne Brejc, from the exhibition catalogue).

The exhibition was initiated by Jean-Luc Maslin, Cultural Counsellor and Director of the French Institute of Turkey. He suggested to Eva Hober, a gallerist from Paris, to curate an exhibition focused on contemporary French artists. Beautiful painting is behind us has already been on display in Istanbul (2010), Ankara (2011) and Nantes (spring of 2012).
For the exhibition at the Maribor Art Gallery, Eva Hober decided to expand it with works by several Slovenian artists and she invited Arne Brejc for a collaboration. In 2013, a second version of the exhibition, with a new group of artists, will first be shown in Europe. Then, the show will be hosted by in USA, in 2014.

artists: Ronan Barrot, Julien Beneyton, Romain Bernini, Katia Bourdarel, Alkis Boutlis, Andrej Brumen Čop, Damien Cadio, Nicolas Darrot, Damien Deroubaix, Tina Dobrajc, Gregory Forstner, Mito Gegič, Cristine Guinamand, Jaša, Barbara Jurkovšek, Youcef Korichi, Kosta Kulundzic, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Élodie Lesourd, Iris Levasseur, Marlène Mocquet, Audrey Nervi, Maël Nozahic, Florence Obrecht, Axel Pahlavi, Mark Požlep, Raphaëlle Ricol, Lionel Sabatté, Miha Štrukelj, Iva Tratnik, Ida Tursic in Wilfried Mille, Luka Uršič - Kalu, Sanja Vatić, Uroš Weinberger, Jérôme Zonder

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Matthias Bitzer, Gregor Hildebrandt @ Galerie Utopia / The Forgotten Bar Project : The Garden of Eden

28.09 - 19.11.2012

Initiée en 2007 par l’artiste Tjorg Douglas Beer, la GALERIE UTOPIA consiste en un ensemble de projets et expositions se développant et voyageant à travers le monde, de New York à Athènes en passant par Londres. En 2008 ouvre au sein de ces projets le FORGOTTEN BAR, un espace indépendant à Berlin accueillant chaque soir une exposition. Original, non consensuel, perturbateur et éclectique, cet espace où « tout ou presque est permis » propose de repenser les règles de l’exposition en invitant le visiteur à prendre part à l’expérience artistique et en imaginant l’art comme un échange, une aventure humaine.

 A l’image de projets tels que The Shop de Tracey Emin et Sarah Lucas à Londres, ou Food de Gordon Matta Clark à New York, le FORGOTTEN BAR PROJECT est un lieu vivant, en mutation permanente, une zone dédiée à l’énergie artistique et imaginé par et pour les artistes – dont la vitalité est invitée à investir le Palais de Tokyo.

« L’exposition au Palais de Tokyo sera certainement un étonnant paysage d’oeuvres dans la forêt de colonnes du sous-sol. Il ne s’agit pas de regarder en arrière, mais en avant, vers cet idéal, en ignorant ce qui est mauvais autour de nous ; non pas d’aller vers l’apocalypse mais vers le paradis. Nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre de perdre du temps à faire des choses dévastatrices. Au contraire, les idéaux doivent s’élever en temps de guerre, de désespoir et de dépression économique, et nous devrions nous efforcer de faire du monde un Jardin d’Eden. Ou bien renoncer. Je l’ai déjà dit, je pense que nous devrions fermer toutes les galeries, les musées et les bars pour aller élever partout des chèvres et des moutons. » 

Tjorg Douglas Beer


Dans le Palais de Tokyo, la GALERIE UTOPIA / THE FORGOTTEN BAR PROJECT déploie, au coeur d’une forêt de colonnes, son installation The Garden of Eden (Le Jardin d’Eden). Paysage utopique, cette exposition est composée de plus d’une cinquantaine d’oeuvres d’artistes internationaux, enrichie par plus d’une centaine d’artistes ainsi que de commissaires invités par Tjorg Douglas Beer. Membres à part entière du projet, les visiteurs sont conviés à investir les espaces, à s’y asseoir, à prendre un verre, à rejoindre le dance floor. Un programme d’expositions, performances, et conférences suivies d’un dj set jusqu’à minuit animent le lieu chaque soir.

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Matthias Bitzer, Gregor Hildebrandt @ 'Bitzer Dahlem Hildebrandt', Philara, Dusseldorf, Germany

08.09 - 21.10.2012

Opening 06.09.2012, 7-10pm

Haim Steinbach @ The Artist Institute, New York

31.08.2012 - 27.01.2013

Centered around the ongoing discussions of a graduate seminar at Hunter College in New York, this gallery space situated on the Lower East Side devotes each season to the study and exhibition of a single artist. Every six months, the Institute presents a small selection of works by a single artist, using an open curatorial model designed to nurture and develop inquiry and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.


This learning and research-based Institute invites other artists, writers, performers, filmmakers and thinkers from all over the world to discover and consider the work of a specific artist and to look at the broader context of contemporary art through the lens of this artist’s work.

September 9th, 6-8pm

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Tektonika: Barbara Kasten & Magicgruppe Kulturobjekt, Kunstverein Nürnberg, Germany

07.07 - 07.10.2012

Opening on Friday, 6 July 2012 at 6.30 pm
Talk by Barbara Kasten (in English): Tuesday, 4 July 2012, 5 pm At
The Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg (Bingstraße 60)

The “Realistic Manifesto” by Antoine Pevsner and Naum Gabo was written in 1920. The term Tektonika refers here to a dynamic, abstract geometrical and ideal formal language. It also refers to a dynamic energy that moves tectonic plates, reverses the concept of above and below and disrupts datum points.


The exhibition Tektonika picks up these ideas and showcases two artistic positions – Barbara Kasten and the Magicgruppe Kulturobjekt – that revolve around the tension between instability and stability, between the whole and its fragmentation. At what point can a form or a space be defined? At what point can one differentiate a form or a space? At what point can the eye no longer see a space? It is possible to see this ambivalence between construction and deconstruction that demands a different interpretation of space both in Barbara Kasten’s photography and the installation and working processes of the artist collective Magicgruppe Kulturobjekt.

After her first experiments with light and shade which can be seen in her photograms and cyanoypes from the 1970s, Barbara Kasten (b.1936 lives and works in Chicago) has developed an extended and more complex dimension of the perception of space in her series Constructs (1979-83), which is being shown at the Kunstverein. The artist has staged a series of sets for this out of a combination of simple forms and materials, such as glass, Plexiglas, metal or mirrors, and then photographed them. The resulting spatial settings comprising geometrical forms, broken light, the texture of the materials, shifts in perspective, permeability or reflections, allow the viewer’s eye to oscillate between graphic surfaces, geometrical composition and three-dimensional perspective.

She has also continued to work upon the shifting of viewpoint and the change of perspective in the works from Architectural Sites (1986-89) directly in public space: with the help of a team, she has broken up, i.e. deconstructed the architecture in various chosen places through the inclusion of mirrors and the use of coloured light projections. The space that one thinks one recognises is thus completely dematerialised; the images move here between image, object and plane.

Similarly, the Magicgruppe Kulturobjekt also opposes an unequivocal stability in their very working method. Depending upon respective planned project, they work with a different number and combination of artists. Artists taking participating in the Kunstverein show: Nadja Athanassowa, Michael Dobrindt, Sonja Engelhardt, Marie Gerlach, Markus Hahn, Stef Heidhues, Marcel Hiller, Roland Kollnitz, Tamara Lorenz and Sebastian Walther.

The Magicgruppe Kulturobjekt develops its work on site and in a direct reaction to the spaces and the artists in the group themselves. Therefore the staging does not derive from a prearranged concept, or planable arrangement and duly expresses itself as a collective construct, the shape of which takes on a spatial temporary form. Diverse materials are staged in new ways on site. The properties, arrangement and accumulation of the material are choreographed to a point where distortions and visual interleaving subvert conditioned assumptions of space. The resulting spatial narrative leads to a sculptural course around the exhibition in which different visual games and suggested dynamic processes can be discovered.

Both the constructed settings in the work of Barbara Kasten and the experimental deconstructive installations of Magicgruppe confuse our perception of the shapes and the functions of objects and spaces: architecture, surfaces and materiality seem to dissolve into one another and transform themselves into a idiosyncratic, constructive, palpable form.

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JAMES TURRELL @ 'Marcher dans la lumière', Musée Régional d'Art Contemporain, Sérignan, France

01.07 - 28.10.2012

L’exposition « Marcher dans la couleur », présentée durant l’été 2012 au Musée régional d’art contemporain Languedoc-Roussillon à Sérignan, réunit plusieurs artistes de premier plan qui proposent une expérience de la couleur dans l'espace. Ce projet d’exposition emprunte son titre à l’essai « L’homme qui marchait dans la couleur » de Georges Didi-Huberman sur le travail de James Turrell. Ce texte prend la forme d’une fable qui nous promène au cœur du travail de cet artiste inventeur de lieux. Le genre de lieux qu’invente James Turrell passe par un travail avec la lumière. Il est un sculpteur qui donne masse et consistance à ces choses dites immatérielles que sont la couleur, l’espacement ou la limite.A L’exposition « Marcher dans la couleur » propose au spectateur de parcourir des œuvres comme des lieux d’expériences sensorielles.

Au centre de l’exposition, une installation lumineuse de James Turrell, Red Eye de 1992, est réactualisée spécialement pour l’exposition. Le spectateur pénètre un cube blanc pour faire l’expérience de l’immatérialité dans l’obscurité d’un espace d’où se détache un rectangle coloré. Cet environnement perceptuel sollicite nos sens et trouble notre rapport avec la réalité physique.

Daniel Buren, Ann Veronica Janssens, Mai-Thu Perret, Veit Stratmann, James Turrell, Felice Varini, Jessica Warboys

Commissariat : Hélène Audiffren

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20.06 - 23.09.2012

This summer, the Schirn Kunsthalle and the Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung will be devoting themselves to the work of the U.S. American artist Jeff Koons (born in 1955), who has played a pioneering role in the contemporary art world since the 1980s. The two concurrent shows will deliberately separate the sculptural and painterly aspects of his oeuvre and present each in a context of its own. Encompassing forty-five paintings, the presentation entitled "Jeff Koons.

A The Painter” at the Schirn focuses on the artist’s structural development as a painter. With motifs drawn from a diverse range of high and pop-cultural sources, his monumental painted works combine hyper-realistic and gestural elements to form complexes as compact in imagery as they are in content. In the show "Jeff Koons. The Sculptor” at the Liebieghaus, on the other hand, forty-four world-famous as well as entirely new sculptures by Jeff Koons enter into dialogues with the historical building and a sculpture collection spanning five millennia. Jeff Koons’s Antiquity, a new series in which he explores antique art and its central motif – Eros – will debut in Frankfurt on this occasion.

In his paintings and sculptures, Jeff Koons employs elements from the consumer world and "high culture” alike, quotes artistic epochs as readily as he does objects from everyday life and advertising, and thus draws our attention again and again to such categories as beauty and desirability. Within this context, he has become an unequalled master of the interplay between the sublime and the banal. Although his works quote familiar motifs from the consumer context, it is not for the sake of kitsch and irony. In an interview he commented: "I work with things that are sometimes referred to as kitsch, even if kitsch per se has never interested me. I always try to convey self-confidence, a certain inner sense of security, to the viewer. My chief concern in my work is the viewer.” Koons is interested "not in the complexity, but in the simplicity of being” and its acceptance. This aspect finds expression in his oeuvre in elementary themes such as childhood or sexuality. Contrary to the long tradition of subjectivity in art, however, Koons constantly emphasizes artistic objectivity, working in the tradition of the "ready-made.” Both his sculptures and his paintings have a particularly evocative and striking effect on the viewer through their exquisite craftsmanship and the lure of their surfaces.

Curators: Vinzenz Brinkmann (Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung), Matthias Ulrich (Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt), and Joachim Pissarro (New York)

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20.06 - 23.09.2012

n the summer of 2012, the SCHIRN and the Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung turn their attention to the work of American artist Jeff Koons (born in 1955), an artist who has been setting trends in the art world since the 1980s. The two simultaneous exhibitions dedicated to Koons’s oeuvre deliberately separate his sculpture and painting, presenting each in its own context.

A The SCHIRN presentation JEFF KOONS. THE PAINTER will focus on Koons’s structural development as a painter. In his monumental paintings—whose motifs draw upon the most varied sources of high and popular culture—both hyperrealistic and gestural features give rise to highly complex concentrations of image and content. By contrast, in the exhibition JEFF KOONS. THE SCULPTOR at the Liebieghaus, both world-renowned and new sculptural works by Koons will enter into a dialogue with the historic building and its collection spanning 5,000 years of sculpture.

Curators: Vinzenz Brinkmann (Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung), Matthias Ulrich (Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt), and Joachim Pissarro (New York)

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13.05 - 02.09.2012

The Fondation Beyeler is presenting the first exhibition ever devoted by a Swiss museum to the American artist Jeff Koons (b. 1955). Koons, likely the best-known living artist, has for decades been causing a furore with the combination of popular and high culture that informs his art.


Our extensive presentation focuses on three central series of works – The New,Banality and Celebration – which represent crucial stages in Koons’s development and lead to the nucleus of his thinking and creative activity. The New comprises the ready-made-like cleaning appliances of his early period, symbols of newness and purity. Banality includes those traditionally crafted sculptures in porcelain and wood which have since become (post-)modern icons. Finally, in the Celebration series, on which Koons has been working for almost twenty years, appear high-gloss steel sculptures of unique material perfection, and large-format paintings in which the artist celebrates childhood in a veritably baroque way. Koons’s equally spectacular and subtle works are repeatedly concerned with themes such as innocence, beauty, sexuality and happiness. These reflect his conception of an art that is accessible to every viewer.

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Berlin - Paris

Almine Rech Gallery & Galerie Zink

Berlin et Paris, les deux métropoles de l'art poursuivent les échanges entre les galeries. Berlin-Paris, un échange de galeries est une initiative de l'Ambassade de France en Allemagne, organisé par l'Institut français d'Allemagne / Bureau des Arts Plastiques avec le soutien de l'Institut Français et du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

A l'occasion de cette nouvelle édition, Almine Rech Gallery invite la galerie Zink à présenter l'artiste d'orgine roumaine Veron Urdarianu. La galerie Zink, quant à elle, accueillera des travaux des artistes Ziad Antar, Mark Hagen et Peter Peri.

Ziad Antar, Mark Hagen & Peter Peri @ Galerie Zink
Vernissage le vendredi  29 juin / 16-21h

Veron Urdarianu @ Almine Rech Gallery
Vernissage le vendredi 6 juillet / 16-21h

Pour plus d'informations:

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23.06.2012 - 08.04.2013

Theatre of the World engages, and rejects, the widely held notion that ancient and contemporary works of art are inherently different, and that we must burden the past with the weight of history.

Theatre of the World is a kaleidoscope: here the viewer sees the object, and that is enough. This notion harkens back to the Renaissance view that art and knowledge are inextricably intertwined. This art is visual poetry.
Theatre of the World has, as its backbone, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery collection of Pacific barkcloths and Mona's collection of everything. Other sources are tapped when required to enhance the perceptual interplay, or on whim.
In the theatre of the world art is a conveyor of dreams, a mobilizer of imagination, and a conduit for emotion. When we find beauty sometimes we need look no further.

Curated by Jean-Hubert Martin.
A MONA and TMAG (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) collaboration

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Taryn Simon - A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters

Cette semaine, le Figaroscope annonce l'exposition de Taryn Simon à la galerie Almine Rech.

Pour lire l'article, cliquez sur le lien :

TOM BURR, "CLOUDS IN TROUSERS", Museo Civico Diocesano di Santa Maria dei Servi - Città della Pieve (PG), Italy

09.06 - 10.08.2012

Il Giardino dei Lauri and Città della Pieve are proud to announce Clouds in Trousers, a solo show by Tom Burr at the Museo Civico Diocesano di S. Maria dei Servi in Città della Pieve from June 9th to August 10th 2012. The American artist, whose work is included in the Il Giardino dei Lauri Collection, will present the large installation Gravity moves me, which was recently exhibited in his solo show at the Champagne-Ardenne FRAC, as well as a series of new works conceived and created specifically for the space.
Just as Jonathan Meese and Aaron Young exploited the unique potential of the space (exhibitions, 2010), Tom Burr will produce four new Bulletin Boards for the empty Baroque stuccos.
Screen, a work made up of six panels presenting an opaque side in wood and a shiny side in Plexiglass, will be positioned in front of the altar of the evocative church room.

Burr's Screens are among his most iconic work: just like any folding screen they obstruct the view, but at the same time allow the viewer to glimpse what is behind them, thus alluding to the sexual sphere, as well as to ideas of seeing/being seen/hiding.
The title of the exhibition is an appropriation and re-elaboration of A Cloud in trousers, the long poem by the Russian writer Vladimir Mayakovsky, written in 1915, about the heated themes of love, revolution, religion and art, from the point of view of a rejected lover.

Tom Burr was born in New Haven (Connecticut, USA) in 1963.He lives and works in New York.
His work has been exhibited on many occasions in Europe and in the U.S.A. His most important solo shows include Gravity Moves Me I at the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne (France), Bonvicini/Burr, a double solo show with Monica Bonvicini, at the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau (Munich) and at the Museum für Gegenwartskunst (Basel), Addict – Love at the Sculpture Center (New York), and Moods at the Secession (Vienna) and the 2004 Whitney Biennial. His second solo show at the Bortolami gallery in New York is scheduled for 2012.

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JOHN GIORNO, "THANX 4 NOTHING", FAUX MOUVEMENT - Centre d'Art Contemporain, Metz

31.05 - 02.09.2012

Faux Mouvement présente cette exposition personnelle de John Giorno dans le cadre de la manifestation MONO.

Cet été, 15 institutions culturelles de la Grande Région Lorraine - Luxembourg - Sarre, proposent une approche inédite de l'art moderne et contemporain avec la manifestation MONO. Du 1er juin au 2 septembre 2012, ce sont 20 monographies d'artistes modernes et contemporains qui seront présentées. Une occasion unique de (re)découvrir 15 lieux d'exception en parcourant ce territoire.


Depuis les années 60, John Giorno est une personnalité influente de la poésie contemporaine américaine. En tant que poète, Giorno ne se contente pas du livre publié, mais projette la poésie dans l'espace public, lui donne corps et voix par la performance, l'enregistrement, la peinture ou le dessin. Il est l'un des initiateurs, à New York, du concept de poésie-performance et fait partie des artistes qui en ont changé radicalement la perception.

Dans You Got To Burn To Shine (Il faut brûler pour briller) publié en 1994, il raconte son expérience dans la galaxie turbulente de la contre-culture américaine, dont il fut l'un des grands acteurs. En 1962, il rencontre Andy Warhol – il sera le personnage du film Sleep tourné en 1963 – puis Rauschenberg et Jasper Johns. Giorno commence alors à déplacer les méthodes d'appropriation du Pop Art dans son travail poétique. Par la suite, après sa rencontre avec William S. Burroughs et Brion Gysin, en 1964, il s'intéressera aux techniques du cut up, montage de textes trouvés, et composera ses premiers poèmes sonores.

John Giorno explore les prolongements et les dérivations plastiques de sa poésie. Son oeuvre répond à un désir de débordement du livre, dans une vision Intermédia où les différents modes d'expression et les contenus sont à la fois divers et intimement liés. Il crée ainsi des poèmes visuels, intitulés Poem Paintings, à partir de courts fragments extraits de ses textes, servis plastiquement par une typographie et une composition, formant des ensembles colorés, parfois provocants, pleins d'humour, mais également ouverts à la méditation. Giorno a participé en 2008 à l'exposition Traces du sacré au Centre Pompidou à Paris, et de nombreuses expositions personnelles lui ont été consacrées, en particulier par la galerie Almine Rech à Paris et Bruxelles en 2009 et 2010, récemment par la galerie Nicole Klagsbrun à New York. Il expose actuellement au musée du quai Branly à l'occasion de l'exposition Les Maîtres du désordre. Au centre d'art contemporain Faux Mouvement, il présentera un ensemble de sérigraphies spécialement produites pour le projet Mono et des installations sonores.

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Telephone Paintings - Curated by Nicolas Trembley - Booth H11, Hall 2


Monday, June 11 -  Preview Art Unlimited / Hall 1 /  4-7 pm (invitation only)
Tuesday, June 12 - First Choice Opening / Hall 1&2 / 11am-3pm (invitation only)
Tuesday, June 12 - Preview Opening / Hall 1&2 / 3-8pm (invitation only)
Wednesday, June 13 - First Choice &Preview / Hall 1&2 / 11am-3pm (invitation only)
Wednesday, June 13 - Vernissage / Hall 2 / 3-8pm

Public opening hours:
Thursday to Sunday, June 14-17 / 11am - 7 pm

UWE HENNEKEN @ 'CÉLÉBRATION / Rêves de nature', Musée des Beaux-Arts de Valence, Valence, France

10.05 - 07.07.2012

Avec la nature, Jean-Jacques Rousseau a tissé un lien presque intime, vouant une passion à la botanique et profitant de ses promenades pour nourrir ses « rêveries ». La marche, l’introspection sont autant d’invitations à la rêverie et à la réflexion sur les possibilités d’un « état de nature » et d’un autre rapport au monde. Provenant des collections du musée et d’institutions privées, les œuvres explorent le sentiment de nature, les conditions de sa représentation et d’une relation utopique, intime, mélancolique ou bien festive avec elle.


Taryn Simon captures the essence of vast, generation-spanning stories by photographing the descendants of people at the center of the narrative. In this riveting talk she shows a stream of these stories from all over the world, investigating the nature of genealogy and the way our lives are shaped by the interplay of many different forces.

View the video of her conference:

Ziad Antar @ ‘Ça& là / This & There’, Exhibition at the Foundation Ricard and in the city, Paris

21.04 - 21.05.2012

Vernissage mardi 10 avril 2012 à partir de 18h30

Une exposition à la Fondation d'entreprise Ricard et au-delà, pour célébrer les 10 ans du Pavillon Neuflize OBC, Laboratoire de création du Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Curateur : Claude Closky

ANGE LECCIA @ Palais de Tokyo, Paris

12 - 13.04.2012

Projection du film 'Le début des choses' à l'occasion de la ré-ouverture du Palais de Tokyo. 30h d'événements, de concerts, de performances, de conférences et de spectacles.

Inspiré par l’architecture monumentale du Palais de Tokyo, le film d’Ange Leccia en démultiplie les effets lumineux en jouant avec la surface réfléchissante d’un immense miroir : l’artiste internationalement reconnu Michelangelo Pistoletto est au cœur de ce dispositif d’ombres et de diffractions, scandé par les apparitions d’une jeune femme et les images d’archives du Palais de Tokyo de 1930 à nos jours.

Avec Michelangelo Pistoletto et Sophie Chamoux. Avec le soutien de la Galerie Almine Rech.

UGO RONDINONE @ 'Faces', Onassis Art Centre, Athens

03.04 - 01.07.2012

This exhibition explores the estrangement of the individual, caught between the self, the perception of the self, and society, and the feelings of solitude and spiritual alienation that ensue.

John Cassavetes’ film Faces (1968) is the metaphor for this exhibition, a show that focuses on artists who address the uncomfortable and often dramatic relation between the self, one’s self-representation, and the other.

In his film Faces, Cassavetes analyzes the isolation of the individual, and how this condition is reflected and expressed in the neurosis of the face. The tension of the film is created by the personal idiosyncratic characteristics that build up each one of his actors into a contradictory, complex and layered individual. Like in a play, through a series of non-events, outbursts, meditations and again outbursts, he stages the uncontrolled psychological articulations of a cast of wounded, and wounding, adults.

The works on show will echo the sense of fragility that permeates Cassavetes’ narrative--be it affective, psychological or social. The overall show will reflect the mood of Faces, the intense feeling of alienation that in the film is covered--and at the same time revealed--by a mask, by the face.

Works by the following artists:

John Cassavetes, Morton Bartlett, Samuel Beckett, Claude Cahun, Pierpaolo Campanini, Edy Ferguson, Dionisis Kavallieratos, Karolos Koun, Margherita Manzelli, Ilias Papailiakis, Ugo Rondinone, Lucas Samaras, Thomas Schütte, Cindy Sherman, Lorenzo Tenchini, Miroslav Tichý, Ryan Trecartin, Rosemarie Trockel, Lisa Yuskavage

Curator: Paolo Colombo

Co-ordinator: Marilena V. Karra

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GREGOR HILDEBRANDT @ 'Nightly Concert', Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo, The Netherlands

05.02 - 15.04.2012

Under the title Nächtliches Konzert (Nightly Concert), Museum van Bommel van Dam will be exhibiting work by two young German artists from the 5th of February until the 15th of April: Jorinde Voigt and Gregor Hildebrandt.  Both of them live and work in Berlin and have created enormous furore during the last few years. Both Voigt and Hildebrandt have received various prizes in their current city of residence and have captured attention at international fairs and exhibitions. Nächtliches Konzert will be the first major museum presentation for the duo in the Netherlands.

Everyday phenomena like pop and movie music or the sound of the street are central themes in Nächtliches Konzert. The exhibition title refers literally to a recent work by Jorinde Voigt. At the same time, the title describes the darker works by Gregor Hildebrandt, which is inaudible music. The work by both artists is rather conceptual in nature and places great demands on the imagination of the viewers. Although Hildebrandt and Voigt in essence embrace the same themes, the appearance of their work differs markedly.

Jorinde Voigt (Frankfurt am Main, 1977) is especially well-known for her monumental drawings, in which graceful lines, arrows and numbers form dynamic compositions. Her drawings are a delight to behold, but can also be seen as scoring or coding. The placement of lines and points is not random, but is dictated by an algorithm. Through depicting all the possible steps within a step-by-step plan, Voigt attempts to comprehend and visualise the underlying structures of a phenomenon.
Gregor Hildebrandt (Bad Homburg, 1974) adopts a different method. He mainly creates strongly geometric paintings, installations and collages in which tape from cassettes and videos is incorporated. Music or film has been recorded on the tape. Although the music is inaudible and the film cannot be seen, the recordings determine the content of the work. The song text, the story line, the performing singer or actor returns in the work through the title, a hand-written text or a photograph. Hildebrandt looks for ways to transform elements from a volatile medium into a static image.

In Nächtliches Konzert, the works, which are visually almost exact opposites of each other, are confronted with each other. The light, dynamic drawings by Jorinde Voigt form a contrast with the quiet, dark works by Gregor Hildebrandt. Some works have resemblances. As, in addition to drawings, Voigt also makes sculptures, in which she positions painted bars next to each other against the wall. The geometric and pattern-like appearance of these works is close to the panels by Hildebrandt. In turn, Hildebrandt also ‘paints’ complex collages with tape. The work suggests the abstract expressionist work of, for example, Pollock. The fragile pattern of lines that occurs here does not make it difficult to see similarities with the drawings by Voigt.

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Richard Prince, Angel Vergara, Franz West @ 'Art and Press', Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin

23.03 -24.06.2012

The newspaper has served as material and subject matter for art since the mid-19th Century. Artists deal with this medium in many ways, whether in its function as an instrument of information or of manipulation. The motivations and meanings behind the use of the medium are always different. The exhibition ARTandPRESS shows over 50 artistic positions on this issue, by Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Joseph Beuys, Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer, Ai Weiwei, Julian Schnabel, William Kentridge, Richard Prince, Annette Messager and Rirkrit Tiravanija among others.

Many artists have created new work especially for the exhibition or have selected pieces from their oeuvre. Anselm Kiefer, for example, shows his view on the subject of media change in a large installation in the central atrium of the Martin-Gropius-Bau. The young Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri deals with the subject of censorship with his installation "Newsstand". In their series of paintings "London Pictures", Gilbert & George pose questions on the production of news and the truth by quoting headlines. Ai Weiwei has created an installation of steel reinforcements especially for the exhibition. The material for this comes from earthquake-damaged school buildings, under which around a thousand pupils were buried - the steel serves as evidence in search of the truth, which was not allowed to be reported in China.

ARTandPRESS is a project initiated by the Foundation for Art and Culture in Bonn under the artistic direction of Walter Smerling. Among those serving on the expert advisory council are Götz Adriani, Heiner Bastian, Siegfried Gohr, David Hornemann von Laer, Peter Iden and Norman Rosenthal. Hans-Joachim Petersen is responsible for the coordination.

ARTandPRESS is supported by the sponsor RWE AG. Its media partner BILD has devoted unique coverage to the theme by extensively featuring the participating artists and their works.

Accompanying the exhibition is a comprehensive catalogue, published by Wienand Verlag.

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SYLVIE FLEURY, FRANZ WEST @ 'Gold', Belvedere, Vienna

March 15 - June 17, 2012

The exhibition is devoted to the precious metal gold and its use in art. Displaying 200 works by 125 artists, this comprehensive show staged in the Lower Belvedere, the Orangery, and the Palace Stables highlights various applications of the shimmering metal. Since the Middle Ages, there have never been more artists working with gold than today. On view are familiar examples and numerous new discoveries, including works by Stephan Balkenhol, Georg Baselitz, Willi Baumeister, William Blake, James Lee Byars, Sylvie Fleury, Richard Hamilton, Yves Klein, Imi Knoebel, Emil Orlik, Gerhard Richter, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Giandomenico Tiepolo, Victor Vasarely, Andy Warhol, and Franz West.

“Gold fires the spirit of life, stimulates the heart and blood, and bestows greatness and vigour.”
Paracelsus, 1493–1541

Gold has always held a great fascination for mankind. A symbol of light associated with the sun, it played an important role in all advanced civilizations and was used as a material of the gods, rulers, and the aristocracy. The greed for gold, however, was also a reason for wars, looting, and conquests. In times of crisis, gold is still considered a stabile investment.

In art production, gold was particularly frequently employed during the Middle Ages, yet in the following centuries disappeared from the visual arts almost entirely. It was only in the second half of the twentieth century that many artists took to working with gold again.

“The Belvedere is particularly suitable as a venue for such a comprehensive presentation on the subject of gold,” emphasizes director Agnes Husslein-Arco, “not only because gold runs like a red thread through the various collections and the architecture of the Belvedere palaces, but also because the show juxtaposes traditional visual elements with contemporary art.”

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Almine Rech Gallery @ Paperview Wiels

23rd-25th March 2012

Art Book FAIR

23rd - 25th March 2012

PREVIEW 22nd March 6-9 pm

Prix Fernard Baudin Prijs Award Ceremony


24.03 - 22.04.2012

Opening 23.03.2012, 7 - 10 pm

JOHAN CRETEN @ 'Beauté animale', Les Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris

21.03 - 16.07.2012

L'exposition explore les rapports que les artistes entretiennent avec les animaux, de Brueghel à Jeff Koons, en passant par Léonard de Vinci, Rembrandt, Degas, Giacometti, Matisse, ou Andy Warhol... 
Peintures, dessins, sculptures, photographies, mais aussi croquis naturalistes... 160 chefs d'oeuvre de l'art occidental, de la Renaissance à nos jours, sont réunis. 

Ouverture tous les jours, sauf le mardi, de 10h à 20h - Nocturne le mercredi jusqu’à 22h 

Exposition organisée par la Rmn-Grand Palais

IDA TURSIC & WILFRIED MILLE @ 'La belle peinture est derrière nous', Le Lieu Unique, Nantes

16.03 - 13.05.2012

Le lieu unique est heureux de présenter, sur une proposition de Eva Hober, une exposition manifeste entièrement dédiée à la scène picturale française actuelle et rassemblant 25 artistes.

Ce projet a vu le jour en 2010 à Istanbul – en partenariat avec l’Institut Français – puis s’est déplacé à Ankara en 2011, avant de s’arrêter au lieu unique à Nantes dans quelques semaines et de gagner Maribor (Slovénie) « Capitale européenne de la culture en 2012 » puis Los Angeles dans le cadre des échanges « Paris-Los Angeles 2013 ».

Constituant un ensemble significatif, les artistes invités sont chacun dans des univers visuels forts, mais très différents, qui s’attachent tous à exprimer une violence récurrente. Une tension qui s’annonce omniprésente dans les œuvres de Stéphane Pencréac’h, politique chez Iris Levasseur, mélancolique chez Damien Cadio, cruelle chez Florence Obrecht, sensible chez Audrey Nervi, comique chez Marlène Mocquet, etc…

Première exposition au lieu unique entièrement consacrée à des œuvres picturales, La belle peinture est derrière nous est l’occasion rare de découvrir le dynamisme d’une génération, et la pluralité de ses préoccupations, grâce à un ensemble conséquent de pièces et une réalisation in situ de Jérôme Zonder repéré pour son univers qui joue conjointement du comique et de l’inquiétant.

Talentueux et représentatifs d’une « autre peinture », qui tend vers la figuration, ces artistes nous proposent une vision tout sauf nostalgique de ce média qu’ils maîtrisent à la perfection et qu’ils veulent vivace comme pour mieux nous prouver que non, la peinture n’est pas morte.


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ZIAD ANTAR @ 'Portrait of a Territory', Sharjah Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates

16.03 - 16.05.2012

Lebanese photographer Ziad Antar uses photography and video in work where the artist’s quiet and reflective stance reveals the social and political structures that influence daily life.

Sharjah Art Foundation presents a solo exhibition of new work by Lebanese photographer Ziad Antar that features photographs of the UAE coastline that were taken between 2004 and 2011. This exhibition is curated by Christine Macel, Chief Curator at Musée National D’Art Moderne Centre Pompidou Paris.

While Antar began by randomly photographing the coast, he later worked to systematically document the coastline, Emirate by Emirate, completing the series as part of a Sharjah Art Foundation Residency in 2011. The resulting photographs portray the borders between each Emirate and the sea as a place of contact and engagement with the outside world. The work reveals traces of history drawn on the landscape as well as the recent past of these young countries that have been built upon trade and commerce.

Viewed in succession, these photographs tell the story of an economic boom and its hazards through images of both monumental architectural structures and the abandoned worksites of unfinished construction projects, as well as through the daily lives and activities of the middle classes.

This exhibition consists of 211 black and white and coloured photographs. Installed along walls that wrap around the centre of the exhibition space, the photographs will be hung in a single line that is fractured and segmented, reflecting the physical geography of the United Arab Emirates.

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ZIAD ANTAR, ANGE LECCIA @ 'The Mediterranean Approach', MAC, Marseille

17.02 - 20.05.2012

La mer Méditerranée représente un système géopolitique unique au monde, un point de rencontre de trois continents : l’Afrique, l’Asie et l’Europe. Depuis l’océan Atlantique (détroit de Gibraltar), la Méditerranée s'étend, à l'ouest, jusqu'à la mer de Marmara, au Bosphore et à la mer Noire, pendant qu'au sud-est, le canal de Suez la relie à la mer Rouge. ­ 

Bien plus qu'une expression géographique, la Méditerranée est un carrefour politique et économique entre l’Occident et l’Orient, le Nord et le Sud. Plusieurs communautés culturelles la composent, avec chacune, son approche du monde et ses modes de vie. Un ensemble de modèles complexes de rencontres de peuples et de cultures, qui a donné naissance à de grandes civilisations. 

A travers le regard des artistes participants, l’exposition met en lumière les différences, tout comme les similitudes, qui tissent les identités profondes des peuples méditerranéens. 
Les routes qui traversent la Méditerranée, autrefois domaine des marchands, des voyageurs et des conquérants, sont devenues aujourd’hui, pour les artistes de cette région, les routes vers la connaissance et la créativité.

Pour sa présentation au musée d'art contemporain de Marseille, "The Mediterranean Approach" a reçu le soutien d'ART for The World*, du consulat général d'Israël à Marseille, de la ville de Genève, ainsi que celui des galeries Guy Bärtschi (Genève), Riccardo Crespi (Milan), Kamel Mennour (Paris), Almine Rech (Bruxelles/Paris), Kaufmann Repetto (Milan) et Christian Stein (Milan), de l'Hôtel La Résidence du Vieux Port. 

L'exposition bénéficie par ailleurs du soutien du Conseil culturel de l’Union pour la Méditerranée et elle placée sous l’égide de Marseille-Provence 2013, capitale européenne de la culture. ­

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TARYN SIMON @ 'Photographs and Texts', Art Museum Meilathi, Helsinki

09.03 - 13.05.2012

Internationally acclaimed artist Taryn Simon’s (b. 1975) photographs and writings underscore the invisible space between language and the visual world - a space in which translation and disorientation continually occur. This exhibition presents a selection of works from Simon’s The Innocents, Contraband, and An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar.

Richard Prince – The Fug

New Catalogue available

"Thirteen Different Ways of Looking at Richard Prince"
Essay by John McWhinnie
English and French

Hardcover, 162 pages
63 illustrations
1 poster insert

Published by Almine Rech Gallery

Order it here !

Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille @ La voix dissociée / nouveau festival, Centre Georges Pompidou

22.02 - 12.03.2012

Une proposition de Paul Bernard

« Derrière chaque voix entendue nous devinons une conscience, nous percevons un visage. Les voix du ventriloque possèdent cependant l'étrange pouvoir de s'émanciper de leur propre source. Qu'elles viennent ensuite trouver refuge dans d'autres corps pour leur donner la parole ou qu'elles continuent à errer tels des spectres pour nous hanter, ces voix dissociées troublent l'identification de leur émetteur. Que disent-elles ? » Paul Bernard

Avec les oeuvres, films et documents de :
Abbé de la Chapelle, Samuel Beckett, Horace Brunet, Angela Bulloch, Janet Cardiff et George Bures Miller, Julius Casserius, Denis Diderot, Franck Éon, Joseph Glanvill, Jean-Jacques Grandville, Eugène Hippolyte Forest, Mark Leckey, Laurent Montaron, Philippe Parreno, Vittorio Santoro, Laurie Simmons, Ida Tursic et Wilfried Mille, Wolfgang von Kempelen, Jeff Wall, Marnie Weber, William Wegman, Jordan Wolfson.

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JOE BRADLEY, MARK HANDFORTH @ 'Painting Show', Eastside Projects, Birmingham, U.K

26.11.11 - 25.02.12

Curated by Sophie von Hellermann & Gavin Wade

George Best, Ashley Bickerton, Simon Bill, Joe Bradley, Brendan Cass, George Condo, Cullinan Richards, Mark Handforth, Dietmar Lutz, Hayley Tompkins, Barry McGee, David Musgrave, Paul Newman, André Niebur, Rupert Norfolk, Nicolas Party, William Pope.L, Laure Prouvost, Rob Pruitt, RH Quaytman, Imran Qureshi, Alessandro Raho, Dan Rees, Tamuna Sirbiladze, John Russell & Fabienne Audéoud, DJ Simpson, Josh Smith, Alexis Marguerite Teplin, Paul Thek, Richard Tuttle, Markus Vater, Richard Woods, Zheng Guogu.

26 November 2011 – 25 February 2012 (closed 18 Dec – 4 Jan) Launch 6-8pm 25 November 2011

LIU WEI @ 'Liu Wei & Ai Weiwei', Faurschou Foundation, Beijing

07.10.11 - 26.02.12

The current show at Faurschou Foundation Beijing is the first show of works from the Faurschou Foundation collection. Thereby this exhibition is marking the transition from commercial gallery to art foundation that Faurschou has now undergone.

The collection will thus be shown regularly, both in solo exhibitions of works by the artists' represented in the collection and in thematic exhibitions of works by several artists.

For many years it has been the dream of Luise and Jens Faurschou to focus on the collection and its development, and the possibility of showing it. On the basis of the results and the collection created over the years, it has now become possible to realize this dream.

Both exhibition spaces in Copenhagen and Beijing are based on private funding, but will be oriented towards - and open to - the general public.

Currently on view at Faurschou Foundation Beijing are works from the collection by Ai Weiwei and Liu Wei.

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ISAAC JULIEN @ 'Ten Thousand Waves', Linda Pace Foundation

17.02 - 30.06.12

Conversation with the artist and reception February 17, 2012, 6-9pm - RSVP required

The Linda Pace Foundation presents a special three-screen edition of TEN THOUSAND WAVES by Isaac Julien. The exhibition will be inaugurated with a special event, a conversation between Isaac Julien and Steven Evans, Executive Director and Curator, on Friday, February 17, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the Linda Pace Foundation’s private exhibition space. The conversation will be followed by a reception for the artist and screenings of the work. Space is limited for the conversation and reception; RSVP is required to

SYLVIE FLEURY, JEFF KOONS JOSEPH KOSUTH @ 'Néon, who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue?', La Maison Rouge, Paris

17.02 - 20.05.2012

A partir du 17 février 2012, la maison rouge accueillera la première grande exposition internationale consacrée au néon dans l’art des années 1940 à nos jours, présentant plus d’une centaine d’œuvres historiques ou inédites. Des pionniers comme Lucio Fontana au début des années à 50, à François Morellet, Bruce Nauman, Joseph Kosuth, Maurizio Nannucci ou Mario Merz dans les années années 60, à des artistes tels que Jason Rhoades, Jeppe Hein, Alfredo Jaar, Claude Lévêque, Miri Segal et tant d’autres aujourd’hui…

commissaire de l'exposition: David Rosenberg

vernissage jeudi 16 février de 18h à 21h

TARYN SIMON @ Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

21.01 - 19.11.2012

Taryn Simon - Photographs and Text

Taryn Simon’s ambitious works are the result of a long process of research and investigation. Her photographs and writings underscore the invisible space between language and the visual world—a space in which translation and disorientation continually occur. The personal exhibition in MAMM is a collection of works from Simon’s major projects from 2002 to 2010.

Opening reception January 20, 7 pm

Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow 16 Ostozhenka Street, Moscow, Russia


21.12.2011 - 11.03.2012

« The Deer », une exposition d’Eric Troncy
John Currin, Trisha Donnelly, Alex Katz, Rachel Feinstein, Karen Kilimnik, Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, Richard Phillips, Rémy Zaugg, Alain Séchas, Corentin Grossmann, Loïc Raguénès, Katharina Fritsch, Ugo Rondinone, …

MARK HANDFORTH, JEFF KOONS, RICHARD PRINCE, HAIM STEINBACH @ 'American Exuberance', Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL

30.11.2011 - 27.07.2012

American Exuberance at the Rubell Family Collection/Contemporary Arts Foundation will include 64 artists and 190 artworks, 40 of which were made in 2011, many specifically for this exhibition.

American Exuberance will occupy all 28 galleries in the 45,000 sq. ft. museum, and all works in the exhibition are drawn from the Rubell Family Collection/Contemporary Arts Foundation. A 244-page catalog will be available, with writings by 13 artists in the exhibition including Kathryn Andrews, Frank Benson, Hannah Greely, Thomas Houseago, Richard Jackson, Rashid Johnson, Nate Lowman, John Miller, Richard Prince, Sterling Ruby, Haim Steinbach, Ryan Trecartin, and Kaari Upson.

Exhibition Statement

In our efforts to understand the America we live in today, we turn toward contemporary art and artists. The 64 artists in American Exuberance, all citizens or residents of this country, are keen observers of American culture, economy and politics – whatever their country of origin.

In its totality, the exhibition creates a portrait of the American condition. The artworks span the last few decades for context, with a focus on works made in today’s America.

We asked a number of participating artists to comment on American Exuberance for the catalog. Many of them conceived original texts. The following is an excerpt from John Miller’s essay that has deeply informed our understanding of the subject: 

“American exuberance is part myth and part reality… Paradoxically, exuberance is linked to stagnation, entropy and ruin. Its efflorescence becomes mirage-like. For the artists, these conditions are materials.”

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30.11.2011 - 19.02.2012

Inspired by everyday urban existence, Mark Handforth's sculptures are poetic, lyrical, and wryly comical objects that comment on daily life and human interaction. Through a corporeal engagement with scale and distortion of form, Handforth imbues works such as an illuminated street lamp resting on the ground, a weeping neon moon, and a monumental coat hanger with distinctive personalities. From November 30, 2011 through February 19, 2012, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), North Miami will present Mark Handforth: Rolling Stop, a major exhibition of the artist's work from 1998 to the present.  The exhibition is curated by MOCA Executive Director and Chief Curator Bonnie Clearwater and is part of MOCA's Knight Exhibition Series.


30.11.2011 - 12.02.2012

The  first major installation by Teresita Fernández created in 1996,  will be featured in  Pivot Points V, on view at  the Museum of Contemporary Art, November 30 through February 12. Fernández, who was born and raised in Miami, is world renowned for her installations and public commissions that evoke the relationship between space and the body.  Untitled (Pool), donated to MOCA by Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz, was the first work to be exhibited in the museum's Pavilion Gallery as part of its 1996 inaugural exhibition Defining the 90s: Consensus-Making in New York, Miami and Los Angeles.


DECEMBER 1 - 4, 2011 / Booth C12

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to invite you to Art Basel Miami Beach 2011.

Featuring works by:

Matthias Bitzer, Tom Burr, Mark Hagen, Gregor Hildebrandt, Patrick Hill, Alex Israel, Xylor Jane, Joseph Kosuth, John McCracken, Joel Morrison, Richard Prince, Anselm Reyle, Ugo Rondinone, Matthieu Ronsse, Taryn Simon, Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, Liu Wei, Franz West, Aaron Young

Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

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12.11.2011 - 22.01.2012

The first West Coast solo museum exhibition of photographer Hedi Slimane’s work, California Song spans the photographer's California period and traces his explorations of cycles of urban youth culture and artistic communities, through installations of photographic essays, exhibitions, and publications.California Song spans the photographer's "California period" and traces his explorations of cycles of urban youth culture and artistic communities, through installations of photographic essays, exhibitions, and publications.

Slimane has achieved global recognition over the past decade for his discovery and presentation of emerging musicians and artists. His publications on London youth are among the first books published about the early days of the new British punk-rock movement at the beginning of this decade, capturing the birth of the first generation of Internet users, and redefining the concept of "fans" as an indie youth imagery that has developed globally through emerging social networks. Slimaneʼs widely followed photographic "diary," created in 2006, established and popularized an entirely new genre—the online photo diary.

Slimane has invented a new and oblique visual language to represent youth and reinvent the rock documentary. In his work, live performance is reduced to a minimal, photographic lexicon&mdash:a ritual black-and-white convention of signs. Still life photographs become almost liturgical—a singular, silent expression of youth.

"Hedi Slimane has created a new and fresh visual language for youth today," said MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch. "His black-and-white images capture the essential expression of the emerging art, fashion, and music scenes around the world."

Slimane's exhibition at MOCA will be divided into two parts. An installation and a series of black-and-white print photographs from his California years will be presented on the ground floor, and a sonic, motion-photography installation, produced specifically for MOCA, will be featured on the second floor. The installation will reference a multi-projection, cubic, architectural format, which Slimane has constructed in previous exhibitions to present his photographs, using serial construction and repetition to create an archaic form of cinematic narration.

Slimane's allusive portraiture, in which photographs, portraits, and still life compositions are often signs or fragments of a portrait, will be projected in a repetitive, almost ritual, manner. The installation will also address "performance act," as defined for the first time in Slimane's photographic essay, Stage (2004), and will include a live performance space underneath the projection.

Select California bands, such as No Age, will contribute to the installation, using a fragmentary sound system, and composing panoramic scores&mdash:extended, visual song formats—which will form a dialogue with and define a sonic vocabulary for the photographs.




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28 - 30.10.2011

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to invite you for PaperView / Art Book Fair.

Location: Onomatopee (Schellens), Bleekweg, Entrance C, Eindhoven

Opening event: Friday 28, 6-9pm + Sunday 30, 12-6pm

Entrance free

Almine Rech Gallery @ FIAC, Paris

20 - 23.10.2011 / Booth O.B24

Vernissage le mercredi 19 octobre (by invitation only)

Vernissage professionnel: 15h - 17h

Vernissage public: 17h à 22h

Ouverture au public:

Du Jeudi 20 octobre au dimanche 23 octobre

De midi à 20h

Preview Wednesday October 19th

Professional afternoon: 3 - 5 p.m.

Opening: 5 - 10 p.m.

Public Opening Hours

October 20th - 23rd

12 - 8 p.m.


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NOT VITAL: Art is Global

Artist Talk @ THE RUSKIN School of Drawing & Fine Art University of Oxford

MONDAY 17th OCTOBER 2011, 4-6 PM

Room 9, Exam Schools, High Sreet, Oxford, U.K


13 - 16.10.2011

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to invite you to the FRIEZE ART FAIR 2011

October 13-16, 2011 - Booth A11

Featuring works by:

Matthias Bitzer
Tom Burr
Mark Hagen
Gregor Hildebrandt
Isaac Julien
Peter Peri
Richard Prince
Anselm Reyle
Taryn Simon
Katja Strunz
Liu Wei
Aaron Young

A bronze sculpture by Johan Creten will be presented at FRIEZE SCULPTURE PARK.

Preview Wednesday 12 October

Professional View 2-6:30 PM
Private View         6:30 - 9 PM

Public Opening HoursThursday 13 October (13 - 7 PM)
Friday 14 October  (12 - 7 PM)
Saturday 15 October (12 - 7 PM)
Sunday 16 October  (12 - 6 PM)

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22.09.2011 - 01.01.2012

A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters was produced over a four-year period (2008-11), during which the artist, Taryn Simon, travelled around the world researching and recording bloodlines and their related stories. In each of the eighteen chapters that make up the work, the external forces of territory, power, circumstance or religion collide with the internal forces of psychological and physical inheritance.

The subjects documented by Simon include feuding families in Brazil, victims of genocide in Bosnia, the body double of Saddam Hussein`s son Uday, and the living dead in India. Her collection is at once cohesive and arbitrary, mapping the relationships among chance, blood, and other components of fate.

Each work in A Living Man Declared Dead is comprised of three segments. On the left of each chapter are one or more large portrait panels systematically ordering a number of individuals directly related by blood. The sequence of portraits is structured to include the living ascendants and descendants of a single individual. The portraits are followed by a central text panel in which the artist constructs narratives and collects details. On the right are Simon`s "footnote images" representing fragmented pieces of the established narratives and providing photographic evidence.

Simon`s presentation explores the struggle to determine codes and patterns embedded in the narratives she documents, making them recognizable as variations (versions, renderings, adaptations) of archetypal episodes from the present, past, and future. In contrast to the methodical ordering of a bloodline, the central elements of the stories violence, resilience, corruption, and survival disorient the highly structured appearance of the work. A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters highlights the space between text and image, absence and presence, and order and disorder.

Taryn Simon was born in 1975 in New York, where she lives and works. Her previous work included Contraband 2010, an archive of images of items that were detained or seized from passengers and mail entering the United States from abroad; An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar 2007, which reveals objects, sites, and spaces that are integral to America`s foundation, mythology, or daily functioning but remain inaccessible or unknown to a public audience; and The Innocents 2003, which documents cases of wrongful conviction in the United States, calling into question photography¹s function as a credible witness and arbiter of justice.

Presented by:

National Gallery
Verein der Freunde der Nationalgalerie

Potsdamer Straße 50
10785 Berlin

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Book launch @ Galleria Illy hosted by Flos & Moroso, LONDON

Friday 14 October, 7 - 8:30 pm

Liu Wei, considered one of the most progressive artists working in China today, explores his ideas in a multitude of media that includes performance, sculpture, photography, video, installation and painting.

This book brings together a selection of works crucial to understanding Liu’s practice, beginning with earlier works such as Love It, Bite It (2006), an array of building models made of ox hide dog chews; and the provocative photographic study As Long As I See It (2006). The centerpiece of this volume is the project Trilogy, which Hans Ulrich Obrist calls a Gesamtkunstwerk of sorts. This monumental project weaves several uniquely varied threads of Liu’s practice into three major sculptural installations: Merely A Mistake II (2009-2011), Golden Section (2011) and Power (2011). These works are juxtaposed with paintings from his renowned Purple Air series and the more recent Meditation series. The last part of the book presents a group of selected paintings of critical and personal importance to Liu’s career.

Liu Wei. Trilogy, (Authors: Hans Ulrich Obrist, He Juxing, Guo Xiaoyan, Gunnar B. Kvaran), Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, 2011, 128 pages.

Gallery Illy hosted by Flos & Moroso

7-15 Rosebery Avenue - London EC1R 4SP

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Isaac Julien présentera le film The Leopard (2007) sur le parvis de l'Hôtel de Ville de la ville de Paris, le 1er octobre 2011, de 19h à 7h.

L’installation vidéo « The Leopard » présentée pour Nuit Blanche est une des différentes versions du film de l’artiste « Western Union : Small Boats, 2007 » et prend son titre et son origine à la source du célèbre film de Visconti « Le Guépard ». Tourné à Lampedusa, au large de la Sicile, le film propose une déambulation poétique dans cette île à la grandeur déchue. La caméra suit l’actrice Vanessa Myrie dans cette pérégrination qui va de Visconti aux récents flux de migrants. Réflexion sur la condition humaine, empruntant les chemins de la narration, ce film distille un climat contemplatif et intrigant.

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11.09. – 13.11.2011

Opening: 10.09.2011, 5 – 10 pm

Images of terrorist attacks can be seen live, and within seconds they are dispatched via media portals throughout the world. In the UN Security Council a tapestry with the Guernica motif is veiled, and soon after a satellite photo is presented as a central argument to justify the war. Images of an execution are broadcast live to the White House, though no photos are leaked to the public.

Images spread instantaneously and appear to be the only evidence required to render an event credible and immediate. Seeing is believing, and yet images still manage to overwhelm our imagination, our belief in reality. The realization that images are not merely the objects of a non-media reality but instead create their own realities has become an integral part of the ability to read contemporary images. The visual immediacy of political events, the politicization of images and their uncontrollable speed of circulation have led to intense reflection in contemporary art on the power and status of the image.

Adel Abdessemed, Abbas Akhavan, Kenneth Anger, Nadim Asfar, Taysir Batniji, Adam Broomberg und Oliver Chanarin, Paul Chan, Zeyad Dajani, Anita Di Bianco, Joana Hadjithomas und Khalil Joreige, Khaled Hourani, Iman Issa, Alfredo Jaar, Nedim Kufi, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Gianni Motti, Adrian Paci, Walid Sadek, Taryn Simon, Sean Snyder, Hito Steyerl, Akram Zaatari

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14.10 - 23.10.2011

Opening Thursday October 13th from 6pm to 10pm

press from 3pm

every day from 12 noon to 7pm
on Friday October 14th and 21st, from 12 noon to 8pm
evening hours: October 17th and October 20th, until 10pm

Siège du Conseil économique, social et environnemental
9 place d’Iéna, 75016 Paris


BENELUX: unprecedented in France,
a selection of emerging artists and their famous predecessors


The Palais d’Iéna, a signifi cant artistic venue, was designed in 1939 by the architect Auguste Perret to host temporary painting exhibitions and became the Museum of Public Works until 1956. Recently the Palais d’Iéna has hosted exceptional events. This year, during the Week of Contemporary Art in Paris, it will open the doors of its spectacular 1000 m2 Hypostyle reception room for PEARLS OF THE NORTH, an exhibition dedicated to Dutch,
Belgian and Luxembourg artists. The space is well suited to the project enabling the works to be showcased without
obscuring the intrinsic qualities of the architecture.
The 25 galleries present in the show do not participate in every international art fair.

By giving them this time and space, the curators Caroline Smulders and Jérôme Lefèvre hope to provide international visibility to a group of high quality artists who don’t always have institutional support but whose talent is supported and encouraged by collectors from their own countries.
The purpose of this show is not to establish some kind of inventory of the important artists from each country.
Rather, in accordance with the ideas elaborated in the writings of Marcel Broodthaers, the organizers’wish is to
broaden perspectives for the future.

Artistic director
Caroline Smulders, ILOVEMYJOB
( / cell phone: +336 09 02 66 31 )

Director, administration
Jérôme Lefèvre ( jerome@beautyfl / cell phone: +336 98 89 52 11 )

Coordination, press relations
Pauline Gauthron ( / cell phone: +336 85 91 83 31 )

Images available on our website:


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JOE BRADLEY @ Le printemps de Septembre, Toulouse

23.09 - 16.10.2011

L’édition 2011 du Printemps de Septembre, confiée à Anne Pontégnie, est placée sous le signe d’« un autre monde », comme son titre l’indique clairement. Il s’agira de découvrir des artistes dont le travail prend sa source du côté d’énergies élémentaires quelque peu délaissées par les artistes depuis une trentaine d’années au profit d’une relecture incessante de l’héritage moderniste – « gestes, traces, totems, cérémonies, invocations » seront, selon les mots de la directrice artistique, parmi les outils ou les références auxquels une famille d’artistes a recours dans sa recherche de nouvelles expressions.

Le Printemps innove cette année en investissant certains des lieux du parcours avec la première édition de son Festival International des Écoles d’Art. Il s’associe également au Festival Occitània, à la Mission Locale ainsi qu’à l’Université de Toulouse pour développer des projets spécifiques.

Joe Bradley présentera au Musée les Abattoirs, une nouvelle série de peintures.

Musée les Abattoirs

76, allée Charles-de-Fitte

31300 Toulouse
Métro Saint-Cyprien (ligne A)
+33 (0)5 62 48 58 00

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September 16, 2011 (New York)--President Barack Obama has appointed Teresita Fernández, a MacArthur Award winning visual artist, to serve on the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, a federal panel that advises the President, congress and governmental agencies on national matters of design and aesthetics. Fernández lives and works in New York and is represented by Lehmann Maupin Gallery.

Members of the arts panel play a key role in shaping Washington’s architecture by approving the site and design of national memorials and museums; advise the U.S. Mint on the design of coins and medals; and administer the National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs program, which benefits non-profit
cultural entities that provide arts programming in Washington.
Seven commissioners appointed by the President serve four-year terms.

Past members have included architects, landscape architects and artists, including Daniel Chester French who sculpted the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., who’s projects include the National Mall, Jefferson Memorial and the White
House grounds.

Teresita Fernández (b. 1968) is a visual artist best known for her prominent public sculptures and unconventional use of materials. Fernández's work is characterized by an interest in perception and the psychology of looking. Her experiential, large-scale works are often inspired by landscape and natural
phenomena as well as diverse historical and cultural references. She is a 2005 MacArthur Foundation Fellow and has received many prestigious awards including a Guggenheim Fellowship, a
Louis Comfort Tiffany Biennial Award, an American Academy in Rome Affiliated Fellowship, and a National Endowment for the Arts Artist's Grant.

Fernández's large-scale commissions include a recent site-specific work titled "Blind Blue Landscape" at the renowned Bennesee Art site in Naoshima, Japan. She is the youngest artist commissioned by the Seattle Art Museum for the recently opened Olympic Sculpture Park where her permanently installed
work Seattle Cloud Cover allows visitors to walk under a covered skyway while viewing the city's skyline through optically shifting multicolored glass.

Ms. Fernández’s works are included in many prominent collections and have been exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth, the Castello di Rivoli in Turin, Italy, the
Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC, the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo in Malaga, Spain, and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. Fernández is currently on the board of Artpace, a nonprofit, international artist's residency program.

She received her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and her BFA from Florida International University.



Lehmann Maupin Gallery Fitz & Co.

Bethanie Brady Justin Conner

Tel: 212 254 0054 Tel: 212 627 1455


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Walter Van Beirendonck: Dream the world awake

14.09 - 19.02.2011

In the autumn of 2011, the Antwerp Fashion Museum will present the first large-scale retrospective exhibition of the work of fashion designer WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK.

Over three decades, Van Beirendonck has built up an impressive international career. He is the maverick of the Antwerp fashion scene and became primarily known for his colourful designs, his spectacular fashion shows in Paris in the 1990s under the W.&L.T. label, and the critical messages on society he proclaims in his designs. His work combines the most diverse sources of inspiration, ranging from technology, art and pop culture to ethnography.

In addition to many of the most exceptional silhouettes from Van Beirendonck’s collections, the exhibition provides an overview of the world he lives in, his sources of inspiration and his numerous other projects. By way of different themes, it takes a deeper look into the narrative character of his oeuvre, his fascination for ethnography, spiritualism and the supernatural, rituals, science fiction and technology.

The exhibition reveals how Van Beirendonck examines the frontiers of beauty, creating his own interpretations of concepts imposed by society, for example, in terms of gender and sexuality, and how he incorporates topical themes, including ecology, Aids or mass consumerism into his collections and presentations. The exhibition also investigates the diverse projects beyond the catwalk, in which Walter van Beirendonck has participated, with special focus on his costumes for the U2 PopMart tour in 1997. Walter van Beirendonck has moreover collaborated with fashion photographer Nick Knight/, stylist Simon Foxton and GQ Style UK to develop a new photography and video project created especially for this exhibition.

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Save the date!

Saturday September 10th & Sunday September 11th 2011

The gallery will be open from noon to 7 PM

Special Shuttle service all day long /

Taryn Simon - Contraband

Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, switzerland

21.04.11 - 24.07.11

The Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève is proud and happy to present the first solo show in Switzerland of the American artist Taryn Simon – one of the major figure of contemporary photography and winner of the 2010 Prix Découverte des Rencontres d’Arles – introducing her most recent work, CONTRABAND (2010), an analysis of JFK airport New York, one of the world's major transport hubs, and its passengers. 

CONTRABAND is the result of an arduous and physically demanding sojourn at the airport requiring the artist and her team to adjust to its relentless 24hr rhythm. This series shows illegal, prohibited, pirated and/or counterfeited items detained or seized from passengers and express mail entering the United States from abroad - ranging from pharmaceuticals or drugs to Cuban cigars or animal body parts. 

With this representative sampling frame of international trading, Taryn Simon exposes the mechanisms – needs and desires – of the globalized society in the early 21st century.

Curator: Katya García-Antón

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RICHARD PRINCE - 'The Fug' - Coming soon..

Who is the real Richard Prince? That is the question critic John McWhinnie poses in his essay about the elusive Mr. Prince. The question isn’t obvious when asked of anyone: after all even Rimbaud had a large dose of the not-Rimbaud in him, but it is especially ambiguous when asked of a trickster and artistic shapeshifter of Prince’s caliber.

McWhinnie's essay is a thought provoking exploration of how Prince has manipulated the rules of art and truth throughout his career and in doing so has created a unique body of work that trades in rumor, gossip, innuendo, fabrication, simulation and dissembling.The result is a performative styled art practice that causes a head-scratching whiplash on the part of an audience made up of critics, collectors, enthusiasts and detractors, all of whom suspect Prince of playing them like the butt of a joke.

Finally, Mcwhinnie addresses the ultimate question of his essay: where does Richard Prince the self-mythologizing artist end and Richard Prince the quotidian flesh-and-blood figure begin? And Rather than engaging the question from the perspective of journalistic truth, searching for facts and biographical nuggets to stoke admiration, or conversely, to fuel condemnation of the controversial artist, McWhinnie takes on Prince on his own turf, mythologizing the myth.  To that end he steals and adapts a title from one of Wallace Stevens’ poems Thirteen Different Ways of Looking at a Blackbird and offers the reader thirteen different ways of looking at Prince the artist. Each is a metaphor drawn from the world of Prince’s obsession: literature, movies, magazines, and music. They may, McWhinnie claims, all be  multiple ways of looking at a single artist, but then again, Je est un autre, and it may be that the best we can say is that they are multiple ways of looking at a very singular artist who contains multitudes.

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29.04.11 - 28.08.11

Cette exposition collective, consacrée à l’art américain récent, se concentre sur la façon dont les artistes réagissent à la pléthore d’images et d’informations dans la culture actuelle à travers tous les supports artistiques et les espaces ou hiatus qui les séparent : peinture, sculpture, photographie, film et vidéo. L’image est à la fois convoquée et révoquée dans plusieurs œuvres de cette l’exposition : des matériaux tout faits et des images trouvées sont utilisés d’une façon qui contourne l’héritage de l’Appropriation Art caractéristique d’une bonne partie de la création américaine. Contexte, source et échange sont naturellement impliqués, mais, dans la mesure où la nature associative de la séquence iconographique passe de plus en plus au premier plan. Cette exposition pluridisciplinaire réunit peinture, sculpture, film/vidéo et photographie, à travers une sélection de pièces issues des plus prestigieuses collections d’art contemporain en Belgique.

Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, 'Decade', FRAC Auvergne, Clermont Ferrand, France

09.07.11 - 18.09.11

Par quelle déformation de l’esprit croyons-nous voir des scènes pornographiques, des paysages ou des compositions abstraites, alors que cette peinture nous invite à la voir comme une peinture, comme une solution affirmée mais provisoire, une égalité temporaire ? Et pourquoi percevons-nous immédiatement que nombre de ces peintures nous survivrons, nous qui, pourtant, sommes éternels ?

Eric Troncy

Les images sont vulgaires mais la peinture, elle, est là dans sa grandeur, son lustre, quelque chose de grandiloquent presque, généreux, débordant. La peinture dans tous ses états. Toutes les factures sont là, toutes les touches possibles, tous les styles, parfois sur une même toile, toutes les manières de peindre, tous les aspects. Tous les genres aussi : portraits, paysages, abstractions, formes géométriques, expériences optiques. Leurs toiles convoquent l’histoire de la peinture, mais discrètement, tout le passé de la peinture sous toutes ses formes, et l’amènent dans notre présent, celui d’Internet où Ida Tursic et Wilfried Mille font leur marché d’images, celui du cinéma, de la pub, des journaux de mode, des starlettes, de la célébrité triste de seconde zone.
Virginie Vuillaume

Exposition organisée à l'occasion de la sortie de la parution du livre "Decade"

Textes de Eric Troncy et Virginie Vuillaume

Français / Anglais - 280 pages

Disponible dans The Shop @Almine Rech

FRAC Auvergne - 6 rue du Terrail - 63000 Clermont-Ferrand
+33(0)4 73 90 5000 -

Du mardi au samedi de 14h à 18h, le dimanche de 14h à 17h  (Sauf jours fériés) - Entrée libre

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GARAGE - Centre for Contemporary Culture, Moscow, Russia

11.06.11 - 14.08.11

Garage Center for Contemporary Culture will present the first solo exhibition in Russia by one of the world’s most important contemporary artists - James Turrell. The American artist will be the subject of a retrospective spanning 40 years, including early experiments with light projections from the 1960s, a specially commissioned Ganzfeld installation (Purusa) and Perceptual Cell (Light ReignFall), presented here for the first time.


ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj, Denmark

25.06.11 - 14.08.11

Over the past seven years the German artist Anselm Reyle has won great international recognition. He is one of the major figures in a new wave of artists who have revived and renewed abstract art. At ARKEN’s major summer exhibition visitors can experience a number of Reyle’s works, including a huge site-specific installation that will be created specifically for the occasion.

Reyle remixes everyday objects, popular culture and ‘bad taste’ with references to the modernist art of the 20th century. His works are fascinating compositions of seductive materials and surfaces. The colours and materials that Reyle chooses are synthetic and kitschy: rustling silver foil, glossy metal paint and loud neon colours.

The exhibition will be the first presentation of Anselm Reyle’s works in a Danish museum of art.

Taryn SIMON - A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters

Tate Modern, Londres, Royaume-Uni

25.05.11 - 06.11.11

Tate Modern premieres an important new body of work by the American artist Taryn Simon, who chronicles generational histories through an elaborate assembly of image and text.

In each, the external forces of territory, power, circumstance or religion collide with the internal forces of psychological and physical inheritance.

From feuding families in Brazil to victims of genocide in Bosnia, and human exhibitions in the United States to the living dead in India, Simon forms a collection that maps the relationships among chance, blood and other components of fate. Simon’s presentation explores the struggle to determine patterns embedded in the narratives she documents.

The Hague Under the Heaven


Liu Wei’s multi-faceted oeuvre is a quick-witted commentary to the contemporary society and culture he observes around him.

The frenetic vibe, intemperate zeal and endless transition of today’s China are all reflected in his art. ChinaIV (2010), on show here, is a variable installation made from porcelain household ware, a tree trunk, cement, iron and netting.

Its vertical structure evokes another image of a high rise construction site; the arrangement of the separate parts compares how children would build with toy blocks.

Liu Wei uses existing everyday material, playing with imagination and perception, thus luring the audience in a site of evocative nature touching issues of our immediate surrounding reality.

Taryn Simon @ The Danish Pavilion

54th International Art Exhibition / Biennale di Venezia

Professional Preview Opening:
Thursday, 2 June 2011, at 15:30
Duration of exhibition 4 June–27 November 2011


For the 54th Venice Biennale, the Danish Pavilion will host an international group exhibition, curated by Katerina Gregos, which will explore the very timely and complex issue of freedom of speech. The question of freedom of speech is one that is being increasingly contested in light of transformations taking place globally, both in authoritarian regimes and in liberal democracies, where civil liberties seem to be increasingly under threat.

Apart from the fact that it relates to Denmark specifically, it is also highly relevant in relation to much of what is happening in many countries in the world today, from: press intimidation and censorship in Russia and elsewhere; to Google's recent episode in China; current events in North Africa; changes to media law in Hungary; the WikiLeaks scandal; and other factors such as increased surveillance in the UK and the USA, and highly charged debates about the limits of freedom of speech in several European countries, such as the Netherlands. The notions of freedom of speech and freedom of expression also impact upon, and are interrelated with, other areas such as the freedom of the press, censorship and self-censorship, the internet, copyright, intellectual property, the privatisation of knowledge, protest and public order, public space, judicial and legal questions, pornography, sexual orientation, lifestyle preferences, and human rights issues in general. It is important to point out that the understanding of 'freedom of speech,' in this context is not only in relation to the spoken word per se but also to inextricably interrelated issues of freedom of artistic expression. The exhibition in the Danish Pavilion aims to complicate the issue of freedom of speech, which seems, increasingly, to be used as an empty political slogan that is subjected to a very simplified, biased and populist debate. Denmark has a longstanding reputation of freedom of speech and freedom of press. It has always been at the forefront of the public debate on a number of progressive issues in relation to freedom of speech; but it has also suffered the so-called 'trauma of free speech,' making it even more appropriate to use the Danish Pavilion as a springboard from which to discuss these issues.

SPEECH MATTERS features 18 international artists of different generations from 12 countries. 13 new installations and works have been commissioned specially for the exhibition

Participating artists: Agency (International, est. 1992) – Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri (Palestine & Iran) – Robert Crumb (USA, 1943) – Stelios Faitakis (Greece, 1976) – FOS (Denmark, 1971) – Sharon Hayes (USA, 1970) – Han Hoogerbrugge (the Netherlands, 1963) – Mikhail Karikis (Greece, 1975) – Thomas Kilpper (Germany, 1956) – Runo Lagomarsino (Argentina/Sweden, 1977) – Tala Madani (Iran, 1981) – Wendelien van Oldenborgh (the Netherlands, 1962) – Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (Denmark, 1970) – Taryn Simon (USA, 1975) – Jan Švankmajer (Czech Republic, 1934) – Johannes af Tavsheden – Tilman Wendland (Germany, 1969) – Zhang Dali (China, 1963).

Curator: Katerina Gregos

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John Giorno @ The Bauer Hotel / Venice

June 2 - June 23, 2011

The Bauer, Campo San Moise

San Marco 1459, Venice, Italy

June 2- June 23, 2011

Curated by David Dorrell

The exhibition will open with a performance by John Giorno
at 10 pm (June 2nd) in the Ballroom of the Bauer Hotel

In 1968, John Giorno created Dial-A-Poem innovating
the use of the telephone as a tool of mass communication.
Dial-A-Poem’s enormous success at reaching a mass
audience via millions of calls to the hotline, gave rise to
Dial-A something industry; from Dial-A-Joke and Dial
Sports to phone sex and 900 numbers. Dial-A-Poem
ushered in a new era in telecommunications.
In Star 69: Dial-A-Poem-Relics, WhiteNoise brings
together both physical elements of Giorno’s Dial-A-Poem
Actions, including artifacts used during its notorious
inclusion in the landmark ‘Information’ exhibition at
MOMA New York in 1970, and audio recordings of works
by Giorno, William Burroughs and Patti Smith recorded
for Giorno Poetry Systems.
As an artist and innovator John Giorno has challenged
artistic orthodoxy at every turn and his early attempts
at ‘sampling’ with synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog and
experimental ‘cut-ups’ (a result of time spent with Brian
Gysin and William Burroughs) helped break new ground
in poetry and performance. His willingness to experiment
presents us, the audience, with a cultural origami of sorts:
Buddhism, networks and systems, Queer Politics, AIDS
activism, non-profit business, art and technology – all
have been folded by Giorno into a praxis that revolts
against the prevailing nihilistic trend in modernism and
Post-modernism. John Giorno is an early practitioner of
what the artist Matthew Stone calls, ‘optimism as cultural
The Victorian writer, William Hazlitt, called poetry:
“the universal language which the heart holds with nature
and itself.” Giorno has both become this language and
evolved it. As he noted in a 2002 interview with Hans
Ulrich Obrist: “It occurred to me that poetry was seventyfive
years behind painting and sculpture and dance and
music.” Somewhere along this shining path, John Giorno –
our last warrior-poet – closed the gap.

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Franz West Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement

54th Edition Venice Biennial / ILLUMInations (Venice, Giardini and Arsenale, June 4th - November 27th, 2011).

Sturtevant and Franz West will be the recipients of the Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement of the 54th International Art Exhibition

The decision, made by the Board of la Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta, under director Bice Curiger’s proposal, finds its motivation in “the uniqueness of their topical contribution to Contemporary Art and for having developed a forceful and rich oeuvre, which invites to see the artistic production in connection with other intellectual discourses”.

The award will be officially presented to the two artists on June 4th, 2011, at noon during the opening and award ceremony of the exhibition.

THE MEDITERRANEAN APPROACH - 54th Edition Venice Biennial

Palazzo Zenobio, Venise / 01.06.11 - 08.08.11 / Vernissage le 03.06.11

La galerie Almine Rech et Art For the World sont heureux de vous convier à l'exposition "The Mediterranean Approach" qui se déroulera du 1er juin au 8 août 2011, à l’occasion de la 54ème édition de la Biennale de Venise, au Palazzo Zenobio à Venise.

Le vernissage aura lieu le jeudi 3 juin 2011, de 19h à 22h.

Proposée par Adelina von Fürstenberg (présidente dʼART for The World), et Thierry  Ollat (co-directeur du Musée dʼArt Contemporain de Marseille), lʼexposition accueille les œuvres dʼartistes originaires de la région Meditérranéenne, ou y œuvrant :  Ghada Amer (Egypte), Ziad Antar (Liban), Faouzi Bensaïdi (Maroc), Marie Bovo (Espagne), David Casini (Italie), Hüseyin Karabey (Turquie), Ange Leccia (France), Adrian Paci (Albanie), Maria Papadimitriou (Grèce), Khalil Rabah (Palestine),  Zineb  Sedira (Algérie), Gal Weinstein (Israël), Peter Wüthrich (Suisse).

"La Méditerranée est bien plus quʼune expression géographique. Cadre vivant de références à un ensemble de modèles complexes, carrefour à la fois de peuples et de cultures, elle est le lieu de la naissance de grandes civilisations et la porte ouverte entre  lʼOccident et lʼOrient. A travers le regard des artistes participants, lʼexposition sʼattache à mettre en lumière les différences, tout comme les similitudes, qui tissent les identités profondes des peuples méditerranéens."


Art for the World: Laura Revelli Beaumont - / +33 (0)6 70 21 29 40

Almine Rech Gallery: Camille Blumberg - / +33 (0)1 45 83 71 90


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Biennale di Venezia 2011

54th International Art Exhibition: ILLUMInazioni - ILLUMInations

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to anounce the participation of  JAMES TURRELL & FRANZ WEST at the 54th International Art Exhibition - ILLUMInations as part of the Venice Biennale.

Location: Venice (Giardini and Arsenale)

Dates:  June 4th – November 27th, 2011
Preview: June 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2011

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Damien Cadio

'D'après la ruine' - Centre Culturel de Vilnius, Lituanie

15.04.11 - 05.07.11

Le Centre culturel de Vilnius (Vilniaus Kultūros Centras) accueille « D’après la ruine », une exposition mise en scène par le commissaire Renaud Serraz.

Douze artistes figuratifs français sont présentés : Céline Berger, Romain Bernini, Damien Cadio, Eric Corne, Damien Deroubaix, Marc Desgrandchamps, Iris Levasseur, Bruno Perramant, Nazanin Pouyandeh, Florence Reymond, Duncan Wylie et Katharina Ziemke.

Almine Rech Gallery @ Art Brussels

Thu 28 April - Sun 1 may 2011


Brussels Expo, halls 1 & 3
Place de Belgique, 1 / BE- 1020 Brussels
Brussels Ring Road 0 - exit 7 bis or 8 - map available on website
Metro line 6 (direction Roi Baudouin) - Heysel

Preview: Wednesday 27 April 2011, noon - 4pm
(invitation only)
Vernissage : Wednesday 27 April 2011, 4-10 pm
(invitation only)
Fair: Thursday 28 April- Sunday 1 May 2011

Booth - Almine Rech Gallery

Info -



With the support of Fondation d'entreprise Hermès, Atelier Hermès (3rd Floor, Maison Hermès Dosan Park) presents Isaac Julien's solo exhibition, Ten Thousand Waves, from April 29th to July 17th.

Ten Thousand Waves, the first exhibition of Atelier Hermès' 2011 programme, is also Isaac Julien's first solo exhibition in Korea. Julien, a world-renowned British artist, has mainly worked in film and video, and has already opened up a new dimension in video installation. Some of his work has been seen in Korea in recent years: Baltimore at the Busan Biennale 2004 and Western Union: Small Boats at the Gwangju Biennale 2008.

Julien's new 3-channel video installation Ten Thousand Waves is based on the 55-minute film of the same title that the artist worked on for four years. While it was presented as a 9-channel video installation at its world premiere at the Sydney Biennale 2010 as well as at exhibitions in Shanghai, Miami, and London, for this occasion the work has been specially rearranged as a three-screen version, to accommodate the specific space of Atelier Hermès. Mostly shot in China, Ten Thousand Waves is an artist's film that features well-known actresses such as Maggie Cheung and Zhao Tao, the impressive heroine in Jia Zhangke's 24 City. The young video artist Yang Fudong, the poet Wang Ping, and the venerable Chinese calligrapher Gong Fagen also appear on screen. In particular, Wang traveled between London and China, establishing a dialogue with Julien from the preparatory stage and created poems that are featured as voice-overs in the film.

The brief storyline of Ten Thousand Waves has three layers. The first is a Chinese legend about the goddess Mazu (1) (played by Maggie Cheung) who has a special power to guide shipwrecked sailors safely to shore. Here Julien transposes the goddess into contemporary China, where Mazu bends space and time, flying between the buzzing rush hour of Shanghai and a landscape with a calm bamboo forest and stony mountains. The second layer concerns an accident that happened recently to a group of 23 Chinese illegal immigrant workers who were gathering cockles at the seashore in England in the spring of 2005. Unaware of the seasonal high tide, they were suddenly swept away to their deaths; even their guardian Mazu was unable to save them. The third layer is based on the specific situation of early twentieth-century Shanghai, when the city was dominated by Western powers. During this time, the 1930s, Shanghai flourished as a center of the film industry. The Goddess (1934), which was produced during this period, portrays the tragic life of a woman who had no choice but to prostitute herself in order to make a living to support her children. Julien remakes the film (in which Zhao Tao plays its heroine) to evoke the atmosphere of Shanghai in the 1930s. As these three layers interweave, Ten Thousand Waves crosses the boundaries of past and present, fiction and reality, and feature film and documentary.

Scrupulously, like a surgeon wielding a scalpel, Julien dissects the film's sequences, scenes, and shots to synthesize them as a contemporary art installation of great complexity. The background sound, meticulously inserted not only as the main narration but also as additional explanation or monologue, enriches the enthralling video installation. The narrative structure intermingling Chinese culture and history as well as modern catastrophes is in keeping with Isaac's life-long subject matter. Immigrant workers rooted in post-colonialism and economic globalization were featured in his earlier work Western Union. Deliberately connecting aesthetic, social, and psychological dimensions, Julien's video installation invites the audience to experience a corporeal perception similar to floating. As viewers drift through the video projection space they confront the grave question of Western-centric cultural globalization.

In addition to the video installation work this exhibition includes four large-format photographic works derived from the film: Hotel, Maiden of Silence, Red Chamber Room, and Mazu Turning.

(1) Mazu(媽祖/天后) is a goddess of the sea traditionally worshiped in the coastal provinces of southern and central China as well as in Chinese Taipei.

Atelier Hermès

3rd Floor, Maison Hermès Dosan Park

630-26 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu

Seoul, Korea

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Recontre - Lecture avec Ange Leccia et Jean-Philippe Toussaint

Villa Médicis, Rome, Italie

Jeudi 21 avril 2011 - Grand Salon

Extraits de film alternés avec des moments de lecture. Dans le cadre du cycle de lectures. La Villa Médicis vous invite, ce printemps, à des rencontres - lectures mensuelles avec un écrivain, français ou étranger, à vous laisser envoûter par le pouvoir des mots et par des projections d'images qui accompagneront les phrases, dessinant ainsi une large définition de la littérature.

Space Oddity

@ CCAndratx, Majorca, Spain

23.04.11 - 30.06.11

Group Show curated by Friederike Nymphius

Artists: John M Armleder, Beni Bischof, Matthias Bitzer , Sebastian Black, Martin Creed, Spencer Finch, Poul Gernes, Liam Gillick, Terry Haggerty, Jeppe Hein, Lothar Hempel, Knut Henrik Henriksen, Yago Hortal, Nathan Hylden, Imi Knoebel, Peter Kogler, Udomsak Krisanamis, Jim Lambie, Mathieu Mercier , Alan Michael, Jeremy Moon, Stefan Müller, John Nixon, Rupert Norfolk, Anselm Reyle, Ruth Root, Katja Strunz, Sofie Thorsen, Ignacio Uriarte, Richard Wright.

SPACE ODDITY is an international group show conceived especially for Kunsthalle CCA Andratx. The exhibition will explore the notion of art, space and their interplay by challenging the visitor's perception.

Richard Prince — American Prayer

BNF - National Library of France, Paris March 29, 2011 to June 26, 2011

After the Musée du Louvre and the Château de Versailles where Jan Fabre’s and Jeff Koons’ works were respectively presented, the Bibliothèque nationale de France also opts for contemporary creation, inviting the worldwide famous American artist, Richard Prince. Especially well-known for his cow boy photographs illustrating Marlboro advertising campaigns and for his series of « nurse » paintings, the artist is the best at depicting the American fin de siècle. This is the first monographic exhibition on Richard Prince organised in Paris. The title « Richard Prince – American prayer » refers to Jim Morrison’s poem. The exhibition focuses on a feature of personality never presented before. Richard Prince is a passionate booklover and a collector of American pop culture and countercultures from the 50s’ to the 80s’.

This artistic movement has inspired his work as photographer and painter.Thanks to a musical background - including works by Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan and the Velvet Underground – and to his collaboration with the designer David Adjaye, Richard Prince portrays an American continent scoffing at its myths, introduced in a beat, hippie or punk context. Rare books and manuscripts by Rimbaud, Céline, Cocteau and Genet, European underground magazines and popular books, were selected among BnF’s collections. Richard Prince has planned to re-appropriate some of them, building bridges with several treasures from his private collection of books that were never previously put on display. Documents connected to the key beat generation figures are presented such as an annotated copy of William Burroughs’ « Naked lunch » or the handwritten scroll of Jack Kerouac’s « Big sur », Prince’s collection of « pulp fiction » focusing on the erotic and disturbing nurse character or his collection of editions of Nabokov’s « Lolita » in about twenty languages. Paintings, drawings, photographs, artists’ books, manuscripts and objects illustrate the artist’s personal universe between high and low culture, between America and Europe. The exhibition ends with a reading room which walls have been covered with fake books conceived by Richard Prince and treasures rarely presented before.

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Sylvie Fleury

Contemporary Art Center of Málaga (CAC)

18 March to 12 June 2011

The Contemporary Art Center of Málaga, in collaboration with the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, is presenting the first exhibition in Spain of the Swiss artist, Sylvie Fleury.

It comprises a survey of her output over the last 20 years and will allow the visitor to see some of her most important works through which she offers an ironic vision of consumer culture and the angst that prevails in contemporary society.

Sculptures, murals, videos and neons constitute the key pieces in a comprehensive display of works which demonstrates that nothing is what it seems while revealing the most destructive side of present-day aspirations.
The artist guides the viewer through the world of fashion, luxury and leading brand names, using the vehicle of art to criticise the superficiality of a capricious, dissatisfied world.

After the Gold Rush : Contemporary Photographs from the Collection

@ The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will present After the Gold Rush: Contemporary Photographs from the Collection from March 22, 2011, through January 2, 2012, in the Joyce and Robert Menschel Hall for Modern Photography. Drawn entirely from the Museum’s permanent collection, the exhibition features 25 photographs dating from 1979 to the present by 15 contemporary artists.

This is the first occasion for the Museum to present recently acquired works by:  Curtis Mann, Gretchen Bender, James Casebere, Moyra Davey, Katy Grannan, Hans Haacke, An-My Lê, Trevor Paglen, and Wolfgang Tillmans. Also featured are photographs by: Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Robert Gober, Adrian Piper, Laurie Simmons, Jeff Wall, and Christopher Williams.

'Ten Thousand Waves' by Isaac Julien

@ Museum Brandhorst, Germany

From 30 March 2011 onwards the work "Ten Thousand Waves" by Isaac Julien will be presented for the first time in Germany in the Museum Brandhorst. Ten Thousand Waves is a 9-channel video installation which the artist worked on for almost four years and it was finished in 2010.

Theresienstrasse 35a
80333 Munich | Germany

P: +49 (0)89 23805-2286

The Udo and Anette Brandhorst Stiftung has contributed to the financing of a new work by Isaac Julien, which was completed in 2010 and will be presented in Germany for the first time starting 30 March 2011 in the Museum Brandhorst.

Ten Thousand Waves is a 9-channel video installation which the artist worked on for almost four years.  The main scenes were filmed in China under participation of several internationally-celebrated actresses, including the legendary Maggie Cheung and Zhao Tao. The video artist Yang Fudong, as well as the poet Wang Ping and calligraphy grandmaster Gong Fagen also stood before the camera.

The starting point for Julien was a Chinese legend concerning the goddess Mazu whose special powers include the safe escorting of those imperiled at sea to quieter shores. Clips of old photographs conjure up this story; however, Julien relocates the main character, played by Maggie Cheung, to modern-day China where scenes are repeatedly filled with tumultuous traffic jams in Shanghai. These are contrasted with wonderful riverscapes, bordered by bamboo forests and sandstone mountains, in which a few river boats have gone astray. A second storyline focuses on the death of 23 illegal Chinese immigrants in England who worked as cockle pickers.  Being unfamiliar with the tide times of the Atlantic Ocean, they perished in 2005 during the incoming spring tide. Mazu was unable to help with this situation. The only thing that “survived” the tragic accident was a major media response. A third level is manifested in sequences that relate to the first decades of the 20th century when Shanghai was granted special status, enabling the production of important films like, among others, The Goddess, which traces the fate of a young unemployed woman who turns to prostitution in order to support herself and her child. In Julien’s version, which evokes the atmosphere of the 1930s, this role is played by Zhao Tao.

With Ten Thousand Waves Julien resolutely continues to make use of those elements that already characterize his earlier works (including Western Union / Small Boats in the collection of the Museum Brandhorst). His video installations all address aesthetic, social and psychological aspects of various living environments in which Western ideas of global culture are partly questioned and partly formulated in a new way.  It is, as it were, the interleaving of post-colonial strategies with post-structuralist rudiments that assigns Isaac Julien’s oeuvre the outstanding role it has achieved within the spectrum of contemporary art.

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Maison Elsa Triolet, Aragon, France

18.06.11 - 02.10.11

Teresita Fernández

Blind Landscape - Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, USA

28.01.11 - 08.05.11

This survey presents a spectrum of the artist's most recent and ambitious projects created between 2005 and 2010.  Featured among the exhibition's ten works is the artist's latest graphite and steel sculpture, Drawn Waters (Borrowdale) (2009); and Epic (2009), a monumental graphite wall installation. Resembling an immense, cascading branch, Vertigo (sotto en su) (2007) includes eight layers of precision-cut, highly polished metal woven into an intricate, reflective arboreal pattern that suspends from the ceiling high above the viewer.

Teresita Fernández

Blind Landscape - Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth

17.04.11 - 19.06.11


'Nuit Bleue' - Sortie le 13 avril 2011

Projections de presse:

- Mardi 1er Mars, à 11h

- Jeudi 17 mars, à 11h

- Mercredi 6 avril, à 11h

A l'Espace Saint-Michel, 7 place Saint Michel, 75005 Paris

Réservation 01 55 79 03 43  ou


'Femme objet / Femme sujet' - Abbaye Saint-André, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Meymac, France


Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, 'It was the dirty end of winter', Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dôle, Franche-Comté, France

18.01.11 - 30.04.11

Ida Tursic et Wilfried Mille ont fait l’objet de plusieurs expositions monographiques. Ils ont pris part à des expositions collectives telles que La Force de L’Art à Paris en 2005 ou The Freak Show au Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon (2007, reprise l’année suivante au Musée de la Monnaie de Paris). Ils ont remporté le 11e Prix Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard en 2009.

Pour leur exposition au musée des Beaux-Arts de Dole, ils présenteront une soixantaine d’œuvres récentes parcourant les thématiques de leur production (nus, scènes de genre, paysage). Elles rendront compte de leur relation particulière au monde de l’image, exprimée par des procédés plastiques variés. La scénographie de l’exposition tissera un fil d’ariane autour de ce questionnement sur le visible et sa représentation. Elle se basera sur le principe d’une déambulation orientée depuis la périphérie de l’espace pour se diriger vers son cœur, visant à mettre en œuvre « une expérience physique de l’exposition.

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Almine Rech Gallery @ VIP ART FAIR

January 22-30 2011

The Fair will open on Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 8:00 a.m. EST and conclude on Sunday, January 30, 2011, at 7:59 a.m. EST. Browsing the Fair is free of charge.
To access interactive capabilities, visitors must have a VIP Tickets.

Visitors are encouraged to request an invitation in advance.
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Tom Burr

'Gravity moves me' - FRAC Champagne Ardenne, Reims, France

04.02.11 - 17.04.11

Gravity Moves Me, première exposition institutionnelle de Tom Burr en France, réunit un ensemble d’œuvres inédites spécialement conçues par l’artiste américain pour les espaces du FRAC Champagne-Ardenne.

Une anthologie des textes de Tom Burr, éditée par le FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, est actuellement en préparation et sera publiée dans le courant de l’année 2011.

Commissaire de l’exposition : Florence Derieux

The shop @ Almine Rech

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “The Shop” on Saturday 20 November. The Shop located at 20 rue de l’Abbaye, in Brussels proposes limited editions as well as artists books and catalogues.

Occupying two floors, this new project will present new editions focusing alternately on artists who are currently at the forefront of the contemporary art scene. Visitors will notably discover a range of limited editions from Matthias Bitzer, Gregor Hildebrandt, Damien Hirst, Richard Prince, Anselm Reyle, Cindy Sherman, Matthieu Ronsse, James Turrell and Franz West.

The Shop will also give the gallery and its artists the opportunity to develop and present new projects through the creation of new editions and publications.

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Isaac Julien

Creative Caribbean Network - Bass Museum, Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

02.12.10 - 03.06.11

The Bass Museum presents the most comprehensive exhibition of the artist’s work in the last ten years. The exhibition features the US premiere of the installation Ten Thousand Waves along with films and photographs from earlier series Paradise Omeros, Baltimore and Vagabondia. In subtle yet complex narratives, Julien’s body of work is a meditation on the cultural impact of global migration. His installations are presented on an epic scale; poetic and art-historical references are interwoven into frank portrayals of human drama.

Katja Strunz @ Muzeum Sztuki w Lodzi

Afterimages of Life. Władysław Strzemiński and Rights for Art

11.30.10 - 02.27.11

Władysław Strzemiński is an iconic figure, one of the most radical artists connected with the inter-war avant-garde movement in Poland. He is also a crucial figure for the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz: it is thanks to his efforts that the International Collection of Modern Art of the “a.r” group was created and marked the beginnings of the institution. Afterimages of Life is the first monographic exhibition of the artist in the period of the last 17 years. Its objective is the re-interpretation of Władysław Strzemiński’s works and placing them in the context of contemporary world. The multi-layered activities of Strzemiński aimed not only at transforming of the so-called high art – painting, sculpture, architecture – but also at transforming  the broadly-understood design, which would eventually lead to transformation of men’s surroundings and their lives. Today, his attitude is generally interpreted solely in historical context but the questions to which he tried to find answers – what laws govern art, what are art’s rights, can art be separated from life and to what extent can art influence life – seem to be topical still.
What are „afterimages”, the key notion to Strzemiński’s theory of seeing? Physiologically speaking, retina retains the object for a longer time than the moment of seeing the ting actually lasts: it remembers the image although the gaze has already. This is why the eye has a possibility of overlapping and mixing images: those that are still on the retina, although we do not look at them anymore, and those we see in real time. It can thus be said that the overlapping of images makes it possible to transfer visual elements from one area onto the other, e.g. from painting onto sculpture, from sculpture onto architecture, from architecture onto life. This was some phenomena discovered in painting can be applied in everyday life, interior design, or even urban planning design.
The second part of the title: Władysław Strzemiński and Rights for Art refers to the artist’s deliberations on the „right” to which he devoted a large part of his research. Strzemiński was deeply convinced that art has the right to participate in life and life has the right to participate in art. Art then, according to Strzemiński should discover essential elements of life and create their artistic counterparts. Art is not a creation separated from reality but functions within it and results from it.

Broadening the field of interpretation of Strzemiński’s works, the curators invited a German artist, Katja Strunz, who re-works the theme of avant-garde in her own work, to cooperate in creating the exhibition. Thanks to her intervention in the shape of the architecture of the exhibition we are given a new commentary to the works of Strzemiński. Strunz, using the letters of Strzemiński’s alphabet created in the 1930s, put together the word Zeittraum, That outlines the space of the exhibition.

Afterimages of Life. Władysław Strzemiński and Rights for Art are the largest and the  most important production of the Museum in 2010. The exhibition is accompanied by a series of lectures conducted by international guests, an analytic seminar of reading Strzemiński’s theoretical texts, a discussion panel and workshops and educational activities for wide audiences. Related to the exhibition, three publications will be issued: the exhibition catalogue, a brochure connected with Katja Strunz’s artistic design and a book consisting of interpretations aimed at filling the gap in research into Strzemiński’s works.

Władysław STRZEMIŃSKI (1893-1952) – is considered to be the most important figure of avant-garde art in Poland. A painter, graphic artist, theoretician and educator, he was the pioneer of avant-garde in the Poland of the 1920s and 1930s. The theory of Unism he developed is an important contribution to the history of world art of the 20th century. His theoretical activities dominated the avant-garde art. thought. He was the author of many books and articles: Unism in Painting (1928), Space Composition. Time-Space Rhythm and its Calculations (1931) – written together with his wife, Katarzyna Kobro – and Theory of Vision published posthumously (1958) count among the most important ones. A student and a close friend of Kasimir Malevich, he brought to Poland and disseminated the ideas of constructivism. He was a member of the most important avant-garde groups of the 1920s: „Blok”  „Praesens” and „a.r.”. He was also the organiser of modern art: in 1929, with the members of “a.r.”, he begun collecting the International Collection of Modern Art that consisted of donations by the representatives of European avant-garde: Theo van Doesburg, Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters, Pablo Picasso (lost during World War II) and others. In 1931, at the J. and K. Bartoszewicz Municupal Museum of History and Art in Lodz (today: Muzeum Sztuki), a room of modern art. was opened: one of the first permanent museum exhibitions in the world devoted to avant-garde art. Almost 20 years later, in 1948, Strzemiński designed the Neoplastic Room in the newly obtained building of Muzeum Sztuki, whose sole purpose was the presentation of the Collection. After the Second World War, Strzemiński was a lecturer at the Academy of Art in Lodz for a short time. In that time he passed on the avant-grade traditions onto the students in spite of the social realism starting to dominate in the field of art. He educated a generation of artists for whom his creative output has remained a reference point until today. It is thanks to himself and his wife Katarzyna Kobro that Lodz has come to be associated with avant-garde and modern art in general.

Place: ms², 19 Ogrodowa St.
Vernissage: 30th November 2010, 6.00 pm.
Exhibition design: Katja Strunz
Curators: Paulina Kurc-Maj, Jarosław Lubiak                                                         
Consultation: Zenobia Karnicka

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'Contraband ' - Lever House Collection, New York, USA

09.30.10 - 12.31.10

New Hanging during FIAC

Almine Rech Gallery - Paris

10.16.10 — 10.23.10
Works by the following artists will be exhibited at our Parisian gallery during the FIAC fair

Sylvie Fleury
Xylor Jane
John McCracken
Anselm Reyle
Taryn Simon
James Turrell
Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille
Aaron Young

+ A presentation of a new edition of  skateboards by Anselm Reyle, each unique, signed and numbered 1/50.

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Franz West - FIAC Outdoor Projects

Tuileries gardens, Paris, France

13.10.10 – 24.10.10

In cooperation with the Louvre Museum, FIAC will present a programme of outdoor projects in the Tuileries gardens. This exhibition is a selection of some twenty projects including monumental installations, performance based works of an ephemeral nature as well as sculptural propositions. For this occasion, two huge sculptures of Franz West will be shown.

Ida TURSIC & Wilfried MILLE - The Back of the Sign, 2007

Prix Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard 2009

Centre Pompidou, Paris, france
starting October 13th

Every year since 1999, the Prix Fondation d'entreprise Ricard has been awarded to an emerging artist on the young French

art scene featured in an exhibition designed by an independent curator. Awarded by a jury of art critics and collectors (friends of the Centre Pompidou, the Palais de Tokyo, the Jeu de Paume...), the Prize consists in the purchase of a work from the winner, a work then donated to the Centre Pompidou and exhibited in the collections of the Musée national d'art moderne. Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille's The Back of the Sign, which won the Prix Fondation d'entreprise Ricard in 2009, will thus be shown at the Centre Pompidou starting October 13 and on.

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Isaac Julien

Move: Choreographing You

Hayward Gallery Project Space, Southbank Centre, London, United Kingdom
13.10.10 - 09.01.11

Move: Choreographing You invites you to become a participant – or even a dancer – in installations and sculptures by internationally renowned visual artists and choreographers. The exhibition explores the historical and current relationship between visual arts and dance by presenting seminal works and new commissions by leading artists from the last 50 years.

Ida TURSIC & Wilfried MILLE, Centre Pompidou in the State Hermitage Museum


The Antechamber, the Nicholas Hall, the Hermitage Theater

From 5 October to 14 November 2010 the new project Centre Pompidou in the State Hermitage Museum intended

demonstrate the variety of the Pompidou Center's forms of work with modern art will be presented in the State Hermitage within the framework of the year of France in Russia. The purpose of the project Centre Pompidou in the State Hermitage Museum is to pay special attention to the form of demonstration of modern artworks and discussion about them, which will become a continuation of a long-term interaction and mutual enrichment of Russian and French cultures. Holding the project in the primary parade halls of the Winter Palace will enable the opening of a multi-level dialog of styles and ages that is meant to become a smooth artful account on transformations of modern art.

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Franz WEST - Auto-Theater

Kunsthaus, Graz, Austria

25.09.10 – 09.01.11

Cooperating with the Museum Ludwig Cologne and the MADRE Naples, Kunsthaus Graz presents a retrospective of Franz West.

This exhibition involves works from a wide range of media and techniques showing the complexity and the originality of his carreer. An outside sculpture will be exhibited in the immediate environment of the Kunsthaus Graz.

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Tatiana Trouvé

There is always a cup of sea to sail in

29th Bienal de São Paulo
25.09.10 - 12.12.10

Tatiana TROUVÉ

South London Gallery

October 1rst – November 28, 2010

Tatiana Trouvé’s work spans drawing, painting and sculpture, often brought together in precisely-scaled architectural installations which suggest the possibility of underlying narratives. For the SLG she creates a new installation in the main gallery incorporating three interlinking spaces interspersed with drawings and sculptural objects.

Trouvé reconfigures and modifies spaces, never completely obscuring their original form but introducing shifts in scale and detail which transform our understanding and experience of them. Taking a set of drawings in her most recent artist’s book as a point of departure, for the South London Gallery Trouvé divides the single volume of the main exhibition hall into three separate but interlinking chambers, each one offering glimpses into the next, the original architecture being altered but not completely denied.

As visitors make their way through spaces of differing dimensions and ceiling heights, components from the source drawings are gradually revealed. Carefully placed sculptural objects, drawings on canvas, burn marks made directly on walls, as well as the spaces themselves, have all been derived from the original images through various processes of transfer, from one measurement, material or surface to another. Coils of rope are fashioned from copper, bags are made of wax and suspended from copper threads and a small bronze cushion is squashed between a pillar and a wall. These and other elements suggest a complex web by which they are connected, hinting at the possibility of a hidden narrative to explain their presence as well as at the processes of mutation behind their creation.

Trouvé was winner of the prestigious Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2007, has exhibited widely internationally, including at the Venice Biennale, and had a solo show at the Centre Georges Pompidou in 2008, yet this is her first major solo show in the UK.

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Matthieu Ronsse - The Spirit Moves Me

Bonner Kunstvereinn, Bonn, Germany

18.09.10 - 31.10.10

The Bonner Kunstverein will present The Spirit Moves Me, Matthieu Ronsse's first institutional single exhibition outside of Belgium, curated by Stephan Strsembski. A catalog will be published.

Katja Strunz - Canopy Curtain

Kunststation Sankt Peter Köln, GERMANY

04.09.10 - 10.10.10

In the courtyard of the Kunst-Station Sankt Peter in Cologne, a "piece of heaven" will fall down: Katja Strunz' large-scale sculptural folded works which she is known for and which are usually vertically positioned on the wall, are reinterpreted and shown as a lying down horizontal sculpture. Inside the church, an installation is presented on the gallery combining lamps, found objects and instruments which thus creates a "garden of reception".